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Wise Traditions UK Conference 2011 DVD Features 14 Hours Of Lectures By Low-Carb, Real Food Activists

We really are fortunate these days to have some rather unprecedented access to many of the best and brightest minds in nutritional thinking than ever before in human history. Before the Internet went mainstream in the late 1990’s and later spawning daily hubs of invaluable information that combat the conventional wisdom seen in traditional forms of media, your sources for health data came primarily from television, radio, books, magazines and the like. But not anymore! Now we have professional blogs, sophisticated and interactive web sites, YouTube videos and engaging podcasts to help replace the mind-numbed and ever-so-predictable cookie-cutter diet and health stuff we’ve really never had access to before. These are exciting times we live in!

Pandora’s box has now been busted wide open and there’s a whole new world of people, thoughts and ideas being disseminated out there all in an effort to combat the heavily-promoted high-carb, low-fat lie that has kept us mired in chronic disease and obesity for far too long. We truly have a golden opportunity to help re-educate people about what constitutes a “healthy” diet and I’m grateful to be playing a small role in that effort on the blogging and podcasting front. But there are some amazing people involved in organizations like The Weston A. Price Foundation not just in the United States, but around the world spreading the truth about healthy, real food nutrition based on the traditional diets of those who have gone before us. Hearkening back to the days not that long ago before obesity, diabetes and heart disease were all unheard of (it’s hard to believe this is only something that has happened just in the past century of human existence) is a recipe for reversing the negative impact our modern-day diet and lifestyle is having on our general health and well-being.

I didn’t realize there was an active Weston A. Price Foundation Chapter in London, England led by raw milk lover Philip Ridley who cured his lactose intolerance in 2008 by adding this real food to his diet for the first time in his life. It totally rocked his world and made a believer out of him of the importance of consuming real foods in his diet. Although the U.S. version of the Weston A. Price Foundation’s Wise Traditions Conference is coming up next weekend, the UK version of this incredible conference was a smashing success back in March 2011. Best of all, all 14 hours of the event was captured on video and is now available for purchase worldwide on Amazon.com.

So, you wanna know what’s on this 4-disc DVD? Check this out:


  • PowerPoint presentations for all the speakers
  • Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride from the GAPS diet


  • British obesity expert Zoe Harcombe
  • UK cholesterol activist Dr. Malcolm Kendrick
  • British low-carb, high-fat diet advocate Dr. Barry Groves


  • American nutritionist Dr. Kaayla Daniel
  • U.S. holistic cancer treatment supporter Jerry Brunetti


  • More from Jerry Brunetti
  • Family farming promoter Graham Harvey
  • The Moo Man movie preview

    You should already be familiar with several of these names from their previous appearances on my podcast (listen to Zoe Harcombe, Dr. Malcolm Kendrick, Dr. Barry Groves and Dr. Kaayla Daniel). And I’m working on interviewing Dr. Campbell-McBride for my podcast to discuss her unique Gut and Psychology Syndrome (GAPS) concept hopefully in early 2012. But this DVD set gives you a TON of fantastic information on important health topics such as gut health, heart disease, obesity, stress, low-carb diets for diabetes, high-fat foods for optimal health, fertility, cancer, foraging for plants, farming, and raw milk. This four-disc set is a fabulous way to spread the message to skeptical friends and family members who would never attend a Wise Traditions conference. Plus, it will strengthen your own knowledge base about what you believe and why you believe it!

    To help get this incredible DVD collection into your hands as quickly as possible, Philip Ridley has generously donated THREE of them to give away here on my blog. So let’s have a little bit of fun with it, shall we? Simply leave a comment below telling everyone the lecture you look forward to seeing and hearing the most and why. Also, tell us the health subjects YOU are most interested in learning more about? Since I’m heading out of town on vacation beginning this Sunday, please have your comments posted no later than Friday, November 4, 2011 and I’ll announce the winners on my blog in a post on Saturday.

    You can stay up-to-date on the latest happenings with the London chapter of The Weston A. Price Foundation by signing up for their free newsletter! GOOD LUCK IN THE CONTEST!

    • Hi Jimmy!  Thanks for this offer!! I would be most interested in viewing Zoe Harcombe’s  presentation.  I love her perspective on obesity and just recently started listening to her podcasts (thanks to the list on your blog).  She’s very personable and funny.  :)

      • Zoe is an amazing woman and I’m privileged to call her a friend.

    • Debbie Young

      OH SO COOL! Jimmy my most valued speaker is Jerry Brunetti. His story helped get me onto a Real Foods WAP style diet after two years of raw veganism. What a blessing he is and so are you! I booked my departing flight just so I am sure that I get to see Jerry speak at Wise Tradtions. See you in Dallas!
      Deb xo

      • Anonymous

        Wish I could be in Dallas, but not this go around. It’s been a wild year.

    • montmorency

      I would like to hear Malcolm Kendrick. His “Cholesterol Con” book, as well as many of his older articles which one can find on the THINCS website, are enlightening, insightful, but best of all, often very funny! :-)

    • Sally Fishburn Susannah Morloc

      What fun!  Thanks for the opportunity to win the DVDs.  I would most like to hear Graham Harvey speak on farming.  We have a really small farm here in northern Vermont and we are very lucky to produce our own dairy, eggs, pork, chicken, the occasional beef steer, veggies and soon – trout in our pond.  I try not to ever forget how fortunate we are in this.  Also, I’m very interested in learning more about cholesterol – the lies the general public is being fed make me furious! 

      Sorry for such a long comment.  I love all you do!  I hope you and Christie have a fun, safe and relaxing vacation.


    • Ginger

      Hi from Germany, Jimmy, and thanks so much for your show! I’m a huge fan of Dr Kendrick as well – but I’m excited about all 4 DVDs and plan to listen “cover to cover”. In particular I would love to hear what Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride from the GAPS diet has to say. I have been wanting to do more research on GAPS for my brother’s sake – he’s a lymphoma survivor

    • Swedish Omnivore

      Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride from the GAPS diet and everything gut related are hot. Please more on this subject in the podcast! 

      • Anonymous

        Yes, I know Janne. I’m working on it. :)

    • I’d want to watch all of it! Since May of this year, when I first saw the movie Fat Head and read Why We Get Fat, I’ve been on quite the journy learning, and putting into practice, low-carb life-style and then discovering the importance of a whole food diet. There is so much bad information out there I’m glad there are groups like WAPF and the Paleo crowd and all the low-carb voices, like yours Jimmy, to help us cut through the ‘carbage’ like a laser-beam!

      • Anonymous

        Happy to serve! :)

    • I would most like to see Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride’s lecture. I have heard second hand about the GAPS diet a few times but would be very interested in hearing more about the theory behind the diet from the source.

    • Sherry

      Barry Groves!! Eat Fat, Get Thin was an awesome book!

    • Just found out that I am one of the lucky winners.  Thanks to Jimmy and to the WAPF London Chapter.  I can’t wait to see what new things I’ll learn from watching these experts!

      • Anonymous


    • Meghandan1

      Thanks for the heads up on the discs.  I have alll the discs from the Weston Price Conference in the US 2010 and went myself and it was life changing.  Have been on the GAPS diets exactly one year ago this week because my husband and I went to Dr. Natasha’s lecture last fall.  I believe it has saved both of our lives, in addition to the many children it has saved, there are thousands of adults like us following it to regain our gut health.  Can’t wait til you have her on.

      • Anonymous

        Working on it. :)