30 Best Weight Watchers Chicken Recipes for a Healthier Diet

Unite flavor with health and discover the perfect Weight Watchers chicken recipes.

First a little intro…

A Weight Watchers diet focuses on balanced foods, giving you a flexible points system to guide your choices. The lesser the points, the better!

Chicken, a lean protein superstar, shines in this journey. It’s a delicious canvas for endless creations, from zesty grilled options to comforting soups.

So, discover 30 Weight Watchers chicken recipes with a nutritious twist that keeps your weight in check!

Let’s Begin!

Weight Watchers Best Grilled Chicken

Indulge in the finest Grilled Chicken suitable for your Weight Watcher diet.

Succulent boneless, skinless chicken breast is transformed by a tantalizing marinade of cider vinegar, zesty mustard, garlic and citrusy juice.

And that’s not all…

A touch of brown sugar and olive oil seals the deal!

The result?

Sweet and zesty flavors that enhance succulent and tender chicken!

The best part?

With overnight margination, this chicken is ready in around 30 minutes!  


Weight Watchers Parmesan Chicken

Discover Weight Watchers Parmesan Chicken, a tasty triumph that merges health and flavor effortlessly.

Tender chicken breast, coated in a clever blend of panko crumbs and herbs, is cooked beautifully to crispy perfection.

The most incredible part?

One serving features only 2 Weight Watchers points!

This dish strikes a delicious balance between hearty and wholesome, making it a go-to for guilt-free indulgence.

With just the right touch of cheese, it’s a savory sensation that won’t derail your Weight Watchers journey.


Yummy Skinny Fried Chicken

You don’t always have to fry your chicken to get that epic crunch texture!

Here is the recipe that brings the marvelous magic of fried chicken with a heathy, low-fat twist!

The secret?

Instead of deep frying, we bake the coated chicken to crunchy perfection! Plus the inside turns out melt-in-your-mouth tender, thanks to the buttermilk.

And guess what?

This is a 6 ingredient recipe that is really easy to just whip up!


Weight Watchers Chicken and Mushroom Pie

Imagine savoring a warm hug in a dish – that’s Weight Watchers Chicken and Mushroom Pie for you!

Tender chicken and earthy mushrooms cuddle up in a creamy, delicious filling, all tucked under a yummy, flaky crust.

But don’t worry…

We use low fat spread that keeps your waste-line small!

Guess what?

One slice contains no more than 353 calories!

So go on, head to the recipe and learn to create this wonderfully satisfying delight.


Weight Watchers Grilled Buffalo Wings

Spice up your snack game with delicious Buffalo Wings – the ultimate win-win for your cravings and your wellness goals!

These zesty sensations are flavored with a kick of Louisiana style hot sauce and cayenne pepper for the hottest experience!

The best part?

These are grilled without a single drop of oil, keeping these babies fat-free!

Ready in under an hour, you’ll be ready to devour the meaty goodness guilt-free.


Creamy Chicken Casserole for Weight Watchers

Indulge in comfort with Creamy Chicken Casserole that’s specially crafted for Weight Watchers.

This dish is a dreamy blend of tender chicken with mushrooms and onions.

The secret behind the deliciousness?

A creamy sauce that features skimmed milk and just 2 tablespoons of half fat crème fraiche!

So, jump to the recipe and discover this mouthwatering recipe for a satisfying weight watchers treat.


Weight Watchers Slow Cooker Teriyaki Chicken

Meet your new favorite – Weight Watchers Slow Cooker Teriyaki Chicken!

Ever tried teriyaki?

It’s this amazing sweet and savory Japanese sauce that takes flavors to the next level.

Now, here’s the twist – you give it a healthy makeover. Imagine tender chicken bathing in a lighter teriyaki sauce, all cooked up in your slow cooker.

When it’s done, you can pile it onto some fluffy brown rice, throw in some steamed veggies, and voila – a balanced, lip-smacking meal is ready!


Chicken Curry Weight Watchers Style

Dive into the deliciousness of Chicken Curry that fits your Weight Watchers diet.

This twist features low-fat yogurt, adding creaminess without the guilt.

But the magic lies in curry powder!

It’s like an all-in-one spice packet, making cooking a breeze without a lengthy spice list.

You know what?

This dish checks all the boxes for Weight Watchers – packed with taste, light on calories and a cinch to whip up.

It’s a savory satisfaction that fits your wellness journey perfectly!


Weight Watchers Chicken Noodle Soup

Get cozy with Weight Watchers Chicken Noodle Soup – a comforting bowl of goodness!

It’s loaded with lean and tender chicken, veggies and rotini pasta. Those cute spirals soak up all the flavors and add a yummy texture.

But the best part is…

It’s a wholesome soup with nourishing chicken broth to soothe your body with its warm comfort and blend of nutrients.


Baked Quinoa Pilaf with Chicken, Mushroom and Feta

Presenting a nourishing feast for your Weight Watchers journey!

This dish offers lean protein from chicken, quinoa’s fiber and the richness of mushrooms and feta – a dream combo with protein, fiber and flavor all in one!

This satisfying and balanced meal can be served with a side salad for added freshness or as a standalone star.

The best part?

It’s a dish that requires only moderate level of kitchen skills and is ready in only around an hour!


Weight Watchers Garlic Chicken Stir Fry

Meet your new favorite go-to-recipe – Weight Watchers Garlic Chicken Stir Fry!

Imagine tender chicken, crispy veggies, and a garlicky punch that’s pure delight. Plus, this lip-smacking dish is oh-so-vibrant!

Ready in just 35 minutes, it’s a savory dinner option that doesn’t need much effort!

Just toss the chicken in a sizzling pan, add vibrant veggies and let that garlicky magic happen.

The best part?

Everything is cooked in just 2 tablespoons of oil while the hot bell peppers give your metabolism a natural boost to lose some more fat!


Weight Watchers Baked Chicken

Here is delightful chicken recipe that’s both easy to cook and wonderfully flavored.

You know what…

Baking makes it a healthier hero – less oil, same yum!

Speaking of points, this chicken has just 3 points per serving if you are keeping a count for your Weight Watchers diet.

Winning, right?

Now imagine fresh herbs, zesty lemon juice and a sprinkle of black pepper bringing that chicken to an exciting twist.

Serve this versatile piece with greens or nestled in a cozy wrap – it’s your canvas!


Weight Watchers Chicken Fried Rice

Here is a wholesome, taste-packed twist on a classic Asian fav – chicken fried rice!

This classic features skinless chicken, fat-free chicken broth, jasmine rice along with carrots and peas.

But here is what adds the real magic…

Ginger and soy sauce bring a lip-smacking flavor that gives you the perfect taste of a classic Chinese dish!

And you know what?

This entire, satisfying meal takes only 25 minutes to reach your dinner table!

With this easy, tasty magic, eating smart never felt so good!


Tender and Juicy Air Fryer Chicken

Here is the most incredibly convenient recipe to enjoy some waist-friendly, juicy chicken!

Air frying gives you that crispy, guilt-free goodness with less oil – perfect for your weight watchers plan.

Convenience alert!

It’s a quick cook needing just 23 minutes, following easy cleanup!

And there is more…

This dish needs just 4 ingredients to create a healthy chicken masterpiece featuring Italian seasonings!

Serve it with a side salad or with brown rice for a dinner feast!


Weight Watchers Copycat Chick-Fil-A Nuggets

Craving Chick-Fil-A Nuggets? Try this smart spin for Weight Watchers! These Copycat Nuggets bring that same crispy joy with a healthier twist.

Here’s the scoop…

Whip up your own Copycat Nuggets, baked for guilt-free goodness!

The secret behind the perfect tenderness?

We soak uncooked chicken pieces in almond milk before the cooking process begins. The milky goodness makes the meat perfectly tender!

And guess what?

These crispy and melt-in-your mouth nuggets are ready in just 15 minutes!


Weight Watchers Chicken Stir Fry

Introducing the ultimate easy dinner – Weight Watchers Chicken Stir Fry!

Brace yourself for a taste of Asia that’ll have everyone at your dinner table asking for second helpings.

Guess what!

It’s even, better than take out as it takes care of your Weight Watchers diet plan.

With just a teaspoon of light sesame oil, this dish nails your WW goals while being oh-so-flavorful. Plus skinless chicken keeps things lean and mean!

And that’s not all…

We’ve got nutrient-rich cashews in the mix for that extra crunch.


Tortilla-Chip Crusted Chicken Tenders with Honey Mustard

Make your healthy journey more delicious with this crunch snack.

Chicken coated in tortilla chips is a genius was of brings that amazing crunch to the delectable chicken bites.

And that tangy honey mustard dip?

Pure magic! It enhances the fun with its creamy texture and flavorful touch!

The best part?

This snack needs just a few ingredients and is ready in 25 minutes – what a quick fix to satisfy your cravings!


Chicken Buddha Bowl with Satay Sauce

Chicken Buddha Bowl with Satay Sauce – a wholesome wonder!

It’s a colorful bowl packed with goodies – tender chicken, fresh veggies, brown rice and edamame beans.

Now, the star of the show…

A nutty, slightly spicy dip that adds a zing to every bite – a delicious Satay Sauce.

The most incredible part?

This balanced, filling and flavorful bowl is ready in just 25 minutes!  


Chicken and Lentil Soup with Spiced Yogurt

Presenting a nourishing Chicken & Lentil Soup with Spiced Yogurt!

This dish combines tender chicken, hearty lentils and a comforting broth – a protein-rich concoction offering fiber and minerals.

Now, the game-changer…

Spiced yogurt! It’s a creamy, tangy twist that adds flavor and a dose of probiotics.

And guess what?

You can prepare it in around an hour to enjoy as a wholesome Weight Watchers meal.


Weight Watchers Chicken Fajitas

Treat yourself to a healthier version of a Mexican delight – Weight Watchers Chicken Fajitas!

Tender strips of chicken, colorful bell peppers and onions sizzle together in a hot wok with just 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil. T

These fajitas combine lean protein with vibrant veggies, giving you a smart choice of your Weight Watcher diet plan.

Wrap them in a tortilla or load up on veggies – enjoy the treat in versatile ways.


Old Fashioned Chicken Salad

Introducing a classic delight – Old-Fashioned Chicken Salad, a star in the Weight Watchers lineup!

Ever tried poaching chicken?

It’s the secret to keeping it tender and moist along with keeping it grease-free.

Guess what?

In just 20 minutes, you’ll fix a colorful salad featuring melt-in-your-mouth chicken along with crunchy and juicy veggies and lip-smacking pickles!

And don’t let the “old-fashioned” fool you!

It’s actually a modern twist on timeless goodness!


Mediterranean Chicken Skewers with Pomegranate and Mint Yogurt

These skewers are all about succulent chicken infused with Mediterranean magic!

Imagine the amazing flavors as tender chicken mingles with sweet pomegranate and refreshing mint yogurt.

And guess what?

It’s a protein-packed delight infused with vitamin and minerals from the juicy pomegranate seeds and minty yogurt!

These skewers bring a touch of beauty to your table with exciting flavors to enjoy without straying away from your Weight Watchers diet.


Weight Watchers Mexican Chicken Breasts

Here is one of the easiest recipes for a Weight Watchers chicken feast!

These babies need no more than 4 ingredients for a flavor-packed meal!

Here is what brings the magic…

Chicken is marinated with taco seasoning to infuse it with a wonderful Mexican flare. Topped with salsa, it’s a surprisingly quick Mexican delight!

And that’s not all…

A dollop of fat-free sour cream seals the deal!


Weight Watchers Chicken Picadillo

Say hello to Weight Watchers Chicken Picadillo – a recipe that gives a fresh spin to this Latin American treat.

Picture this…

Juicy chicken mingling with vibrant veggies, crunch almonds, sweet raisins and simple spices.

The result?

A dish that brings comfort and flavor without tipping the scales!

The best part?

With a smart selection of ingredients, it’s a hearty serving of goodness that’s satisfying as well as mindful!  


Slow Cooker Weight Watchers Chicken Burritos

Experience the magic of Slow Cooker Weight Watchers Chicken Burritos – a fresh approach to creating your mouthwatering burrito fillings.

The recipe features tender chicken simmering with flavorful spices, kidney beans and veggies in a slow cooker.

The result?

Perfectly cooked ingredients that fuse together in the most flavorful mixture with little effort from you!

And here is the final touch…

Instead of regular tortillas, we use whole wheat version as a more wholesome option for your Weight Watchers meal plan.


Skinny Chicken Tikka

Skinny Chicken Tikka is a taste sensation that’s both exotic and smart.

Succulent chicken is marinated in flavorful Indian spices to give it a fiery flavor that adds excitement to your meal.

The best part?

This chicken is grilled – a technique that uses only spray of oil, making it a fat-free option. Plus the beautiful charred appearance is so appetizing!

And guess what!

You’ll be igniting your metabolism with all the spices in the delectable chicken tikka!


Weight Watchers Tuscan Chicken Pasta

This Tuscan chicken pasta is a dish that strikes the perfect balance of flavor and smart eating.

Here is the deal…

Tender chicken, vibrant veggies and whole wheat pasta mingle together in a light, low-fat sauce.

The most incredible part?

It’s an amazingly flexible recipe with so many ways of making the dish – instant pot, crockpot or even stovetop!


Head to the recipe and find out more!


One-Pot Chicken Bacon Ranch Pasta

Here comes a one-pot delight that combines the best of both worlds!

We’re talking juicy chicken, sizzling bacon and penne pasta taking a luxurious bath in creamy ranch goodness.

And guess what?

Since it’s a one-pot dish, there is less mess, but more yum!

Packed with protein and flavor, this dish is like a high-five for your Weight Watchers diet – wholesome and low in fat but super satisfying!


Weight Watchers Roasted Chicken

Make your Sunday meal more wholesome with this special Weight Watchers version of roasted chicken.

Did you know?

You can create a beautiful whole chicken meal with just two tablespoons of oil and a handful of herbs and seasonings!

The best part?

We bake the chicken for an hour and 20 minutes – an easy process that lets you relax while the oven does all the cooking!


Weight Watchers Chicken Marsala

Meet Weight Watchers Chicken Marsala – a delicious classic made even smarter!

Savor tender chicken bathed in a rich, flavorful Marsala wine sauce.

But that’s not all…

Sautéed Portobello mushrooms add texture and a wholesome element to the meal.

Here is where the magic of the dish lies…

It’s a beautiful balance with lean protein, reduced-fat ingredients and delicious flavorings!

This taste-packed delight fits seamlessly into your Weight Watchers journey!


Final Thoughts

So here is the bottom line!

Weight watchers chicken recipes are an enjoyable way of having a satisfying meal guilt-free!

The best part?

Chicken can be grilled, fried, baked or roasted – so many cooking techniques that give this lean protein a wonderful transformation every time!

So, indulge in a meaty treat with skinny fried chicken, a Weight Watchers chicken casserole or a delicious chicken pasta dish!

Simply dive into the Weight Watchers chicken recipes and pick your favorite!

And don’t forget to mention its name in the comments section!

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