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Vegan Group Creates Dishonest Video Denigrating Low-Carber

Hell hath no fury like a vegan scorned. I don’t personally have any animosity towards vegans and have even interviewed quite a few of them on my podcast over the years. Physician’s Committee For Responsible Medicine (PCRM) President Dr. Neal Barnard. My classic conversation with the low-fat vegan diet legend Dr. Dean Ornish. My high school friend Evelyn Parham. Even the grand poobah of them all Harley “Durianrider” Johnstone. While I don’t personally subscribe to a vegan diet, I certainly don’t begrudge anyone who chooses to eat that way if it helps them reach the weight and health goals they desire.

As I’ve said many times but it bears repeating here, find the plan that works for you, follow that plan exactly as prescribed and then keep doing that plan for the rest of your life as long as it keeps working. If something stops working for you, then tweak and experiment until you get back on track again. Apparently this philosophy is lost on the folks who run the pro-vegan VegSource web site recently when they named me their Low Carb Guru Of The Month in December 2012 complete with this accompanying YouTube video:


When I saw this “expose” about me (as if I’ve secretly hidden the fact that I gained back some of the weight I lost in 2004–I’ve been like an open book about it if you wanna see examples from my blog over the years here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here), I couldn’t help but laugh at all the lies and distortions they included in their video. Here’s a list of the blatant inaccuracies included in that video:

  • I’m certainly no “guru” on low-carb; I blog and do podcasts
  • My book is called 21 Life Lessons From Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb
  • I didn’t lose my weight on low-carb/high-protein, it was high-fat
  • My book never became a bestseller and has sold a few thousand
  • Nowhere in my book did I write “forget veggies, eat your meat”
  • The “Jimmy In 2011” pic was from April 2010 in Seattle, WA
  • The “Jimmy…Early 2012” photo was from the March 2010 Low-Carb Cruise
  • The “Jimmy…Summer 2012” photo was from March 2012 at PaleoFX
  • The “Jimmy…A Few Months Ago” photo was from Dana Carpender’s Meet and Greet in Bloomington, IL in August 2010
  • It wasn’t a “low carb fail” but rather some simple mistakes I was making in doing it
  • I’m not “getting rich selling low-carb diet books” by any stretch of the imagination
  • I don’t mind being “fair game” but you gotta get your facts straight first

    The truth eluded the VegSource people in their write-up about their video as well, including these untruths:

  • I haven’t “sold millions of books” or “made a bleeping fortune” doing the work I do. It’s mostly a labor of love that barely pays my basic living expenses and not much else.
  • Most low-carbers aren’t “avoiding carbs and eating lots of meat!” That’s a mistaken and grossly ignorant stereotype.
  • My own case notwithstanding, I wouldn’t say that most low-carb leaders have a problem with their weight. Many have managed their weight just fine following a healthy high-fat, low-carb diet.
  • What I’m “selling” isn’t “very unhealthy” but rather for people to find what will work for them. If that’s a high-fat, low-carb, meat-based diet, then there’s nothing wrong with that. Unless you’re a rabid vegan apparently.

    When people attempted to correct these blatant errors in their portrayal of me in the comments section of the YouTube video, their comments were summarily deleted by the VegSource admin within minutes. Nice. So, I decided to have a little fun with these vegans making my own response video to their silly video full of despicable misinformation to set the record straight:


    And that’s the truth! 100% pure unadulterated honesty. This is something that eludes these nameless, faceless cowards at VegSource. Here’s what I wrote in the description for my video:

    Nothing personal against the meat haters from VegSource who made this video using photos of me: http://youtu.be/Q9k7VhM_Oh8

    They’re really not very nice people lying about what I’m eating and selectively choosing photos of me during times over the past few years that I’ve struggled to manage my weight. The picture the VegSource minions attempted to paint of me was just flat-out wrong and if they had been paying attention in 2012 instead of having a narrow-minded focus on what they wanted to believe, then they’d know I’ve been engaged in an n=1 experiment of nutritional ketosis that has helped me shed over 60+ pounds and counting. If they’re truly interested in seeing the results of this, then they can check that out here: http://livinlavidalowcarb.com/blog/n1

    Every area of my health has improved by eating a very high-fat, animal-based diet with moderated protein and minimal carbohydrates except for delicious non-starchy and green leafy vegetables primarily and I’ve even put on a substantial amount of muscle in the process too: http://livinlavidalowcarb.com/blog/november-2012-dxa-scan-results-after-6-months-on-nutritional-ketosis/16626

    While I’m flattered the VegSource peeps think I wrote a bestseller with my book 21 Life Lessons From Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb, this self-published book hasn’t even come close. Yes, I once weighed 410 pounds and low-carb helped bring that weight substantially down by triple digits. Am I perfectly skinny as the veg-heads would have you to believe is somehow the optimal place of health? No. But my blood markers show that I epitomize health and vitality as my weight continues to fall.

    Being morbidly obese takes it toll on the body and this is a concept that many of these vegan, anti-meat people just don’t understand. Walk a mile in my shoes and you’ll see what it’s like trying to control blood sugar and insulin levels so that fat loss and health improvements can occur. I’m not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but I’ve never pretended to be nor have I hidden from the struggles that I encounter along the way. If you want to learn the truth about Low Carb Guru Of The Month Jimmy Moore’s journey, then simply follow along with the hundreds of thousands of monthly visitors at http://www.livinlavidalowcarb.com/blog.

    NOTE: No vegans or vegetarians were harmed in the making of this video.

    I will not be bullied. And I will not allow my good name and integrity to be erroneously disparaged by those with ill intent. Wanna see a photo of what I look like now from my “Low Carb Down Under” Tour in Australia last month, here ya go, VegSource:

    And thanks to healthy high-fat, moderate protein, low-carb living with lots of meat, eggs, cheese, veggies and butter helping me get into nutritional ketosis, I’ll keep getting thinner and healthier in the coming months and years than I have in my entire life. These militant vegans only wish they could do this and I challenge them to tell their people the truth. Gutless. Worthless. Human debris. They owe me an apology, but I’m not holding my breath.

    12-19-12 UPDATE: Oh, we must have really ticked off those lying liars who lie at VegSource for calling them out on their massive untruths that they decided to make ANOTHER video about me that included even more lies claiming I gained back all of the weight I lost in 2004 (only gained back 75 pounds of it and have since shed over 60+ pounds of that) and that I “starved” myself to lose the weight (ummm, no–nutritional ketosis did it baby!). Anywho, here the folly continues if you like a good laugh:


    • Bravo Jimmy! Tell it like it is. I am proud to be associated with you and LivinLaVidaLowCarb! HooAah!

    • And I always thought of Vegans as liberal, Blatant lies and attacks are more of a fascist state of mind, aren’t they? Keep up the fine work you do!

      • Classy, Mike. I am a liberal (proud of it so thanks) and would never call you what I generally think of the political cult you belong to. Fascist? Merry Christmas.

        • Miriam

          Janet, I think you’ve completely misunderstood Mike (probably because the comma after “liberal” is supposed to be a full stop.) He’s saying he thought they were liberal, with the clear implication that in his opinion being liberal is a good thing. But now he sees them blatantly lying and attacking others, so he now believes they are not liberals, but rather fascists.

          Please try to read things carefully before jumping to conclusions and tearing into other people; not only because being respectful of the dignity of others was (so I’m always being told) a supposed tenant of liberals like yourselves. And for your own sake as well, to avoid humiliation when jumping to conclusions about the political affiliations of people like poster Mike.

    • Jimmy- You are brave to handle yourself in this way. I think the work you do helps an infinite number of people and it’s often a thankless job. So, THANKS – for all that you do. I think it’s amazing that you maintain your honesty and candor in your journey. No one ever reaches a state of perfect health and that’s that – we are all on a journey and the terrain changes all the time. You are a role model and I’m proud to call you a friend.

    • I can’t believe anyone would stoop to bullying another over the food they choose to eat. Sad.

    • js290

      Picture of bonobos eating meat. The bonobos are not confused on where the nutrient dense foods are. Probably can’t say the same for your VegSource friends.

    • Peter Eves

      Good on you Jimmy. I was at LCDU in Melbourne
      and found you to be one of the most open , warm and
      transparent people I have ever met. You were more than
      Honest about your journey and weight loss. As you and I know
      there is absolutely no way you would have made the achievents
      you have on a vegan diet – not possible!!!

    • i don’t understand these attacks. live and let live. one does what it is best for himself without hurting anyone. what hurts things is fanaticism, in every aspect of life. what interest would a vegan have on what jimmy moore eats? do your own homework and let people alone.

    • A Christmas Greeting to you from Norway. Continue your great work for the public health. Bjorn

    • Andy Barge

      terrible, terrible, terrible! You keep up the great work…

      On a separate note, I noticed that there is a post called “how to win an argument with a meat eater” which has a load of “facts” about why being vegetarian is better than being a meat eater. The real pearl being “Largest meat eater that ever lived: Tyrannosaurus Rex (Where is he today?)”…. Genius!

      Also, one of the Vegans asked for some citations to help.. and the writer said “you dont need citations when you have common sense”

    • I live the high fat, low carb life, and have lost 50lbs in a year… but I don’t eat meat – I do eat eggs, cheese, butter, however I would aspire to a vegan LCHF diet, and once I have reached my goal weight, Ill try and reduce the dairy in my diet, swapping it out for vegan and nutritous sources of healthy fats. I’m on the fence on this one, as in: the LCHF way is the only way for me, but that way doest need to include meat. I would never target or abuse a person for eating meat, my husband and children do, and I love them!

    • Rodney_Hide

      Go Jimmy! It tells you a lot that they are anonymous and tell lies. We know who you are. And we know — and have all shared with you — the difficulties and troubles of a fat guy getting healthy. We especially appreciate your openess and generosity of spirit even to your critcs.

    • Give ’em hell, Jimmy.

    • Terry Duncan

      Yea – you go Jimmy – I can’t believe anyone would stoop so low – the truth will set you free – thank you for what you have been through and what you are doing to help us………love the rebuttal – they deserve a good smack!

    • As you Jimmy, militant vegans are idealogues, and they care more about their vision than actual people. Simple decency and honesty is out of the question when the vegan vision is challenged.

    • Anthony Peters

      Everyone desires a black and white world. Only children think that is the way the world is. It could be worse. In the martial arts world suggesting that a particular technique that is useful for one is not useful for yourself is liable to get you into a fight if you practice with some of the less open minded.

      Really getting inspired by your n=1 experiments BTW!

    • Sara

      Wow. I think this means you’ve really made it now. Maybe some people went to your website to see the horror for themselves and WHOOPS got converted to low carb/paleo. It can happen. 😉 Also, it’s hilarious because I’ve heard you say a million times how much we have in common with vegan and vegetarians. There are people that give a much colder shoulder than you. Keep up the good work!

    • But Jimmy…stating ALL the facts isn’t nearly as shocking and “informative”…Great job on the response video!

    • Thanks for sharing! Extremists of any kind are always good for a laugh

    • Won’t eat meat because they love animals…but they have no problem trying to assassinate the character of a man trying to help others. Stay classy @VegSource.

      I guess contacting you to suggest a discussion was out of the question. Heck, that might have been instructive for the readers of both blogs.

      Then again, why risk learning something that might threaten your nutritional dogma/religion???

    • Neal Bernard is trained in psychiatry. He is head of Physician’s Committee For Responsible Medicine which are not physicians, it is not a committee, it is not responsible and it is not about medicine. It is an offshoot of PETA who’s head is Barnard’s live-in girlfriend/common law wife Ingrid Newkirk. PCRM are a bunch of animal rights activists promulgating a diet that by definition is deficient of important animal sourced nutrients. Their interests are not in good human health but in saving the poor poor animals that form the basis of a healthy human diet. And he’s raising tons of cash while doing so. Barnard is very well financially recompensed for his animal activism.

      I commend you for your discovery and implementation of the low carb lifestyle. It certainly has helped make my family much healthier than they were on the SAD diet.

      Don’t give in to these activists.

    • Your grace and good humor radiates from this post. Congratulations on your effort to find “what works for you” and don’t forget you continue to inspire all of us. The Vegans are jealous and twist themselves into processed HFCS Fake Cheese Standard American Frankenwheat Pretzels to justify their dogma. I just feel sorry for them.

    • disgusting how they are attacking you..someone needs to get a life.. a real one and not try to harm people hiding behind the computer screen.

    • Karen

      Appalling. Since when has denigrating another person’s experience won anyone over? They could only hope to be as gracious as you are, with the science to back up their spurious claims. Go you!

    • Cassie Bond

      Hi Jimmy,

      I tried to make a comment on that video which was “Some vegans can be vindictive about their ‘way’ being the only ‘true way’. I see this as quite fundamentalist and therefore quite closed minded” and then I found I was already blocked from making a comment.
      It seems there is a bunch of vegans or maybe only one vegan person who is using different names making a whole lot of low carb condemning videos.

      I got blocked from making comments on any of these videos because I think I got too close to sounding reasonable with what I was suggesting. My comment that got me blocked was just to say to make sure, if you are vegan, to make sure you get all the vital nutrients you need which could be missing from a vegan diet if you don’t eat carefully. This must have been really threatening and not the message he wanted to express.
      He/she responded telling me that the vegan diet is the most natural diet there it and that you only need get a Vitamin B12 injection once a year! He then deleted me.
      I think by the response I got that it’s pretty evident that a vegan has to be really careful with their diet otherwise I don’t think they think very clearly.

    • m tosi

      These militant vegetarians are not about health, they are at their core, a political movement that would love to force everyone else to be vegetarians because it would be better for animals and would reduce “global warming.” To hell with human health. That’s not really a concern of theirs, it’s just a front.

    • Jimmy, they are just stupid folks, let them be, they have problem not you… Greetings from Czech Republic

    • Aksa Masse

      This is akin to cyberstalking, that’s exactly what it is. I think this vegan has done nothing other than give his fellow vegans a bad name!

    • LLVLCBlog

      Thank you Mary! You can email me at livinlowcarbman@charter.net anytime.

    • Gerald

      You’re still fat. Doesn’t that tell you something?

      • LLVLCBlog

        Yes. It tells me I’m still a work in progress and am well on my way to getting better and better. THANKS for your support.

    • petronella

      I’m not sure what you mean (Cassie Bond) about thinking clearly? I am vegan and I do not agree with any source using dishonesty or fear or simple ignorance to express a point of view. It is not beneficial as open minds and knowledge dispel untruths and half truths. Many people here on this comment page, clearly are not open minded as is obvious when reading your feedback. It’s the age old problem about people having discussions that go no where given one’s inability to see a different picture. I have been vegetarian/vegan for most of my life and can match or out perform my male/female counterparts when hiking, climbing, backpacking, skating… the list goes on. My mental faculties are sharp and articulate and I do not have hazy days either mentally or physically. I encourage people to try moving into a direction that directly embraces compassion for all creatures and when doing so, your heart energy resonates on a higher plane. Our world in general can use far more compassion to guide us into and through the year to come. If you eat meat, all I can say, is please make informed decisions about the abuses that are rampant in farming and choose to be active in reducing and hopefully one day eliminating animal abuse for simple consumption. North Americans are hugely wasteful and over consume. Btw, I’m 49 with virtually no grey hair. I keep my protein in check and it seems to be keeping the grey hair at bay…