20 Best Recipes for Cookie Cutters to Make All Year

Spice up your baking routine and try these creative cookie cutter recipes.

Believe it or not!

Cookie cutters are as old as the 17th century when they were first created in Europe using wood. Today, cutters come in all types of materials and shapes to take your baking game to the next level.

And it gets even better…

Cookie cutters can also be used to make fun-shaped savory snacks like sandwiches. Explore all the possibilities with these 20 recipes for cookie cutters.

Let’s begin the fun!

Easy Sugar Cookies

Let’s start with something easy and basic. Involve your kids in the fun process.

Cut out stars, hearts, flowers or any shape your kids love. Add icing or sprinkles to make your sugar cookies look more tempting.

These cookies turn up perfectly crunchy and yummy.


Peanut Butter Cinnamon Snap Cookies

These flavorful cookies are a delight to eat and fun to make. Use your cookie cutters to create an assortment of shapes and have a blast.

Wait, there is more…

Drizzle the cookies with sugar glaze to make them yummier. Serve them with milk or as dessert after dinner.

peanut-butter- cinammon-snap cookies

Roll-out Cookies

The roll-out dough used in this recipe gives you the perfect opportunity to use all your cookie cutters.

That’s not all…

These buttery cookies are delightfully crunchy and make the perfect tea-time snack. Your kids will love them too.

Do give this simple recipe a try and enjoy munching on these joyful cookies.


Chocolate-Glazed Doughnut Cookies

Are these doughnuts or cookies? Well, these are doughnut-shaped cookies!

Here is the secret…

It is a basic roll-out dough recipe. Use a round cutter to make cookies that look like doughnuts.

Drizzle with chocolate glaze and sprinkles to give the final touch.

These are definitely going to be a crowd pleaser.

chocolate-glazed- Doughnut-Cookies

Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches

Let me tell you something…

It’s not just cookies that can be made using cookie cutters. You can make a whole lot of other wonderful snacks using these cutting tools.

Give your peanut butter and jelly sandwiches a new twist. Cut them out as stars, hearts or smiley faces to surprise your kids.

peanut-butter-and- jelly- sandwiches

Cookie Cutter Pancakes

Make your plain Jane breakfast more exciting. Use cookie cutters to make pancakes.

Instead of the traditional round pancakes, serve cute little stars, bunnies or even unicorns. Your kids are going to love you for this amazing twist.

Try this recipe for a fun weekend breakfast.

cookie-cutter- pancakes

Star Shaped Sliders

Yes, you read that right!

Cookie cutters can also be used to make mouthwatering sliders. Try this recipe for star shaped sliders to learn how you can make this amazing snack.

You may try other shape variations and make an exciting snack for your kids. Put these in their lunchboxes or serve at dinner.


Cookie Cutter Brownies

Brace yourselves for the most fun and delicious treat ever!

Try this recipe for cookie cutter brownies to unravel your creativity. Cut out any shapes you desire.

Be it a bake sale or Christmas tea, your cookie cutter brownies will be the star of the event! 


Gingerbread Man French Toast

Would you like to try a more exciting version of French toast?

Use your Gingerbread-man cookie cutters to give your French toast a more festive look. These are perfect for the holiday season or a fancy Sunday brunch.

Serve with a dollop of whipped cream or your favorite syrup.


Cookie Cutter Eggs

Gather around, folks!

We are going to give a make-over to our everyday fried eggs.

Whip up your eggs in the morning using cookie cutters. These will turn out just as appeasing as ever with an Instagram-worthy look.

So, try these cookie cutter eggs and turn your morning more exciting.


Heart Shaped Potato Hash Browns

Looking for breakfast ideas for Valentine’s Day?

Here is a recipe for delicious heart shaped hash browns. It gives you a step-by-step pictorial for making the snack with cookie cutters.

Serve these with eggs and toast and set the mood for a romantic day with your partner. 

Heart Shaped Potato Hash Browns

Mini Cookie Cutter Pizzas

Fun and easy to make, these are the perfect finger food for kids’ parties or as a lunchbox snack.

Want to make the baking job easier?

Use ready-made pizza dough and save tons of effort and time in the kitchen. Simply cut out the shapes you want and make the best bite-sized pizza.


Gluten Free Waffle Cookies

Looking for a gluten-free treat to satisfy your sweet tooth?

Indulge in guilt-free pleasure with these gluten-free cookies. The taste is irresistible and the cookies melt in your mouth.

Have a look at this recipe and learn how to give your cookies an interesting waffle-like texture. It’s definitely much easier than it looks!


Cookie Cutter Chicken Bites

Try this recipe to liven up snack time for your kids. Use your cookie cutters to make fun shaped chicken bites.

Wait for the best part….

It is a recipe for kids prone to food allergies. There is no egg or gluten to keep the chicken bites as safe as they are delicious!


Pie Crust Cookies


Don’t discard your leftover pie crust. You can turn into delectable cookies instead!

Grab your cookie cutters and cut out some fun shapes. Bake and sprinkle some cinnamon powder.

These irresistible pie crust cookies will be ready in no time. Enjoy with some warm milk.


Summer Fruit Skewers

Juicy and sweet summer fruits on a stick – undoubtedly the most refreshing snack on a hot day.

Add some fun to the snack by cutting out fruits in interesting shapes. It is a great way of making your picky kids indulge in this healthy desert. 

Serve these unique fruit sticks on parties or picnics.


Rice Krispie Treats

Looking for ways of spending a mess-free fun time in the kitchen with your kids?

Let me share the secret…

Try these Rice krispie treats with cookie cutters. Glaze them or use icing for the final touch.

With just 3 ingredients, there won’t be a huge mess in the kitchen while your kids enjoy making these fun treats.


Heart Shaped Meat Loaf

How to add a little love to your next family meal?

Here is how…

Use heart shaped cookie cutters to create absolutely lovely and delightful meat loaf. This recipe will help you make a savory and flavorful meal.

The special glaze is the cherry on the top.


Cookie Cutter Quick Fudge

Attention all chocolate lovers!

Grab your cookie cutters and make this delectable chocolaty dessert in a flash.  Enjoy the creamy goodness that melts in your mouth.

Create fun shapes with your cookie cutters for a special occasion. Festive fudge pieces will also make awesome party favors.


Halloween Mini Cakes

Trick or treat!

These Halloween shaped mini cakes aren’t just cute, they are also yummy! Super moist and addictive, you’d wish you could make these every day.

Why not?

These are super easy to make and the fun is endless. So, make these creepy yet cute mini cakes and add your own variations.


Final Thoughts

Don’t let your cookie cutters rust away in your kitchen drawers. Get them out and start baking up a storm!

And on that note, our journey of 20 cookie cutter recipes comes to an end. We hope you enjoyed these innovative ideas.

But before saying good-bye…

We would love to hear from you! Did you find our recipes for cookie cutters interesting? Would you like to share some of your own ideas?

We can’t wait to see your comments below!

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