30 Best Just Egg Recipes (Tasty & Satisfying)

Welcome to the world of Just Egg – the amazing plant-based substitute for eggs!

Made from mung beans, this little gem can do wonders in the kitchen, creating a variety of Just Egg recipes.

Think fluffy scrambled eggs, savory omelets, and even mouthwatering cakes and muffins – all without a single real egg!

Here is something interesting…

Mung Beans have been carefully chosen by experts to create this egg substitute as these are rich in protein and nutritious!

Its creamy texture and delicious taste will blow your taste buds away! So, let’s get cooking with Just Egg recipes and whip up some excellent dishes.

In the kitchen we go!

Vegan Just egg scramble

Enjoy a purely plant-based breakfast with Just Egg scramble.

Guess what?

This amazing substitute will provide you with the same fluffy texture and similar taste that resembles real eggs.

And there is more…

We make it more delightful by adding vegan cheese, bell peppers, jalapenos and spinach – a delicious and vibrant dish.

Plus, you can whip it up in just around 13 minutes! Enjoy with your favorite vegan toast and relish a wonderful breakfast experience.


Just Egg French Toast

Just Egg French toast is a mouthwatering plant-based twist on your favorite classic breakfast French toast.

Made with Just Egg, this toast turns out super fluffy and surprisingly delicious.

And here is the best part?

This vegan toast is made without refined sugar! Instead, we use maple syrup to bring some delightful natural sweetness to the snack.

Made with slices of sourdough bread, the French toast melts in your mouth and makes you crave for more!


Just Egg Breakfast Casserole

Rise and shine with this mouthwatering vegan Just Egg Breakfast Casserole!

It’s an elaborate dish featuring cheesy vegan just eggs, savory sausage, and sautéed veggies, all nestled on a buttery crescent roll base.

Guess what?

This rich dish is ready in under an hour, offering a tempting option for breakfast or brunch with your family.


Just Egg Omelette

Discover the magic of vegan Just Egg omelettes, where fluffy perfection meets plant-based delight!

Unveil a world of flavors by adding wholesome veggies like spinach, or let your imagination soar with vibrant bell peppers, zesty jalapenos and more!

Craving a cheesy twist?

Elevate your omelette with creamy vegan cheese.

The best part?

Simple to whip up, this recipe redefines breakfast bliss, making every morning a scrumptious, guilt-free celebration of wholesome goodness.


Vegan Just Egg Bites

Indulge in the savory goodness of Vegan Just Egg Bites – delectable egg muffins!

These are loaded with sweet corn, vibrant bell peppers and tangy sun-dried tomatoes.

Guess what?

These are made in muffin trays and baked, making the whole process easy and hassle-free!

And here is the best part…

You can prepare a batch ahead and enjoy stress-free mornings with easy-to-grab, bite-sized portions.

Whether you’re rushing out the door or savoring a leisurely breakfast, these on-the-go delights will surely become your new favorite plant-based treat.


Easy Vegan Salad with Just Egg

Looking for a light meal to begin your day with?

Try this easy vegan salad that uses Just Egg, but features the same flavor as real ones.

The fluffy eggs are mixed with fresh dill, onions and vegan mayo – herby, creamy and refreshing!

Eat it as it is or add to your sandwiches for a hearty mid-day snack or satisfying and easy lunch option.


Quinoa Bowl

The Quinoa Bowl is a delightful meal where Just Egg adds a fluffy, egg-like texture.

The dish features a medley of flavors with tamari sauce bringing a savory umami kick while honey adds a hint of sweetness with zesty lemon juice!

And that’s not all…

This quinoa bowl is loaded with creamy avocados and peppery arugula, bringing loads of nutrients in the form of protein, vitamins and fiber.

It’s a savory and nutritious vegan treat to enjoy at any time of the day!


Just Egg Quesadilla

Indulge in the delightful Just Egg Quesadilla where a heavenly combination of flavors and textures awaits!

The fluffy and egg-like Just Egg is expertly paired with vegan cheese to form a gooey filling folded into a warm and toasty tortilla.

This plant-based wonder guarantees a mouthwatering experience that’s perfect for any mealtime delight.

The best part?

This satisfying treat is ready in just 15 minutes with only 5 ingredients!


Frittata Bites

These delightful treats make an exciting breakfast with their bite-sized charm.

Guess what?

You make them in your favorite muffin tray as a fun twist compared to the traditional stovetop cooking – easier and hassle-free!

Plus, you can customize the recipe and pack these frittata bites with nutritious veggies.

So, go ahead and give this unique idea a try!


Vegan Just Egg Fried Rice

Let’s talk about the yummy Vegan Just Egg Fried Rice!

It’s a cool twist on traditional fried rice, all plant-based and fluffy – thanks to the vegan egg.

We use fragrant jasmine rice to make it even more delish.

And guess what?

It’s super easy and hassle-free to cook with frozen veggies. Plus, there are just six ingredients, and you’re good to go in 25 minutes!


Vegan Spinach Quiche

This Vegan Spinach Quiche, featuring JUST Egg, is a mouthwatering plant-based delight!

Imagine a savory pie loaded with spinach, bell peppers and oh-so-creamy fluffy JUST Egg! It’s a rich blend of flavors and textures in every bite.

Here is why you’ll love it…

This quiche packs a nutritional punch, offering protein, vitamins, and minerals from the spinach, other veggies and JUST Egg.

So, indulge with the satisfaction of knowing that you are consuming something healthy!  


Vegan Egg in a Hole with Just Egg

Vegan Egg in a Hole with JUST Egg is a playful and delectable twist on the classic breakfast!

Picture a tasty slice of bread with a hole in the center, and instead of a regular egg, it’s filled with fluffy, plant-based JUST Egg.

When you cook it up, the JUST Egg gets all golden and delicious. It’s a fun and satisfying breakfast that’s cruelty-free and bursting with flavor.

So, give it a try and enjoy an all-vegan start to your day!


Vegan French Toast Sticks with Just Egg

Vegan French Toast Sticks with JUST Egg are a delightful and guilt-free treat for vegans!

These scrumptious sticks are made from bread slices soaked in plant-based JUST Egg, giving them a fluffy and egg-like texture.

These turn golden and crispy on the outside with a fluffy, pillow-soft feeling with every bite!

The best part?

It’s a fun and more enjoyable version of full-sized French toast – perfect for grabbing and dipping into your favorite syrup!


Just Egg Frittata

Here is a super tasty plant-based version of the regular frittata.

Instead of using real eggs, it’s made with Just Egg – a cool vegan egg substitute made from mung beans.

We mix it up with lots of yummy veggies and vegan cheese to make it fluffy and full of flavor.

The result?

You get all the goodness of a frittata without any animal stuff.

Enjoy it for a yummy breakfast, lunch, or dinner option – it’s a real winner!


Stuffed Bell Peppers Frittatas

Get ready for a breakfast bonanza with Stuffed Bell Peppers Frittatas!

It’s a genius fusion where bell peppers turn into delightful frittatas, all stuffed and ready to impress! Talk about creative breakfast goals!

The best part?

These frittatas are totally vegan, made with the magic of JUST Egg.

Healthy and oh-so-delicious, this playful treat will brighten up your mornings and add a dash of fun to your day!


Vegan Quiche

Indulge in a delightful vegan version of a delicious quiche!

Picture a scrumptious pie with a flaky crust, filled with a savory mix of veggies and creamy dairy-free cheese.

The magic ingredient?

Just Egg! It brings a luscious and fluffy texture that perfectly mimics the taste and richness of a traditional quiche.

Each bite is a burst of flavors – savory, wholesome and oh-so-delicious!

This cruelty-free delight will win over your taste buds and prove that you don’t need tofu to create an amazing vegan quiche experience!


Easy Just Egg Frittata

Introducing the Easy Just Egg Frittata – a fantastic and convenient way to whip up a vegan frittata!

While there are countless vegan frittata recipes out there, this one takes the lead for its simplicity and ease.

With just 9 ingredients, this frittata bursts with richness from fresh herbs and veggies.

But don’t stress if you’re missing any!

Simply use the ones available in your pantry to make things more convenient!

The best part?

It tastes incredibly close to the real egg version, so you can savor every bite guilt-free!


Vegan French Toast Casserole with Just Egg

Let’s talk about French Toast Casserole – the ultimate breakfast treat!

It’s like a fancy version of classic French toast, all baked in a yummy casserole dish.

Now, here’s the twist…

When you use Just Egg, it becomes the most amazing vegan version ever! You get that same fluffy, eggy goodness without any animal stuff.

It’s an indulgent and super tasty breakfast delight!


Easy Vegan Quiche with Just Egg, Smoked Gouda, Spinach and Zucchini

Here is an amazing vegan quiche loaded with healthy vegies that make it nutritious as well as rich in texture.

The fluffy Just Egg creates a creamy base, while the rich Smoked Gouda adds a delightful smoky flavor.

And that’s not all…

It’s packed with nutritious spinach and zucchini, bringing wholesome goodness with these low-calorie veggies.

It looks beautiful and vibrant, tempting you to dig right in!

Easy-Vegan-Quiche-with-just-egg-smoked gouda-spinach-and-zucchini

Vegan Breakfast Egg Sandwiches

Are you fascinated by the English breakfast muffins?

This recipe will help you create your own vegan version of this fun morning meal using Just egg!

The most incredible part?

The “egg patty” is made with no more than 2 ingredients!

Sandwiched between soft and moist English muffins, the patty is combined with creamy vegan mayo, a kick of sriracha and peppery arugula.

It’s a complete mouthwatering and satisfying breakfast to fuel your body.


Veggie Loaded Just Egg Scramble

Do you want to amp up your simple vegan egg scramble?

Load it up with vibrant onions, mushrooms, and bell peppers.

And hey!

Feel free to toss in your favs too! Tomatoes, olives, spinach or whatever you fancy!  

The result?

Fluffy eggs with a burst of colors that’ll jazz up your breakfast table!

Plus, all these veggies will bring more nutrition to make the scramble a perfectly healthy way to give yourself an energy boost at breakfast.  


Vegan Huevos Rancheros Breakfast Tostadas with Just Egg

In the mood for a vibrant Mexican breakfast featuring Just Egg?

Try this recipe that features the tender and fluffy Just Eggs.

It’s loaded with a variety of veggies, black bean and dairy-free feta cheese for an incredible feast!

Everything is loaded on a tortilla, creating a fun and exciting meal.


Blueberry Blender Pancakes

Here is an irresistible vegan pancakes treat made using Just Eggs.

These are soft, fluffy and oh-so-mouthwatering!

Blueberries bring a fruity goodness to the pancakes! These juicy berries also load them up with antioxidants.

And guess what?

These one-of-a-kind pancakes sneak in some fiber-rich oats and nutritious bananas to add to the wholesome delight.

The most incredible part?

There is not a grain of white sugar. The mild sweetness of the pancakes comes from the banana!

Serve with maple syrup or chopped fruits to add to the natural sweetness and make them more fun.


Easy Vegan Egg Drop Soup with Just Egg

Presenting a classic Chinese dish made with a savory broth and thin ribbons of beaten eggs that create delicate egg “droplets” in the soup.

But here is a twist…

By replacing the eggs with vegan Just Egg, you can enjoy a plant-based version of this comforting soup.

Guess what?

The Just Egg will provide a similar silky texture and egg-like appearance, making the vegan egg drop soup delicious and satisfying!  


Just Egg Brioche French Toast

Picture a scrumptious vegan twist on the classic French toast.

But here’s the secret ingredient that makes it extra special!

Brioche bread! It is this soft, buttery and slightly sweet bread that takes this French toast to a whole new level of deliciousness.

So, when you soak it in the magic of Just Egg, dairy-free milk, and tasty spices, you get a fluffy, indulgent breakfast that’s totally cruelty-free!

Top it off with your favs – syrup, fruits or powdered sugar – and it’s heaven on a plate!


Avocado Toast with Just Egg

Avocado Toast with Just Egg is a fantastic and wholesome breakfast option!

Imagine creamy avocado spread on a slice of toast, topped with a fluffy and egg-like Just Egg scramble.

The result?

A dreamy combination of flavors and textures – creamy, savory and utterly delicious!

With the goodness of avocado and the magic of Just Egg, this toast is a fantastic, easy-to-make item on your breakfast menu!


Tex Mex Twice Baked Egg with Sweet Potatoes

Presenting a hearty vegan dish that brings together the flavors of Tex-Mex cuisine and the goodness of Just Egg.

It starts with roasted sweet potatoes, hollowed out and filled with a scrumptious mixture of Just Egg, plant-based cheese and black beans.

After a second bake, you get a fluffy and creamy center with a golden crust!

These are beautiful, mouthwatering and wholesome! A crowd pleasing item for any time you crave for an excellent vegan meal.


Breakfast Quesadillas with Just Egg Folded

Breakfast Quesadillas with JUST Egg Folded are a delightful morning treat!

They combine the goodness of traditional quesadillas with the magic of JUST Egg – a fantastic vegan egg substitute.

The quesadillas are filled with a delicious mixture of JUST Egg, vegan cheese and taco seasoning!

Once folded and cooked until golden and melty, you’ll be treated to a mouthwatering breakfast that’s hearty, satisfying, and totally cruelty-free.


Breakfast Burrito

Make your mornings more fun with a satisfying breakfast burrito that features vegan Just egg.

You won’t believe how simple it is to make it!

Just cook the filling and load it up on a warm tortilla – a savory and satisfying treat is ready!

Enjoy this nutritious burrito at your morning breakfast or as a mid-day snack!


Vegan Breakfast Eggs and Potatoes

Let me introduce you to this vibrant vegan breakfast dish that takes only minutes to whip up!

The star ingredients are vegan Just Eggs and tender potatoes!

But that’s not all…

We add some juicy tomatoes and brightly colored bell peppers to amp up the deliciousness and beauty of the dish.

Here is how it stands out…

It features lip-smacking flavors as we get to use a scrumptious combination of spices and herbs!


Final Thoughts

Just Egg recipes are a game-changer for anyone looking to explore the healthy world of plant-based cooking.

With this amazing substitute, you can replace eggs in all kinds of egg-based dishes, from fluffy omelets to delectable muffins and everything in between.

Not only is it a delicious and satisfying alternative, but it also brings valuable nutrition, being a good source of protein and free from cholesterol!

The best part?

Vegans and those with egg allergies will be delighted by its creamy texture and ability to create mouthwatering meals just like a real egg.

So, what are you waiting for?

Give Just Egg recipes a try and let the tasty adventures begin!

Share your experiences with us in the comments below!

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