20 Best Puffball Mushroom Recipes (Hearty & Delicious)

Looking for a new way to satisfy your mushroom cravings?

Try our collection of mouthwatering puffball mushroom recipes – guaranteed to leave you wanting more.

These round, fluffy fungi have a meaty texture and a delicate flavor to make your meals more interesting.

Here is why you are going to love these!

Puffball mushrooms are low in fats and calories, but high in protein, potassium and vitamin B12.

So, enjoy eating healthy with these puffball mushroom recipes.

Let’s dive into some fun!

Classic Fried Puffball Mushrooms

Oh, the classic fried puffball mushrooms! It’s hard to resist these crispy bites of goodness.

All you need is some flour, egg and breadcrumbs to make a crispy coating. These turn out to be an irresistible snack or appetizer.

Dip them in your favorite sauce or eat them as they are.


Puffball Mushroom Burgers

What could be a tasty and healthy alternative to meat burgers?

Give puffball mushroom burgers a try!

Delicious puffball mushroom patties are sandwiched between a soft bun with your favorite toppings – juicy tomatoes, lettuce, onions.

Try this variation…

Top with an egg for a more flavorful experience!


Lamb and Puffball Mushroom Cannelloni

Oh my gosh! You’ve got to try this lamb and puffball mushroom cannelloni!

It’s like the perfect combination of hearty and delicate, savory and cheesy!

You get some tender pieces of lamb mixed with meaty mushrooms, all wrapped up in cannelloni pasta that’s baked in a yummy tomato sauce.

Trust me, it’s pure comfort food heaven.


Puffball Mushroom Pizza

Pizza lovers, get ready to meet your new favorite topping – puffball mushrooms!

These fluffy fungi add a whole new level of flavor and texture to your favorite pizza.

Imagine this…

Crispy crust, a generous layer of pizza sauce and a sprinkling of cheese, all topped off with juicy slices of sautéed puffball mushrooms!



Puffball Mushroom Lasagna

Are you a puffball mushroom lover?

If yes, this lasagna will be a really divine treat for you!

But guess what…

This is a noodle-less lasagna! The layers are actually thin sheets of puffball mushroom!

So the result is a rich dish with layers of meaty texture!


Breaded Puffball Mushrooms

Are you a beginner with puffball mushrooms and don’t know how to cook one?

Here is a simple recipe for you.

Simply slice the mushroom, season with hot sauce and coat with bread crumbs before frying.

A delightful, crispy and protein-rich appetizer or snack will be ready in no time!


Dried Puffball Mushroom Gravy

Here is a recipe that makes use of puffball mushroom flour!

Use it to make a simple gravy that can actually be a game changer for many of your meals!

Drizzle it over mashed potatoes, enjoy it with roast meats or add the oomph factor to salads!


Spiced Breaded Puffball Mushrooms with Chickpeas, Chorizo and Feta

Breading and frying is the most common way of cooking puffball mushrooms.

But how can you take the crispy snack to the next level?

Spice it up and serve with chorizo, sautéed chickpeas and some delicious feta.

Top it with fried egg and turn it into a very filling as well as healthy meal.


Puffball French Toast

Breakfast just got more creative!

Try this fun and innovative take on the classic French toast as puffball mushroom slices replace bread.

And that’s not all…

You can serve it sweet or savory!

Add some powdered sugar or jam for your sweet tooth. Alternatively, serve it with fried egg or hot sauce!


Giant Puffball Mini Pizzas

Here is a fun way to incorporate puffball mushrooms in your diet – mini pizzas.

Do you know what makes these pizzas stand out?

Instead of the traditional flour-based crust, the base of the pizza is made of – you guessed it right – puffball mushroom slices!

You may customize the toppings and enjoy your favorite flavors.


Vegetarian Puffball Parmesan

Here is the perfect dish for meatless-Tuesdays or any other day of the week!

It’s a vegetarian twist on chicken parmesan that we all so love!

Thick slices of puffball mushrooms are breaded, fried, and smothered in a rich tomato sauce and melted mozzarella cheese.

The result?

A crispy, cheesy, and savory dish that’s packed with flavor and nutrients.


Puffball Mushroom Mozzarella Sticks

Get ready to snack on some deliciously crispy and gooey puffball mushroom mozzarella sticks!

These addictive bites are breaded, seasoned, and fried to golden perfection, making them an irresistible snack or appetizer for any occasion.

Pair them with your favorite dipping sauce and enjoy the yummy textures with every bite.


Puffball Parmesan Fritters

These fritters are really addictive with a perfectly crunchy texture.

Parmesan cheese adds flavor to your fungi fritters. You may customize and season the fritters your way.

These are very simple to make and the picture instructions given in the recipe makes things even easier!


Puffball Mushroom Hummus

Get ready to dip into a healthy and velvety snack.

The creamy, Middle-Eastern spread is conventionally made with chickpeas and tahini. This version uses puffball mushrooms that bring the same level of creaminess.

Replace your mayo with this fat-free spread or use it as a dip with crunchy snacks.


The Best Giant Puffball Burger

Here is a vegie burger like no other!

With juicy, flavorful slices of giant puffball mushrooms as the star, this burger is a vegetarian’s dream.

This burger is ready within 30 to 35 minutes! A quick and easy snack for any time of the day!


Puffball Patties

If you’re looking for a meat-free alternative to classic burger patties, here is your answer!

Made with a savory blend of puffball mushrooms, herbs, and spices, these patties are the perfect addition to any vegetarian meal.

They’re easy to make and can be served on a bun or on their own with some condiments.


Puffball Mushroom Cheese Croquettes

What to flaunt your culinary skills with a delicious and innovative recipe?

Try these puffball mushroom croquettes with melted cheese oozing out!

And you will be surprised to know…

These yummy croquettes take only 35 minutes to be ready – perfectly crispy from the outside and cheesy inside!


Puffball Mushroom Fettuccine Alfredo

Get ready for a pasta dish that’s rich, creamy, and fungi-tastic!

With its velvety sauce, perfectly cooked fettuccine, and meaty chunks of puffball mushrooms, this dish is a fine comfort food.

And there is more…

It’s easy to make and is sure to impress everyone in your audience!


Cream of Giant Puffball Soup

Warm up with a cozy bowl of Cream of Giant Puffball Soup.

A silky soup with lip-smacking flavors, it’s a hit every time you make it.

Check out the simple recipe and learn how to make this soup step-by-step.

Serve with some crackers and enjoy the comfort of this creamy soup.


Chicken Mushroom Balls

Looking for a fun and flavorful appetizer for your next gathering?

Give these Chicken Puffball Mushroom Balls a try!

Made with ground chicken, chopped puffball mushrooms and a blend of seasonings, you get a golden crispy crust and a delicious, meaty interior.

Enjoy these balls with a saucy dip.


Final Thoughts

Hope you enjoyed this collection of delicious and creative Puffball Mushroom recipes.

These are innovative options for vegetarians. Plus meat-eaters can relish something new too.

And the best part…

These edible fungi are perfect for healthy eaters as well as weight watchers!

So why not give them a try and let us know what you think?

Do leave a comment below with your favorite puffball mushroom recipes.

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