25 Best Roma Tomato Recipes (Sweet & Juicy)

Get ready to tomato-tally transform your home-cooked meals with these mouthwatering Roma tomato recipes.

Juicy, succulent and bright red, these are also popularly called plum tomatoes.

It is a chef’s favorite ingredient!

Want to know why?

The low moisture content of Roma tomatoes means the vegie doesn’t turn mushy or soggy while cooking.

In fact, it retains its shape and flavor really well as it doesn’t release extra water in your dish.

So, grab your knife and get ready to create some Mediterranean or Italian magic in your kitchen. Prepare the brightest pasta sauces or the most appetizing Greek salads.

Salsa your way into the kitchen to cook some juicy Roma tomatoes.

Let’s get this show on the road to recipes with Roma tomatoes!

Fresh Tomato Sauce with Roma Tomatoes

Get ready to experience the tomatoey goodness of this vibrant sauce with Roma tomatoes.

Flavored with garlic and aromatic Italian spices, the sauce will transport your taste buds straight to the sunny fields of Italy.

And you know what…

This tomato sauce only needs only 10 ingredients!


Roasted Roma Tomatoes

Calling all tomato lovers!

Get ready to fall in love with these roasted Roma tomatoes.

Perfectly plump and bursting with flavor, these little guys are roasted to perfection. Add a burst of savory sweetness to a salad or just pop them in your mouth.

So go ahead and get your tomato fix today!


Italian Plum Tomato Sauce

A tantalizing combination of basil and succulent tomatoes, this home-made sauce can make your pasta rich with flavor.

It is made with a bunch of fresh ingredients and lots of pure love!

Surprisingly, the sauce is pretty easy to make.

So, whip up this fresh tomato sauce and enhance the flavor of your pastas.


Roasted Roma Tomato Sauce

Roasted Roma tomato sauce is a taste explosion!

Made from the juiciest tomatoes, onions and only sea salt and pepper for seasoning, it is a simple yet flavorful sauce. The result is a perfect complement to any dish, including spaghetti and pizza.

And that’s not all…

You can also use this rich and thick sauce as a soup base!  


Fresh Plum Tomato Sauce

Do you know how to make the perfect Italian dish?

Drizzle your pasta generously with this amazing fresh plum tomato sauce and transport your senses to Italy!

Prepared with the most succulent plum tomatoes, you get the best flavor and richest color for your sauce. Combine it with basil to experience the delightful taste of authentic tomato sauce for pasta or pizza.


Roasted Stuffed Roma Tomatoes

Imagine this…

Biting into a juicy and tender tomato bursting with a crunchy and cheesy filling! It feels heavenly!

The filling is made from breadcrumbs and cheese to fill perfectly roasted tomatoes.

What an exotic combination of textures!

Serve it is a tempting side dish or a delicious appetizer and enjoy every savory bite.


Roma Tomato and Basil Salad

Looking for a fresh and flavorful salad that’s bursting with summery goodness?

Try this Roma tomato and basil salad!

Made with ripe, juicy Roma tomatoes and fragrant basil, this salad is a celebration of vibrant colors and bold flavors.

So dig into the deliciousness of Roma tomato and basil salad and taste the sunshine!


Roma Tomato Salad with Feta and Garlic

Relish some Mediterranean goodness through this salad that combines the bold flavors of feta and garlic to create a taste that is unforgettable!

The salad features juicy Roma tomatoes, melt-in-your-mouth feta cheese and zesty garlic – a truly tantalizing treat for your taste buds!

Enjoy it as a side dish with your meal or make it as a healthy choice for your between-the-meals cravings.


Make-Ahead Roasted Roma Tomato Sauce

Here is something you can make ahead and store for busy days.

This roasted Roma tomato sauce is rice with a savory flavor. It’s perfect for weeknights when you need a quick and easy dinner solution.

And the best part is…

This make-ahead sauce helps you save time without compromising on the flavor!


Roma Tomatoes Stuffed

Turn some fresh Roma tomatoes into a savory and filling appetizer.

Wondering how?

Stuff them with a cheesy and buttery filling of crisp bacon.

But, wait there is more…

You can always try something new and add your own favorite ingredients to the stuffing mixture.

Create this quick and easy side-dish and enjoy with your family tonight!


Braised White Fish in Roma Tomato

This braised white fish in Roma tomato is a symphony of Mediterranean flavors.

It’s a combination of tender white fish gently simmered in a fragrant and rich tomato sauce filled with the sunny flavors of Roma tomatoes.

And you would be surprised to know…

This amazingly delicious dish is ready in only 15 minutes!


Braised Squid with Baby Roma Tomatoes

Oh, get ready to have your taste buds blown away by this heavenly dish!

Braised squid with baby Roma tomatoes is a seafood lover’s dream come true.

This recipes teaches you how to simmer succulent squid to perfection and drench it in a divine tomato sauce that’s bursting with the sweetness of baby Roma tomatoes.

Do try it!


Candied Roma Tomatoes

Candied Roma tomatoes are like tiny bites of sunshine!

These little treats are slow-roasted to perfection, creating a concentrated burst of sweet and savory flavors. With each bite, you’ll experience the rich, tangy taste of Roma tomatoes.

And you know what…

These gems make a perfect addition to any charcuterie board, salad, or snack platter.


Fried Roma Tomatoes

Here is the ultimate transformation for your tomatoes!

Coated with breadcrumbs and fried to crunchy perfection, these fried Roma tomatoes are a creative and finger-licking appetizer.

You won’t believe these are tomatoes!

At first glance, these look like crispy meat or potato patties. And the taste is just as divine as any crispy, deep fried snack.


Romatherapy Baby Roma Tomatoes Breakfast Bowl

Start your day off right with this sunny breakfast bowl!

It is a colorful and nutritious dish packed with all the goodness of baby Roma tomatoes.

But, wait there is more…

You can mix it with your favorite breakfast items like scrambled eggs or avocado.

So, uplift your mood and energize your body with this must-try Romatherapy breakfast bowl


Salsa Roma

It’s time to salsa your way to flavor town!

Made with fresh Roma tomatoes, onions, cilantro and a hint of lime, this salsa packs a flavorful punch. It’s the perfect dip for your chips.

And you know what!

You can make a batch and freeze it – ready to be used on any busy weeknight.


Easy Home-made Roma Tomato Sauce

Say goodbye to store-bought sauces and welcome your new go-to recipe for fresh home-made Roma tomato sauce.

Bursting with vibrant flavors and made with simple ingredients, this sauce is the perfect addition to any Italian-inspired meal.

And that’s not all…

The sauce has a smooth texture with a hint of sweetness to impress even the pickiest eaters.


Zucchini and Tomato Stir Fry

Looking for a quick and easy veggie dish that’s bursting with flavor?

Try this combination of Zucchini and Roma tomatoes. Sautéed to perfection with a blend of aromatic herbs and spices, it is a lip-smacking vegan dish.

So why wait?

Get your stir fry on and enjoy the taste of fresh summer produce!


Domataki Spoon Sweet

Wondering what this tasty sounding dish is?

It is traditional Greek dessert made with juicy and plump tomatoes which are simmered in a sweet syrup.

The result?

Soft and candy-like bites bursting with Mediterranean goodness.

It’s a sweet treat that’s perfect for any occasion

So go ahead and satisfy your sweet tooth with Domataki Spoon Sweet!


Easy Oven Roasted Tomatoes

Hot and juicy, this dish is bursting with flavor like a firework show in your mouth.

The oven does the work while you relax, dreaming of the delicious results to come.

The perfect side dish for any meal, or an indulgent snack all on their own.

It is easy, simple, and oh-so-satisfying!


Roasted Roma Tomato, Spinach and Olympus Fetta Omelette

Rise and shine with this exotic vegetable omelette.

Imagine this…

A fluffy and golden omelette filled to the brim with savory roasted Roma tomatoes, tender baby spinach, and crumbly Olympus fetta cheese. The ultimate mouthwatering combination!

This breakfast powerhouse is a feast for both your senses and your soul.


Pizza with Fresh Tomatoes and Basil

Guess what!

Your pizza night can get a whole lot tastier and healthier with this recipe!

Freshly sliced roma tomatoes meet fragrant basil leaves which are perfectly nestled on a bed of hot, gooey mozzarella cheese. It’s a summer garden on a crispy crust!  

So, go ahead and bake this amazing pizza.


Garden Fresh Pizza Roma

Want to make your pizza healthier?

Try this recipe with vegetables fresh from the garden!

The star of the show?

Juicy and ripe Roma tomatoes paired with vibrant green peppers and onions. Not to forget the hot and stretchy mozzarella cheese that melts in your mouth.

Eating your vegies has never been tastier!


Ravioli with Roma Tomato Sauce

Want to fix a home-made scrumptious Italian meal?

Here is the perfect recipe for you. Pillow-soft pasta pockets are stuffed with creamy ricotta cheese, perfectly complemented by the tangy sweetness of tomato sauce made from succulent Roma tomatoes.

It makes a romantic dinner for two or a comfort meal for your whole family.


Easy Layered Ratatouille

What makes this Ratatouille recipe so special?

There are fresh veggies in every layer!

Thinly sliced eggplant, zucchini, and – of course- the best Roma tomatoes!

Each bite melts in your mouth, bursting with sweet, savory, and tangy goodness.

Simple to make, impressive to serve, and impossible to resist. It’s a veggie party on your plate!”


Final Thoughts

Roma tomato is a true kitchen hero! You can transform even the simplest dishes into something truly extraordinary with these Roma tomato recipes.

From tangy sauces to a fancy omelet, this vibrant vegie is a versatile ingredient that can be used in endless ways.

So why not add a little Roma tomato magic to your next meal?

Whether cooking for one or a crowd, these recipes with Roma tomatoes offer amazing options for any occasion.

So grab a knife, chop up some tomatoes and create some culinary masterpieces.

And don’t forget to tell us how it goes.

Your comments mean the world to us!

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