25 Best Quorn Recipes (Meatless & Delicious)

Hey there!

Did you know that there’s a pretty cool ingredient out there that’s used as a meat alternative by vegans?

It’s called mycoprotein and it was actually invented way back in 1965!

What’s mycoprotein, you ask?

Well, it’s a fermented fungus that can be used as a versatile ingredient in many quorn recipes.

You can add to curries, Indian masala recipes, pizza toppings, burgers and much more! The options are infinite!

So, if you’re looking to switch up your diet or try something new, give this mycoprotein a try with these wonderful quorn recipes.

Shall we begin?

Stir Fried Quorn Pieces with Broccoli

Get ready for a stir-fry that is quick and offers loads of health benefits.

It is perfect meal for when you want to feel like a health guru, but don’t actually want to give up some meaty comfort food.

Even if you are not that fond of broccoli, you might change your mind after trying this dish.


Quorn and Chickpea Curry

Does Indian cuisine delight you?

Here is a dish that will get you hooked up with its blend of spices and all the fixings of typical Indian dishes.

Want to make it more satisfying?

Add quorn pieces and enjoy a super hearty dinner with some hot and warm flatbread.


Quorn and Vegetable Hot Pot

This recipe features some delicious quorn mince with winter vegies.

The best thing is…

It is such an easy dish to make that you can ace it even if your kitchen skills aren’t great!

So impress your family with this mouthwatering quorn and vegetable hot pot – a warm, comforting and nourishing dish.


Quorn Pieces Popcorn Bites

Are you a popcorn chicken fanatic, but trying to cut back on meat?

Worry not!

Here is the right recipe for your crispy chicken bite cravings!

That’s right!

You can now make this fast-food style snack right in your own kitchen by replacing chicken with the vegan option – quorn.


Quorn and Sweet Potato Curry

Looking for a delicious vegan comfort food that is easy to cook?

Here is your dream come true!

This quorn and sweet potato curry is a quick dish that is rich with the flavors of curry powder and tikka curry paste – fiery hot!

Enjoy with rice or soak up the curry with some bread.


Quorn Vegan Fillet Tray Bake

Here is a dish for all the health gurus out there who don’t like to deal with a hassle in the kitchen!

It is a delicious one-pot wonder featuring quorn and veggies – packed with protein, fiber, minerals and vitamins.

So go ahead, give this recipe a try. After all, eating healthy doesn’t have to be a chore – especially when it tastes this good!


Quorn Biryani

Yes, that’s right!

You can use quorn to create this iconic Southeast Asian dish!

In fact, it is quite a unique kind of biryani featuring, not only quorn, but also chickpeas.

Oh my goodness! It’s spicy, exciting and lip-smacking good!

So, spice up your vegan menu and give this recipe a shot!


Easy Quorn Bolognese

Here is how to turn your pasta more delicious!

Cook some creamy Bolognese with quorn and enjoy a meaty texture. It’s taste and nutrition in the same meal!

But that’s not even the best part…

It is amazing how such a delicious dish is so easy to make!


Quorn Korma with Wilted Spinach and Rice

Would you like to dine like royalty?

This Southeast Asian dish used to be a rich meal for the Mughal emperors. Here is now a meatless twist with spinach and rice.

Plus, it nutritious!

It can be a filling family meal that offers a mouthwatering taste as well as nutrition.


Quorn Squash and Spinach Lasagne

Here is a surprising recipe.

Who would have known you can enjoy simpe squash and spinach in such a delectable way.

Plus, this dish is not only delicious in taste but also looks wonderful.

So, head to this meatless recipe and impress your folks with a beautiful and tasty lasagna.


Quorn Tikka

This one is for spicy food lovers who adore the India cuisine!

Tikka – or smoky grilled chicken – is the ultimate Southeast Asian treat at meal times.

Try the recipe using quorn instead of the conventional meat.

So go ahead, get your spice on and add some pizzazz to your dinner routine.


Moroccan Spiced Quorn Mince with Herb Bulgur and Wheat and Harrisa Yoghurt

Time to enjoy a treat all the way from Morocco!

With its aromatic blend of Moroccan spices, fluffy bulgur wheat, and tangy harissa yoghurt, this dish can be an innovative addition to our dinner table.

And not to forget…

Super satisfying quorn mince replaces the traditional meat and gives a wonderful texture to the dish.


Vegetable Enchiladas

Is it snack time yet?

I hope it is because this wonderful recipe for Mexican tortilla wraps is waiting for you to try it!

Packed with the goodness of yummy veggies, quorn mince and cheese, the delicious wrap is a wonderful snack or lunch meal for vegetarians.


Quorn Pieces Curry

Curries are conventionally made with a long list of ingredients and a time-consuming simmering process.

But have no fear, my friend!

This recipe is as easy peezy.

And instead of the traditional chicken or mutton, we’re tossing in some Quorn pieces to keep things meat-free.


Vegan Quorn Tea Sandwiches

Bring the oomph factor to your tea-time with these purely vegan quorn sandwiches.

It is an elegant snack fit for a sophisticated hi-tea party.

And that’s not all…

These healthy sandwiches are a versatile treat – perfect to pack into lunchboxes or a quick and light meal at mid-day.


Home Made Quorn Pizza

Guess what!

Quorn can turn out to be an awesome pizza topping! Packed with meaty goodness, it provides a satisfying texture.

This recipe uses quorn mince so that you can create a lovely vegetarian pizza.

And the fact that it has no meat will remain to be a secret only you know! Wink!


Quorn Burrito

Give your burrito a unique twist with protein-packed quorn.

This vegetarian wrap is innovative in many ways. Other than the delicious meat substitute, these are filled with rice and kidney beans.

And not to forget…

It’s a spicy burrito!

So, make this exciting tortilla roll and add fun to your vegetarian diet.


Quornbab Flatbread

Kebab or quornbab?

This playful name actually refers to a delicious flatbread with an exciting filling of quorn and veggies.

The best part is…

You can customize and add your favorite sauces to make the juiciest quornbabs!

It’s an easy snack recipe that can also be used to whip up a light yet mouthwatering lunch option.


Quorn Meat Free Pasta Alfredo

Make your beloved Alfredo pasta sauce meatless by switching to quorn.

It is a great way to enjoy the flavors of Italy the vegetarian way. And quorn makes sure you don’t miss the meaty texture.

And there is more…

This easy recipe is a super quick one. Your pasta will be ready within 20 minutes!


Quorn Meatballs

Meatballs without the meat?

Say what?!

Yes, it’s true!

These Quorn meatballs are like little balls of heaven that are packed with flavor and meaty goodness.

These are perfect for tossing into spaghetti or sliding into a sub. Plus you won’t even miss the meat.

So go ahead, pop these little guys in your mouth and savor the flavor!


Quorn Mince Stuffed Courgette Boats with Grilled Vegan Cheese

When it is about trying something creative and fun, these courgette boats should be at the top of the list!

Set sail on a flavor adventure with these zucchini boats that are stuffed with spiced up quorn mince.

And the best news for out vegan friend is…

This recipe uses no dairy products – no cheese, no yogurt sauce and no mayo!


Vegan Quorn Ham and Cheese Pinwheels

Are you ready to roll with these creative and beautiful pinwheels?

These are stuffed with delicious quorn-based ham and vegan cheese.

And here is a real surprise!

All you need for these complicated looking pinwheels is puff pastry and just 4 more ingredients for the yummy filling!


Speedy Paprika Vegetable and Quorn One-Pot

Let’s be real!

We all love speedy dishes that cook in a single pot and still yield a delicious meal.

This recipe is not just quick, it is vibrant and appealing – a wonderful addition to a dinner table.

So, don’t be left behind and try this recipe ASAP!


Katsu Curry with Quorn Pieces

Originating from Japan, Katsu curry conventionally features a piece of breaded meat cutlet.

But this lovely variation has quorn pieces instead of meat.

Plus all the wonderful flavorings add the best aroma and taste to this dish that is cooked with creamy coconut milk.

The recipe is a must-try to vegans and non-vegans alike.


Smoked Chilli Quorn Tacos

Bring some heat to your taco night with this smoking hot recipe!

Featuring smoked chili, these tacos are fiery!

Will you dare to try these?

If you do, feel free to customize with your favorite ingredients in the filling. Add some crunchy vegies or your favorite sauces to take it up a notch.


Final Thoughts

So, our meat-free adventure comes to an end.

But, I promise!

You won’t miss having meat in any of the quorn recipes mentioned here!

This fungus-based meat substitute is perfect for vegetarians or anyone who is looking to cut down the meat consumption without compromising on taste and texture.

So give these quorn recipes a try and let your taste buds do the taking!

And we’d love to hear what you think about this ingredient. Don’t be shy to comment below.

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