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Watch Dr. Peter Attia’s Emotional TEDMED 2013 Talk On Diabetes


Low-carb/ketogenic diet self-experimenter Dr. Peter Attia from the “Eating Academy” blog and the co-founder with Gary Taubes of the Nutrition Science Initiative was one of just 50 people invited to speak at the recent TEDMED 2013 event back in April at The Kennedy Center in Washington, DC. I’ve seen Pete speak in person at scientific conferences I’ve attended like the Ancestral Health Symposium, The American Society of Bariatric Physicians as well as interviewing him as a guest on my “Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show” and “Ask The Low-Carb Experts” podcasts here and here.

But the performance he gave delivering this awe-inspiring and surprisingly emotional talk entitled “What If We’re Wrong About Diabetes?” was unlike anything I had ever heard from Pete before. He explained in this blog post how the TEDMED editorial team had coached him about fitting into their format for delivering his talk, including getting out of his comfort zone, not trying to sound smart, engaging intellect AND emotion and showing the audience that you care. After listening to this talk in the video above, I’d say Pete totally knocked it out of the ballpark!

Here’s my favorite pull quote from the talk that will forever stay with me:

“If obesity is nothing more than a proxy for metabolic illness, what good does it do us to punish those with the proxy?” — Dr. Peter Attia at TEDMED 2013

This is 16 minutes well worth taking the time to watch, learn from, cry some, be encouraged by and leave more empowered than when you began. After you’ve watched it, pass it along to your friends and family on social media to spread the message even more. And let Pete know how much you appreciated his talk by sending him a note on Twitter, Facebook or through his web site. THANK YOU Peter Attia for representing the low-carb community well at TEDMED 2013!

  • Lawrence Louis

    I have listened to many doctors talk about health, and of them, I have always put Dr. Peter Attia on the top of my list because of his dedication to rigorous science, willingness to self-experiment, and his openness to new ideas. He has the intellectual integrity that every good scientist should have. Now, I have even more reason to admire him, since he obviously takes the fight against metabolic syndrome so personally. It is nice to see a medical doctor become so emotionally moved by the lives he has touched. Too often our medical professionals seem so detached from their patients – treating them more like products that need to be produced a quick rate, and not human beings who need their understanding. I have to applaud Dr. Attia for having the humility to see the folly of his own ways, and I admire him for wanting to change how people who are afflicted with insulin resistance/obesity/metabolic syndrome are treated.


  • Wow! What an impressive commentary and presentation. His willingness to be open, raw, and sincere was very powerful. Thanks for sharing this Jimmy.