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The LLVLC Show (Episode 843): Ivor Cummins Brings An Engineering Approach To Solving Health Problems


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In Episode 843 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore,” we welcome in a Dublin, Ireland-based chemical engineer named Ivor Cummins as our interview guest today. So many people come to the low-carb way of eating out of necessity because of a personal weight and/or health crisis. And when they do, all of the skills and experience they have gathered up to that point in their life start to kick in to provide a unique take on what actions are necessary to become healthy and fit again. That’s exactly what happened to an Irish chemical engineer named Ivor Cummins from “The Fat Emperor” blog who began having some issues with his health when a few blood tests came back as less than optimal. When Ivor put on his engineering cap to apply that methodical approach to solving his personal health problems, he researched and examined all the evidence involved in raising inflammation and cholesterol levels and what he discovered was astonishing to him. He read over 200 studies and came to the conclusion that what we have been doing to treat things like high cholesterol and metabolic syndrome have been wrong–DEAD WRONG!





Listen in to hear me and Ivor talk about how he’s always thought in a “very technical” manner, the high iron, GGT, and cholesterol levels that caught the attention of his doctors, how he started digging through the research on ferritin and GTT which he traced back to carbohydrate intake, how he got deep into looking into several hundred studies on cholesterol that intrigued him, why he started doing seminars and creating videos to help educate people about the low-carb answer to most of today’s chronic health issues, why he used to think the food quality issue wasn’t a big deal, the mass industrialization of food hasn’t occurred in Ireland yet, why his videos are very long and extremely detailed, how Dr. Robert Lustig’s 90-minute “Sugar: The Bigger Truth” video has nearly 5 million views, the response and feedback he’s received from his videos, how his health has improved and changed since going low-carb ketogenic, how he can “sense” being in ketosis, whether he will start testing ketones for a future lecture/video, predictions about when the low-carb message will be fully embraced, how Dr. Atkins was ahead of the nutritional curve decades ago, why keeping your mind open about nutritional science is critical to progressing, and the topics he has on his radar screen (including insulin) next. This is an awesome conversation!


NOTICE OF DISCLOSURE: http://cmp.ly/3

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What did you think about what you heard about Ivor Cummins? Tell us about it in the show notes section of Episode 843. Check out Ivor’s videos The Cholesterol Conundrum – and Root Cause Solution and SUGAR As A Primary Root Cause of Metabolic Syndrome and the Obesity/Diabetes Epidemic and keep up with him at TheFatEmperor.com. Coming up next week, we’ve got a fan of Paleo who is an intellectual property and trademark attorney named Brent Britton, author of the book Ownability: How Intellectual Property Works, sharing about how those of us who are blogging, podcasting and speaking about diet and health can stay legal on Monday, writer Eve Schaub discussing her new book Year of No Sugar: A Memoir on Tuesday, and Will White from “Caveman Cafeteria” sharing his vision for the future of Paleo and health on Wednesday. We love sharing about so many great people doing amazing work in the community.

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