20 Best Fish and Rice Recipes Perfect for a Weeknight Dinner

Satisfy your hunger pangs with some easy fish and rice recipes that bring both fun and nutrition to your dinner table.

Did you know?

Fish and rice are a dynamic duo enjoyed across the globe! From Japan’s iconic sushi rolls to Spain’s mouthwatering seafood paella, it is a combination everyone savors.

So, get ready to discover the magic of cooking with these fish and rice recipes to create wholesome family meals.

Let’s Dive!

Fish Rice

Fish and rice is a classic combination of protein and energizing carbs.

It is a simple recipe that helps you prepare a nourishing meal without any complicated cooking procedures. Just boil, sautee, season and serve!

The simple fish and rice needs to accompaniments as it a complete and satisfying meal on its own.


One Pan Herby Green Rice and Fish

Here is the perfect recipe to help your turn some plain fish and rice into a more vibrant and pleasing meal.

Here is the fun part…

You can add any sea food, veggies and herbs – no limitations!

All the recipe takes is one pot and 15 minutes!


Fish Biryani

Prepare yourself for an exotic feast from the sub-continent featuring fish and high quality basmati rice.

The dish is a medley of flavors – savory, spicy, tangy and lip-smacking! As tender fish bits combine with the long grains of rice, every bite becomes delectable!

It is a recipe definitely worth learning about!


Curried Baked Fish

Curried baked fish with basmati rice is a scrumptious feast!              

Here is the secret to make the fish flavorful…

Marinate it with ground ginger and garlic, curry powder, black pepper, cumin powder and other mouthwatering seasonings!

Serve this hot and fiery fish with plain rice to neutralize the heat.


“The Take it Easy” Fish Fried Rice

The fun name of this dish actually means what it says – just chill at the end of a busy day as your meal is ready quickly with no hassle!

It is a delicious twist on the Asian classic fried rice.

Bits of delicious fish add to the texture and make it more nutritious.


Middle Eastern Fish with Rice

Discover the delicious Sayadieh – a Middle Eastern dish featuring tender fish nestled on a bed of spiced rice.

You are going to love the fish that is delicately seasoned and flakes apart as you take a bite.

Your kitchen is going to be filled with delectable aromas as you infuse the reice with middle-eastern spices.


Spicy Fish and Rice Bake in Tomato Sauce

Give your taste buds a tantalizing treat with this spicy fish and rice dish – something different from your monotonous meals!

It features tender white fish resting over rice and drizzles with juicy tomato sauce.

Bake everything in a single dish and your delicious meal will be ready to offer you wonderful flavors and nutrition.


Traditional Kedgeree

Traditional Kedgeree is a delightful Anglo-Indian dish that combines rice, flaky fish and boiled eggs with a fusion of aromatic spices.

It’s a nutritious feast that is fit for special occasions by combining simple yet delightful ingredients.

And not to forget…

It’s a feast for the eyes too!


Japanese Salmon Rice

Here is a Japanese version of fish and rice that is full of umami flavors.

Succulent grilled salmon mixes with fluffy rice for a delectable combo. The fish is so tender it melts in your mouth!

Among so many ways of cooking salmon with rice, this Japanese version is a winner!


Spanish Seafood Paella

The legendary Spanish Seafood Paella – a mouthwatering fiesta on a plate!

Picture golden saffron-infused rice loaded with an oceanic bounty of succulent treats including fish. The rice absorbs the essence of the sea!

And the spices make the dish taste more vibrant for a delicious and finger licking experience!


Japanese Canned Mackerel Rice

Picture a scrumptious pairing – Japanese canned mackerel and rice! Convenient and delicious!

This delightful dish combines tender mackerel, bursting with savory flavors, with fluffy rice for a satisfying meal.

Canned mackerel saves time and adds a delectable twist to your recipes.

And guess what?

It’s loaded with omega-3s, protein, and vitamins, making it a nutritious superstar.


White Fish Rice Bowl

Prepare to indulge in a nutrition-packed fish rice bowl that takes your senses on a thrilling journey of delightful textures.

Sushi rice, steamed edamame and white fish are the stars of the dish. Plus cucumbers and avocados add to deliciousness.

So, get together the handful of delicious ingredients in the dish and prepare this epic delight.


Cantonese Chicken and Salted Fish Fried Rice

Cantonese Chicken & Salted Fish Fried Rice – an exotic dish that comes straight from the heart of Cantonese cuisine.

What makes it extra special?

Well, it’s a mouthwatering combination of tender chicken and salty fish, bringing together not one, but two delicious meats in one plate!

Enjoy the white meats with the most flavorful rice and lick your plate clean!



Prepare to be enchanted by Onigiri, elegant Japanese rice balls that are as beautiful as they are delicious!

Originating from Japan, these culinary gems are filled with tantalizing surprises, especially when paired with exquisite fish.

So, impress your folks with Onigiri – a refined way to savor the timeless combination of fish and rice.


Grilled Fish and Spinach Rice

Give your fish and rice an Indian touch and turn up the heat!

Marinate the fish with the most scrumptious list of spices. The flavors infuse beautifully in the grilled fish.

The rice are just as delicious with chopped veggies including spinach.

And the result is…

A wonderful and delicious dish.


Fish with Rice

Hiding behind this simple name is a mouthwatering fish and rice dish with classic Mediterranean flavors.

This recipe creates a protein-rich meal that is light yet satisfying. Plus the fish also add omega-3.

And guess what…

You can cook it within 30 minutes!


Curry Fish and Rice

Want to discover a quick and easy way of adding flavor to your fish and rice?

Add curry powder!

This spiced up fish is delicious and combines well with peas and rice – a wonderfully rich and satisfying meal!

And the best part?

It’s a delicious way to get your proteins!


Quick Fish and Spinach curry with Rice

Hold on tight for a taste sensation with Quick Fish & Spinach Curry with Rice!

This mouthwatering dish brings together tender fish, vibrant spinach and a curry gravy that is thick and rich. It’s a saucy dish to go with plain rice.

It’s a nutritious and scrumptious choice that will spice up your dining experience!


Goan Style Basa and Spinach Curry with Coriander Rice

This dish sounds exotic and a change from your regular meal routine!

Basa – a delicate and mild white fish lends its tender texture and subtle flavor to this dish. It is thoroughly enjoyable!

And what’s Goan style curry?

It features a blend of spices like cumin, coriander, and turmeric to create a rich and flavorful sauce.


Asian Steamed Fish and Coconut Rice

Here is a delectable dish featuring tender steamed fish infused with aromatic Asian flavors.

The coconut rice adds a creamy and tropical twist. Each grain is tender, flavorful and simply delicious!

And here is the absolute best part…

This nutritious dish combines all the four food groups – vegies, grains, protein source and dairy!


Final Thoughts

These fish and rice recipes show you different ways of enjoying the nutritious combo.

From exotic Indian variations to popular Cantonese stir-fried fish and rice, these dishes are going to add more excitement to your dining experience.

So, get your lean protein along with a valuable dose of omega-3s in the most delicious and satisfying ways through these fish and rice recipes.

We would also love to hear about your favorite ways of cooking fish and rice. Don’t hesitate to share your recipes or ideas here.

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