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‘Vegetarian Myth’ Author Lierre Keith Responds To Cayenne Pepper Pie Attack On March 13, 2010

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My February 13, 2010 podcast with Lierre Keith

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  • Terry O.

    “I’m not an oil executive”

    What the hells wrong with being an oil executive. Does she drive, heat her house, mow her lawn, ride a scooter?

    She lost me on that one. She’s as crazy as the Vegan’s only in a different way.

  • What she means is that she is not slaughtering millions of men, women and children because they are sitting on oceans of oil and the black gold that these mindless greedy oil executives and there equally greedy cronies are stealing. Paid for or not. Look at the oil company profits and where they are going. We will be fighting world war three for these people if they are not stopped. — This is the cause of 9-11.

    The vegetarians believe that it’s the eating of all the red meat that is causing all of this insanity and greed.

    It’s not, it’s the sugar and hybrid carbohydrates and caffeine that have caused this since the beginning. — They are pure stimulants just like cocaine and amphetamines and have the same effects on humans.

  • Peter Silverman

    I hope they prosecute the assailants.

    That said, I think telling vegetarians they’re violent and crazy is likely to provoke a response from the tiny percentage of vegetarians who actually are violent and crazy. (Likewise, people who go around arguing that meat eaters are violent, evangelicals are violent (kill abortion doctors), Muslims are violent (9/11), are going to provoke responses from the tiny percentages of these people who actually are violent. I also wish the violent people in those other groups would take a page from the vegetarian crazies and throw pies instead of shooting people.

  • Terry O.

    Note to Tom Bunnell:

    In a free, capitalist society (like the one you live in and enjoy) PROFIT IS GOOD. It insures the continuance the business enterprises that produce employment opportunities for us all. Profit is justly and lawfully returned to the investors and risk takers. The commie/statist thing has been tried – it has failed miserably wherever imposed because it robs the individual of freedom and deadens the human spirit.

    Currently oil fuels our free society. It gets us to work, heats our homes & schools, gets the family to grandma’s house & the kids to the ball games, in other words it supplies us with great freedom of movement and makes us far more productive. I thank God l have lived in the oil age.

    Oil will be replaced as an energy source only when a more efficient source of energy is available to the market not when some statist says so.

    The statists produce only misery, poverty, loss of freedom and ultimate bondage.

  • Peter Silverman

    You asked Gary Taubes why vegetarians tend to be so skinny and he said he thought it was because they tend to avoid processed food. I also think it’s because so many of them tend to think of sugar as bad for you. I’ve noticed that you have a better chance of winning the powerball lottery than spotting an obese person in a vegetarian restaurant.

  • Sue

    I’ve seen overweight vegetarians – they do exist. The vegans tend to be the emaciated ones (not all).

  • There are a lot more, thin and average sugar and hybrid carbohydrate addicts, than there are fat people that are sugar and hybrid carbohydrate addicts. A lot more. Just like speed and cocaine addicts. The thin and average far outnumber the obese. They eat more sugar and high glycemic load foods to stay high on and less starch.

  • Myself

    I’m fat and I don’t eat sugar, or even many carbs. Also, I’ve worked with many Hindu people who are vegetarian and are overweight.

    I wish Lierre Keith had stuck to vegan vs. vegetarian vs. meat eating in her book and not ventured into the political realm. I don’t agree with her politics one bit, but appreciated the rest of the book.