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The Primal Life Kit: 30 Products, 8 Discounts For $39

For a limited time (until April 9th), get the comprehensive Primal Life Kit from my friend Neely Quinn with about $500 worth of Paleo, primal and low-carb stuff for just $39. That’s not a typo–it’s just $39. A lot of people say they want to load up their digital library with quality products at an affordable price. With this special offer that ends next Tuesday, NOW YOU CAN!

Included are tons of e-books from anybody and everybody in the Paleo community, meal and fitness plans from Mark Sisson, Sarah Fragoso and more, Paleo magazine subscriptions, discounts off of popular Paleo food ingredients and they even threw in my 21 LIFE LESSONS FROM LIVIN’ LA VIDA LOW-CARB e-book in there as well. Just a couple of these products would cost you $39 if you purchased them elsewhere, but you get them all for that insanely low price. Don’t miss your chance to stock up your digital library of great resources. ENJOY!

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