30 Blackcurrant Recipes Oozing with Berry Goodness

Want to add some zing to your food? Say hello to the bold and bright flavor of these blackcurrant recipes!

Whether you are fan of sweet or tangy, this small yet mighty berry can bring an exciting new touch to your dishes.

Did you know?

Blackcurrants are brimming with vitamin C and valuable antioxidants.

And that’s not all…

The vitamin C content of black currents is four times greater than oranges!

But enough with the science!

Have fun trying our variety of blackcurrant recipes. From delicious jams to decadent desserts, our enticing recipes our sure to mesmerize you.

Let’s begin the fun!

Classic Blackcurrant Jam

Try this nostalgic, class berry jam. The aroma, taste and texture will transport you back to your loving grandma’s kitchen.

Spread it on toast or enjoy a dollop with your favorite ice-cream, this jam is delightfully versatile.

The best part is…

You can prepare just like your sweet old granny by following the step-by-step picture instructions in this recipe.


Blackcurrant Sauce

Want to add a tangy tinge to your meals?

Try this super-versatile sauce oozing with berry goodness.

You’d be surprised to know…

This bold, rich and irresistibly flavorful sauce can perfectly complement your deserts, salads or even savory meats!

Prepare it in a jiffy and bring a fun zing to your food.


Chocolate Chip and Blackcurrant Cookies

Give a berry-delicious twist to the classic chocolate chip cookies.

These chewy and sweet cookies turn a bit tangy to satisfy your cravings.

And there is more…

With juicy blackcurrants in every bite, this can easily become a family-favorite snack at your home.

So bake these delightful and creative cookies to enjoy with your folks.


Gluten-Free Blackcurrant Biscuits

Looking for a gluten-free variation for scrumptious biscuits?

This is the perfect recipe to give you a burst of tangy berries while you much on some crispy and buttery biscuits.

Not only that….

These are so delightful to look at with their purple appearance – genuinely soaked in blackcurrant goodness!


Iced Lemon, Coconut and Blackcurrant Tray-bake Cake

This easy-to-bake cake is a super-moist treat. Combined with lemon and coconut, it’s a one-way ticket to flavor town!

Want to know the best part?

You can cut out smaller rectangles to be served on parties or packed for picnics.

Do give it a try and enjoy on a fun day.


Lemon and Blackcurrant Stripe Cake

This dessert is the perfect show-stopper!

Beautiful to look at, it is nothing short of a gourmet delight!

With layers of moist and indulge caked filled with blackcurrant goodness, this indulgent cake is a truly delightful experience.

Do try the recipe. It’s totally worth the effort!


Easy Blackcurrant Pie

Indulge in a slice of heaven with this Easy Blackcurrant Pie.

You won’t believe it!

This gorgeous dessert can be prepared with just a handful of ingredients in less than an hour! A quick fix for unannounced guests or a sudden craving for a sweet delight!

Try it yourself to experience the wonder!


Vegan Blackcurrant Energy Bars

Looking for a burst of energy with loads of flavor?

Try this recipe for energy bars that incorporate blackcurrants with several other nuts.

What a wholesome snack!

It is the perfect on-the-go delight that satisfies your cravings and give you a punch of nutrients.

I bet you’d be asking for seconds (or thirds)!


Blackcurrant Bliss Balls

These adorable balls are both delectable and nutritious. Prepared with wholesome nuts, freeze dried blackcurrants and tender dates, no wonder it is an irresistible snack!

Let me tell you a secret…

These bite-sized treats are perfect for some guilt-free munching.

Don’t take my word for it, try these and experience the indulging delight for yourself!


Quick Blackcurrant Jam

You won’t believe it!

This delectable jam is made with just 3 ingredients! Blackcurrants, sugar and lemon juice – that’s all!

And that’s not even the best part…

This recipe gives you the perfect jam in only 15 minutes!

So, whip up this delicious spread without any complicated procedures and without spending hours in the kitchen.


Blackcurrant Ice-cream

Get ready for a creamy, dreamy ice-cream as the best summer treat.

It is a unique flavor that brings an interesting zing to sweet goodness. One scoop of blackcurrant ice-cream, and you would never want to go back to plain vanilla ever again!

Serve it with plain cake or drop a scoop on waffle cone, you are going to enjoy it in every way.


Blackcurrant and Hoisin Roasted Chicken


You can actually enjoy the tart and sweet flavor of blackcurrants with a savory meal.

Take your taste buds on a flavor journey with these juicy chicken thighs. The blackcurrants and hoisin sauce give a creative flavor fusion that you won’t forget!

Try this amazing meal today!


Roast Chicken with Blackcurrant Gravy

Elevate your Sunday lunch meals with this chicken roast topped with a lip-smacking blackcurrant gravy. Yum!

And wait! There is more…

The chicken is flavored with fragrant herbs while the gravy carries a buttery taste with the tanginess of berries.

Try this recipe and enjoy a fine, flavorful adventure!


Blackcurrant Tea

Enjoy this ice-tea for a refreshing summer afternoon.

It’s herbal tea infused with the yummy flavor of berries.

And just when you think it can’t get any better…

Along comes the bold flavor of ginger and cinnamon to spice up your tea.

Trust me, you don’t want to miss it!


Blackcurrant Lime Cocktail

Let is introduce a tempting beverage to liven up your parties – the Blackcurrant Lime Cocktail is a zesty pick-me-up!

When sweet and tangy meet citrus, they truly lift up your spirit.

So, relish this delicious and refreshing drink which is very simple to make.

Cheers to good times!


Blackcurrant Cake

Want a tea-time companion?

Try this wonderful blackcurrant cake. It is soft, moist and oozes with the brightness of blackcurrants.

You can try some creativity by adding your favorite nuts. It will, instantly turn into an awesome Christmas cake.


It is a great dessert even without modifications. Do share with your family and friends.

blackcurrant cake

Blackcurrant Cake with Crumb Topping

Here is crunchy variation of your usual tea-time dessert.

Add a crumbly texture and enjoy the melt-in-your-mouth goodness. It is true texture sensation combined with lovely berries.

The tangy notes of blackcurrant shine through every bite. You will definitely be craving for me


Blackcurrant and Basil Fool

Intrigued by the name?

It is traditional English pudding. Blackcurrants add a nice twist to uplift the dessert.

Creamy and light like a cloud, it is a refreshing dessert for your sweet tooth.

And the amazing part is…

The unique combination of berry and mint is sure to impress!

blackcurrant and basil fool

Blackcurrant Popsicles

Here is a delicious and healthy way to cool down on a sweltering summer day.

There is a pleasantly zesty flavor. Lick your way to unravel the tangy wonder.

Ready in just 15 minutes, you can involve your kids to make these fun pops.

Make this heart-favorite summer treat and enjoy the refreshing experience.


Aromatic Blackcurrant and Mint Sorbet 

Indulge your senses with this Aromatic Blackcurrant and Mint Sorbet. It is a tongue-tingling treat for the summers.

You can taste the bold flavor of bright blackcurrants with every spoonful. Combined with mint, the sorbet awakens your taste buds.

And you won’t believe how easy it is to make!

So try it today!


Blackcurrant Apple Crumble

Warm up your belly with this irresistible blackcurrant and apple crumble.

Was this dessert made in heaven?

I think so!

With a sweet and tangy duo and a crispy, crumbly topping, it is an absolute delight!

Do try this heavenly dish for the ultimate pleasure.


Berry Delicious Fruit Salad

Want to know how to get your daily dose of fruits?

Try this Berry Delicious Fruit Salad. Vibrant and juicy, it is an appetizing snack packed with nutrients.

It is the perfect mix of berries including blackcurrants, strawberries, raspberries and more. You can always add your own favorites as well.

Berry Delicious Fruit Salad

Blackcurrant Frozen Yoghurt

This is a totally guilt-free dessert for your sweet tooth.

Wondering what makes it healthy?

It is prepared with low fat yogurt to keep your waste well-trimmed.

And, of course, the highly nutritious blackcurrants give you loads of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Do try this recipe and enjoy a creamy frozen dessert.


Blackcurrant Yogurt Lollies 

Give a fun twist to frozen yogurt with these Blackcurrant and Yogurt Lollies.

These fruity popsicles are bursting with a tangy flavor and velvety creaminess of yogurt. It’s a summer treat you will simply adore.

Not to forget…

The vibrant purple color adds a tempting look to the dessert.

Whip up a batch today and beat the heat in style!


Blackcurrant and Almond Loaf

Try this soft and nutty tea-time dessert. Loaded with juicy blackcurrants and crunchy almonds, every bite is a heavenly delight.

You won’t believe how versatile it is!

Serve at brunch, your afternoon tea or anytime as a delicious snack. It truly brightens up your day.

So, why settle for boring bread?

Try this scrumptious loaf instead.


Scottish Blackcurrant Drizzle Cake

Get ready for an irresistible Scottish delight.

Imagine this…

The softest and most delicious cake drizzled with a tangy berry glaze! A true feast for your taste buds!

Do share it with your family and friends at a casual gathering or a more special occasion.

So, without further ado, bake, slice, serve and savor the pleasure!


Beef with Blackcurrant and Cassis Sauce

Take your taste buds on an adventurous journey with this meaty wonder.

Are you curious to know how this unusual combination turns out?

Succulent beef is wonderfully complimented by a rich and tangy blackcurrant sauce.

It is the perfect dish for a fancy dinner party. Your guests will surely be impressed by this unique meal.


Almond Blancmange with Blackcurrant Sauce

Here is an elegant and delicate dessert for special occasions.

A soft and creamy Almond Blancmange served with a drizzle of zesty blackcurrant sauce is a symphony for your taste buds!

Enjoy it as a special treat or serve it at a fancy party. The dessert is sure to impress everyone.


Blackcurrant and Mint Lemonade

Cool off with a refreshing and flavorful blackcurrant and mint lemonade.

It is the perfect drink for sweltering summers. The tangy sweetness of berries is perfectly complimented by the cooling freshness of mint.

And that’s not all…

The brightly colored beverage is also a treat for the eyes!


Dark Chocolate and Blackcurrant Brownies

Decadent and delicious, these Dark Chocolate and Blackcurrant Brownies are a true indulgence for your sweet tooth.

You know what makes these brownies so good?

The rich chocolaty taste is combined with juicy and tangy berries for a flavor explosion!

Make these today and treat yourself to a special treat.


Final Thoughts

I hope you enjoyed the ride through our wonderful world of blackcurrant recipes. From classy desserts to unexpected savory delights, we have shown you many creative ways of incorporating this juicy berry in your food.

Whether you are a seasoned cooking enthusiast or a newbie, our fruity adventure offers a recipe for everyone.

So, give these blackcurrant recipes a try and keep experimenting with the berry.

Who knows…

You might discover more exciting ways of adding some blackcurrant magic in your meals!

Do share your modifications with us. We are eager for your feedback and suggestions.  

Till then, happy cooking!

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