30 Best Recipes with Curry Powder to Spice Up Your Meals

Are you ready to add some pizzazz to your taste buds?

Then it’s time to spice things up with these recipes that use curry powder!

And you know what?

Curry powder isn’t just a tasty spice blend, it’s also a powerhouse of health benefits!

Loaded with turmeric, cumin, coriander, ginger and many more beneficial spices, curry powder has been shown to have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

So, make your meals from bland to bold in no time.

Whether you’re a fan of traditional Indian dishes or looking to experiment with new flavors, we’ve got you covered with our collection of recipes with curry powder.

Let’s curry on!

Easy Chicken Curry

Anyone can turn into a master chef with this simple recipe for a scrumptious dish.

Wondering how?

Make this creamy and flavorful dish with just 5 ingredients!

And there is more…

No need to have an array of spices lined up at your kitchen counter – simply use some curry powder!


Indian Chicken Curry

Ah! Authentic Indian Chicken Curry!

A blend of flavorful spices creates a lovely dish with creamy consistency. It is nothing short of royal!

Don’t worry if you are not an expert with Indian spices!

Simply use curry powder to impart the same aroma and flavor to your dish as the original Indian chicken curry.


British Curry Sauce

This is an Indian curry inspired sauce for Britain’s spice lovers.

Create your own homemade version of this lip-smacking sauce with this recipe.

It is the perfect option to make your bland food more exciting. Drizzle it over rice, vegetables or bread for a mouthwatering and satisfying meal.


Butter Chicken

Ready to unlock the recipe for the most divine and richest chicken gravy from India?

It’s a luscious and creamy dish with tender chunks of chicken swimming in a velvety tomato sauce.

Add some curry powder for a delectable smoky flavor.

Enjoy this hearty dish for a special family meal.


Easy Beef Curry

Who says cooking beef is challenging?

Try this recipe for Easy Beef Curry and unveil the secret behind the most flavorful dish!

It is an aromatic curry with succulent pieces of beef for the meat-lover inside you.

Serve it with rice and relish the perfect meal with your loved ones.  


Indian Beef Curry

Here is another version of the most aromatic curry with bold flavors.

Can’t figure out all the Indian spices?

Not to worry!

This recipe shows you how to use curry powder to create the same magic as an authentic Indian Beef Curry.

So, put on your apron and get ready to make this impressive dish.


Slow Cooked Beef Curry

This recipe comes all the way from Sri Lanka.

Made with coconut milk, the divine curry is infused with flavors that give us a homely feeling.

Skeptic about the slow cooking process?

This is actually the secret behind the perfectly juicy and tender beef chunks. Slow cooking also locks in the flavors perfectly well.


Ground Beef Curry

Here is the meat-lover’s dream come true!

Minced beef is cooked with onions, tomato, puree and coconut milk for a wonderful flavor.

The secret ingredient?

Curry powder, of course!

You can cook this heavenly dish in just 30 minutes – ready to be served with steaming hot rice or flat bread.


Easiest Fish Curry

Did you know?

The most flavorful fish curry can be cooked with just 6 ingredients!

Use curry powder to replace the array of spices and herbs you can’t keep count of!

Check out this recipe and learn to create this delectable – and unbelievably easy – dish on any day of the week.


Curried Potatoes

Looking for an innovative side dish or appetizer?

Here is a lip-smacking recipe for curried potatoes. Curry powder adds a special flavor to this otherwise bland vegetable.

And there is more…

This wonderful dish is ready within minutes using only 5 ingredients.

It is definitely a must-try!


Vegan Irish Bombay Potatoes

Give your humble potatoes an exotic Indian flavor.

Spice up with some curry powder and create this amazingly flavorful appetizer.

It is a quick fix you can try any time. Plus, it is as enjoyable to make as it is to eat!  

Perfect for any occasion, from a lazy weekend brunch to a cozy family dinner.


Creamy Potato Curry

Looking for a flavorful vegetarian dish for dinner?

Here is what you are looking for.

An incredibly easy-to-make yet rich and velvety potato curry. It is full of flavors imparted by the versatile curry powder.

You won’t believe it…

This wonderful dish is made in a single pot with a handful of ingredients!


Curry Spiced Slow Cooker Snack Mix

Get ready for a flavor-packed snack adventure with Thai Curry Spiced Slow Cooker snack mix!

This addictive and easy-to-make snack mix is a hearty mix of crunchy nuts. Each bite is a burst of sweet, salty, and spicy notes.

It is the perfectly healthy snack option when you wish to munch on something satisfying.


Indian Curry Puffs

Here is the recipe of crispy pastry shells filled with a savory mixture!

These Indian curry puffs are filled with spiced beef mince. You can always try your own variations, such as potatoes, chicken or mixed vegies.

Don’t forget to spice up with some curry powder!

Serve with tea or enjoy with your favorite dip.


Curry Mayo

Brace yourselves for an utterly lip-smacking dip!

Simply flavor your run-of-the-mill mayo with some curry powder and experience an exhilarating twist!

Want to make it more flavorful?

Add some zesty lemon juice and garlic for a flavor explosion!

Enjoy the dip with crispy snacks or use it as a spread for the most amazing sandwiches and burgers.


Quick Curry Ketchup

Does the name intrigue you?

Rightly So!

Here is the ultimate flavor upgrade for your fries and burgers!

It is the perfect fusion of classic ketchup and fragrant curry powder – a versatile condiment that pairs well with almost anything.

It’s a flavor ride for your taste buds!


Curried Beef Pie

Want to add some innovation to your usual meat pies?

Here is a curried beef pie with a crispy pastry crust. The filling is a mixture of tender beef chunks cooked to perfection in a rich and aromatic curry sauce.

It is an irresistible treat that is absolutely satisfying.


Sweet Potato Coconut Curry Soup

Here is a vegan-friendly dish that’s easy to make and perfect for cold days.

The creamy coconut milk and fragrant curry spices complement the sweetness of the potatoes, creating a harmonious blend of flavors. Each spoonful is a warm hug in a bowl.

The soup has a perfectly velvety texture that’s both soothing and satisfying.


Indian Snack Mix

Get ready to spice up your snack game with curried Indian snack mix!

This deliciously addictive mix is a fusion of crisps, pretzels nuts and whatever you fancy! Coat the mixture with curry powder for the ultimate flavor ride!

It is the perfect balance of heat and crunch!


Curried Nut Mix

Here is another finger-licking snack for all the foodies out there.

It’s a combination of crispy nuts and aromatic curry powder.

The result?

A mouthwatering blend of textures and flavors.

It’s the ultimate snack for spice lovers. Perfect for munching on-the-go or for entertaining guests at a casual gathering.


Mango Curry Trail Mix

This is not your usual trail mix.

Here is why…

Assorted nuts are sprinkled with spicy curry powder and mixed with sweet and sour chunks of dried mangoes! A truly divine combo!

With every crunchy bite, you’ll experience a tantalizing mix of heat, sweetness, and nuttiness that’s simply irresistible!


Curried Cheese Crackers

Curry lovers, rejoice!

Indulge in the delectable and addictive Curried Cheese Crackers – a snack that is sure to satisfy your craving for something spicy, cheesy, and downright delicious!

The combination of real cheddar cheese and a tantalizing blend of exotic curry powder creates a unique flavor that will keep you coming back for more.


Indian Pappadam Crackers with Curried Cashew Dip

No one can say no to some crunchy crackers when served with an exotic dip!

The creamy and divine condiment carries the goodness of cashews. Spiced up with curry powder, it is one of the best dips for your crackers, crisps or other snacks.

Don’t just take my word for it though.

Go ahead and try it for yourself!  


Yellow Curry Biscuits

Put on your oven mitts and get ready to bake these exotic, spiced biscuits!

Soft, fluffy, and bursting with mouth-watering taste, these are perfectly crunchy with a rich texture.

Enjoy these biscuits at breakfast, as a time-time snack or just because you are craving for something savory!  


Hot Curried Cheese and Chicken Toast

Looking for a hot and spicy appetizer?

Here is just the right thing for you.

This dish features juicy and tender chicken flavored with fiery curry powder. Loaded on top of toast with melt-in-your-mouth cheese, it is the ultimate savory goodness.

It’s the perfect dish for anyone who loves to spice things up!


Vegan Curry White Bean Dip

Dive into a world of bold and delicious flavors with this Vegan Curry White Bean Dip!

Made with creamy white beans and fragrant curry powder, this dip is the perfect combination of comfort and adventure.

Each scoop offers a delightful blend of creamy, savory and spicy. It is a great dip for all kinds of finger foods.


Curried Carrots with Crunchy Peanut Topping

Ring the fire alarm!

Curried Carrots with Crunchy Peanut Topping are blazing hot and bursting with flavor!

The bright orange carrot medallions are seasoned with exotic curry powder and topped with a generous helping of crunchy peanuts and Ritz crackers.

What a tantalizing mix of textures and tastes!


Curried Chickpea Salad

Spice up your life with this chickpea salad.

It is easy to make with just a few ingredients which are spiced up with curry powder.

The recipe just demands one thing from you…

Only 15 minutes of your time! And this lovely salad will be ready to eat!


Turkey and Curried Mayo Sandwich

Spice up your lunch routine with this Turkey and Curried Sandwich!

Packed with tender slices of turkey and spicy mayo, this sandwich is a flavor bomb.

The hearty sandwich makes a satisfying and nourishing meal. Make it with healthy bran or multigrain bread to add to the health benefits.

It is the perfect lunchtime pick-me-up!


Curry Yogurt Sauce

Creamy, tangy, and bursting with exotic flavor, here is a sauce to add a delicious kick to your meals.

Whether you’re dipping veggies or drizzling it over roasted meats, this exotic Curry Yogurt Sauce is the perfect accompaniment to take your taste buds on a culinary journey to the heart of Asia!


Final Thoughts

So, this is how you add an oomph factor to your bland meals with just a sprinkle of curry powder.

Whether you are cooking for just yourself or a bigger gathering, these recipes with curry powder will help you whip up the most extraordinary meals.

Explore versatile ways to cook with curry powder.

But before a spicy explosion on your dinner table…

Don’t forget to drop your comments and let us know which of these recipes that use curry powder inspires you’re the most!

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