20 Best Baby Corn Recipes Perfect for Summer BBQs

Are you ready to fire up the grill and prepare some mouthwatering barbeques this summer?

But before that…

Here are some words of wisdom from the grill Gurus: BBQ is not just about the meat, it’s also about the sides!

So spice up your grilling game with these 20 lip-smacking baby corn recipes. Enjoy the wonderful variety and impress your guests with tantalizing sides.

These adorable tiny cobs of corn are not only delicious, but also pack a punch of nutrition. Loaded with dietary fiber, vitamins and antioxidants, baby corns are definitely a wonderful addition to your meals.

So, try these baby corn recipes for a sizzling BBQ.

Let the grilling begin!

Buttered Baby Corn

One of the easiest sides, this baby corn dish carries a wonderful buttery flavor. It can be the perfect accompaniment with charred and grilled meat.

And there is more to the story,

The corn is flavored with paprika and pepper to turn up the heat.

So, get ready for a spicy surprise for your taste buds.


Baby Corn with Chili and Lime

Are you already drooling simply reading the name?

Chili and lime make a dynamic combination that leaves you asking for more.

It is a very simple dish to whip up in no time. Serve it with your favorite grilled steaks and add a zesty tinge to your meal.

Happy munching!


Grilled Mini Corn

This mini corn will blow your mind away with its tangy and spicy flavor.

And you know what the best part is?

Served on sticks, it is a beautifully presentable side dish that your guests are going to swoon over.

So, try this recipe and win everyone’s heart at your grilling party.


BBQ Baby Corn

Seemingly simple grilled corn, this side dish is actually amazingly delicious.

Do you know the secret?

It is drizzled with Korean BBQ sauce for a South Asian twist to your run-of-the-mill baby corn.

Serve it as a side or as a mouthwatering appetizer before a hearty BBQ meal.


Crispy Chili Garlic Baby Corn

Want a crispy side dish at your summer BBQ?

Here is crunchy baby corn dish you are going to love.

And that’s not all…

It is seasoned with the most flavorful spices for the ultimate taste-adventure.

It can be a great stand-alone snack as well as a spicy side dish for your grilled burgers.


Tandoori Baby Corn

Give your baby corn an Indian twist with traditional Southeast Asian Tikka flavor.

This is the perfect appetizer for you if you love to turn up the heat in your meals. Drizzle it with some lemon juice for a wonderful tangy flavor.

And there is more…

The crunch factor makes the dish even more captivating.


Tangy Roasted Baby Corn

Are you someone who craves for bold and zesty flavors?

Here is another tangy baby corn recipe to satisfy your taste buds.

It is easy to make and fun to eat. Simply roast canned baby corns and cook with a bunch of flavorful spices.  


Heavenly tasting baby corns are ready!


Baby Corn Salad

Need something light to balance out a rich BBQ?

Try this baby corn salad with crunchy vegetables. It is both healthy and light.

This salad goes well with a variety of BBQ items. Serve it with charred steaks or delicious hot dogs.

Dig in and enjoy a well-balanced meat.


Baby Corn Salad with Asian Dressing

Want to turn a rather boring salad more exciting?

Try this crunchy baby corn salad with an irresistible Asian dressing.

Bursting with fresh flavors, it is the perfect accompaniment for your heavy BBQ dishes.

And there is more…

This flavorful salad is a beauty with its colorful veges – one of the best side dishes to impress guests.


Baby Corn Finger Fry

This recipe gives you an exciting side dish that can also be the perfect finger food for parties.

This crunchy munchy snack is addictive!

And it gets even better…

This baby corn is marinated with the spiciest spices before it is fried to perfection for a crispy adventure.

It is a must-try recipe!


Baby Corn Pasta and Broccoli Salad

Take your side dish to the next level with this recipe.

It is a filling and comforting salad with pasta and crunchy veges. The dish makes a great accompaniment for dry BBQ meats.

Impress your guests with this colorful and rich salad.

baby-cornn-pasta-and broccoli-salad

Crispy Baby Corn Fry

We can’t have enough of these crispy mini corns!

Try this step-by-step recipe to fry your baby corns to perfection. A picture guide is also available to make things even easier.

This can be your evening snack or a crunchy side dish at a BBQ party.

Happy eating!


Baby Corn Pan Fry

Step up your BBQ game with this crispy baby corn pan fry.

It is really simple to make. Simply toss it in a pan with some oil and stir fry.

Drizzle with your favorite condiments or spice it up with fragrant herbs.

Don’t be surprised if your guests ask for seconds!


Spicy Grilled Baby Corn

This baby corn variation hails from India.

Do you know what this means?

You need to get ready for a hot and spicy adventure!

These baby corns are grilled with hot, red chili powder and ready-made spice mix. It is a flavorful addition to your BBQ dishes.


Kung Pao Baby Corn Potato

The combination of baby corn and potatoes is highly satisfying.

This recipe gives you a Chinese variation that can be an interesting side dish or an appetizing meal in itself.

Try this amazing recipe and enjoy the versatile dish with boiled rice or meaty steaks on a summer evening.


Baby Corn Soup

This is not exactly a side dish for BBQ meats. But it makes a great appetizer or starter before you start serving grilled delights.

With a velvety texture and rich flavor, this baby corn soup is the perfect way to warm things up on a cool and breezy summer evening.


Charred Baby Corn Salad

Make your summer evening more flavorful with this smoky baby corn salad.

This vibrant vege mix will go well with juicy ribs or tender beef steak.

So, try this wonderful recipe for a creative salad that is going to add more excitement to your BBQ night.

Your guests will be begging you for the recipe!


Bean Sprout, Tomato and Baby Corn Salad

Since salads are so refreshing, we are adding another creative recipe for your summer BBQ.

It is colorful and healthy with lots of veges that go well with charred and grilled meats. This salad will make your dinner more satisfying.

So, whip it up in no time and enjoy your BBQ party.

Are ready for a heavenly baby corn salad with the most flavorful garlic and butter combo?

Try this recipe to create a dish loaded with healthy veges. This juicy salad is best with all kinds of meat on your summer BBQ.

And the best part, of course…

It is super quick to make!


Baby Corn Fritters

Crispy, golden-brown and oh-so delicious! These baby corn fritters are the perfect addition to a tantalizing BBQ party.

Bursting with the flavor of corn, these are little heavenly bites for an unforgettable summer gathering.

And what’s more…

You can cook these in an air fryer to minimize the oil content.


Baby Corn Pepper Fry

Add a pop of color and flavor to your BBQ meat with this sizzling baby corn and pepper fry.

With a tangy kick, this side dish is sure to take your taste buds on a wild ride.

Pair it up with tender beef steaks or savory chicken patties for a fun twist to your BBQ feast.


Final Thoughts

And there you have it – 20 irresistible baby corn recipes to take your summer BBQ to the next level.

Who knew simple baby corn could be so exciting?

Grilled with chili and lime or flavored with creamy butter, these drool-worthy sides are going to add the oomph factory to your summer BBQ party.

We hope these baby corn recipes inspire you to try something creative. So, get ready to impress your guests with these corn-tastic sides.

Do let us know which of these recipes you would like to try your grilling adventure.

We are eagerly waiting to hear from you.

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