20 Best Custard Powder Recipes (Sweet & Creamy)

Why slave in the kitchen when you can create some wonderful desserts in a breeze?

How, you ask?

When custard powder recipes come to the rescue, there is no more endless whisking and desperate praying that your custard doesn’t turn into scrambled eggs!

All thanks to Alfre Bird, the British chemist who created this magical ingredient in 1837.

And do you know?

It is a good source of carbohydrates to energize your body! Another wonder reason to explore these recipes using custard powder.

Let’s get the fun started!

Fruit Custard

When in doubt, make fruit custard!

It is undoubtedly the easiest dessert to whip with just a bunch of ingredients!

And the best part is…

This dessert can easily be made in large quantities for your parties and gatherings.

So, indulge in a sweet and fruity delight that is always a crowd pleaser.


Custard Powder Cake

Here is a surprising recipe!

It’s a delicious loaf cake that is eggless and made with only 5 ingredients!

Custard powder gives it a beautiful vanilla flavor – simple yet delectable as a breakfast option or for evening tea.

And you know what?

You may even pour the batter in muffin molds instead of a loaf tin!


Custard Pancakes

Are you ready to cook your usual pancakes in a more innovative way?

Try this recipe and create a stack of fluffy goodness that tastes heavenly!

Custard powder really brings an enchanting flavor to the pancakes. All vanilla lovers will drool over it!

You might not even need syrup to enhance the taste!


Chocolate Custard with Custard Powder

Oh what a breathtaking chocolaty dessert this is!

It’s perfectly velvety like a mousse and decadent like the best chocolate dessert ever!

And do you know how you get these amazing results?

Simply combine custard powder, milk, sugar, vanilla extract and coco powder for the magical dessert!


Custard Biscuit Pudding

Looking for a creative way to use custard powder beyond fruit custard and trifle?

This custard biscuit dessert is creamy, crunchy and oh-so-yum!

Layers of vanilla and chocolate custard contain chunks of crispy Marie biscuits. Shredded chocolate is sprinkled as a final touch!

But don’t worry!

This beautiful dessert is very easy to make using custard powder.


Dutch Pancakes

These delicate Dutch pancakes are thin and crepe-like.

Adding custard powder adds a touch of vanilla flavor and makes them delightfully sweet.

But the most surprising thing is…

These wonderful pancakes just need 5 minutes of prep time and 20 minutes for cooking!

And, you need only 5 ingredients to create this wonder!


Nanaimo Bars

Time to indulge in a popular Canadian treat – the coco-nutty Nanaimo bas!

This fun-sized dessert is created in 3 layers – crushed graham crackers, coconut and vanilla custard!

Making these is as much fun as it is to indulge in one of these babies! Plus, using custard powder makes you custard-making job much quicker!


Custard Mousse

Creating a smooth, creamy mousse is not an easy job for most home cooks.

But, what if I tell you that making this elegant dessert can be a piece of cake for you?

Yes, it’s possible!

Create your mousse using custard powder – no lumps, just a smooth and velvety texture!


Caramel Custard Pudding

Guess what?

You need no eggs, or agar jelly, or even an oven to make this pudding!

Is it even real?

It most certainly is! Simply follow this recipe that makes use of custard powder for an amazing pudding!

A dessert that traditionally requires a high level of cooking expertise can now be a cinch for you!


Custard Cake

Craving a classic vanilla cake but short on time or baking skills?

No worries!

Try out this recipe for a spongy and delicious cake made with vanilla custard powder.

It’s the perfect shortcut to satisfy your sweet tooth. So skip the hours spent in the kitchen and whip up this easy, yet tasty cake.


Custard Rice Kheer

Did you know?

Kheer is a traditional Indian dessert, also known as rice pudding.

Here’s a fun twist.

Add custard powder to make it even creamier and more delicious.

This simple addition to the classic Asian dessert takes it to the next level with a rich texture and a hint of vanilla flavor.


Vermicelli Custard

Vermicelli is a popular ingredient for desserts in the Southeast Asian region.

Add it to some creamy custard for a delightful experience.

But, wait!

No need to create the custard from scratch. Simply follow the recipe and use custard powder for a quick and perfectly smooth custard.

Pour it over vermicelli noodles and enjoy the treat.


Custard Gulab Jamun

Custard is traditionally a British dessert while gulab jamuns are sweet heavenly balls available at every confectioner’s shop in Pakistan and India.

What happens when you combine the two?

An out of this world dessert that creates an explosion of sweetness in your mouth!

So, wow your folks on your next occasion with this dessert.


Pakistani Fruit and Custard Dessert

Traditionally known as Lab-e-shireen, this Pakistani sweet dish features juicy fruits, crunchy nuts and wiggly jelly, all floating around in some creamy vanilla custard.

But this dessert is more than its heavenly taste and texture…

A lovely presentation makes a beautiful and vibrant dessert that enhances you special occasions.


Banana Vanilla Custard with Custard Powder

Get ready to chill out with a dessert that’s not only sweet but also refreshing!

We’re talking about creamy vanilla custard with delicious chunks of banana. A dessert that’s also a great option for the kiddos who love bananas and all things sweet!

Plus it’s a really easy dessert to make using custard powder!


Fruits and Nuts Custard

Here is a delicious and healthy way of enjoying some smooth vanilla custard.

Load it with your favorite fruits and nuts!

The custard instantly turns rich and indulgent with this simple recipe!

And you will be surprised to know how easy it is to make the custard with custard powder!


Toffee Custard with Walnut Praline

This one-of-a-kind dessert that will make you lose yourself in the utter indulgence!

Here is the secret behind the magical treat!

You cook the basic vanilla custard with custard powder and turn it into a caramel toffee flavor by adding a single ingredient – brown sugar!

Add some crushed praline at the top and you have yourself a treat that is different from the same old vanilla.


Custard Powder Ice-Cream

Yes, that’s right!

You can even make some creamy homemade ice-cream using custard powder.

And what’s even better…

You need just 3 ingredients to create this indulgent summer treat.

It is chilling, refreshing and indulges you in classic vanilla flavor.

Follow the wonderful pictorial in the recipe and make your ice-cream at home.


Microwave Fruit Custard

Did you know?

You can make the perfect, silky vanilla custard in the microwave!

It is just as good as the conventionally made version. Plus you can add fruits, whipped cream or any other add-ons to enjoy the dessert.

So, no more slaving over a hot stove – let your microwave do the work!


Mango Pudding

Give your vanilla custard a new flavor with indulgent mangoes.

Conventionally, you need thickening agents like cornstarch or agar to create the perfect pudding.

But you can make your job easier with this one ingredient.

Use custard powder and make the perfectly smooth and thick pudding in minutes before putting it in the refrigerator to chill.


Final Thoughts

Custard powder is truly the unsung hero of the dessert world.

With its ability to transform simple ingredients into magical creations, it’s like a secret weapon in the kitchen!

And these recipes using custard powder are the proof!

Whether you’re making classic vanilla and fruit custard or experimenting with more innovative desserts, custard powder is your trusty sidekick!

Do you have any more ideas?

Let us know your custard powder recipes. We would love some more innovation!

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