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The LLVLC Show (Episode 832): Hank Garner Speaks Sincerely Of His Struggles After Low-Carb Success


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In Episode 832 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore,” we’ve got a former low-carb blogger and podcaster Hank Garner as our special interview guest today. The low-carb community is growing so fast thanks to the efforts of the hard-working people whose lives have been changed by this way of eating. So many low-carb success stories go on to become active on social media, in the blogosphere, and even in the health podcasting world. And it wasn’t that long ago in 2011 when Hank Garner was one such story (listen to my interview with Hank in Episode 487) with an incredible 130-pound weight loss success story, top-ranked interview-based iTunes health podcast called “My Low-Carb Journey” (named as one of my top 10 health podcasts every low-carber should be listening to in 2011), and running in half marathons while vastly improving his health while accomplishing more than he ever thought possible. Life was good.

But then it happened.

It’s funny how life has a cruel way of throwing us a curve ball every us every now and then when we least expect it. For Hank, that meant a diagnosis in 2011 of a degenerative arthritic condition where basically the cartilage in his joints was disintegrating. This led to a foot surgery that prevented him from being able to workout as he was used to doing. It was a depressing time for Hank who had found such confidence and energy from all of the things he was able to accomplish through his low-carb success story. Now all those rewards were crumbling around him like falling bricks and this led to an increase in stress, opening up of some old emotional wounds, and the predictable weight gain and decline in health that so many who have found success have experienced.

Listen in as Hank and Jimmy discuss being “the fat kid” growing up, all the “wake up call situations” that led to his initial low-carb weight loss success, the “crazy goals” he set for himself, the circumstances that took place in the midst of his “freak” genetic foot problems, the additional stress that came when he moved his parents next door to him, the scared and confused position he was in about how to climb out of the hole he was in, how his own personal arrogance about his 2011 success made him more vulnerable to the ultimate failure he experienced, the humility he took on in the healing process both emotionally and physically, how this experience impacted his faith in God, the inspiration and release he received by writing a fictional novel called Bloom, how he turned to nutritional ketosis in 2014 to start healing himself again, the instant results he began seeing when he got focused on doing this again, and so much more! If you’re one of the many who e-mailed Jimmy asking “Hey, where’s Hank Garner?” then you won’t want to miss this special update episode today.

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What did you think about what happened to Hank Garner who was a low-carb success and had a setback? Tell us how you related to what he had to share in the show notes section of Episode 832. Pick up a copy of Hank’s book Bloom and keep up with what he’s up to at HankGarner.com. Coming up on Tuesday, we’ve got a nutritional and fitness consultant for Men’s Health named Dr. Mike Roussell sharing his philosophy on diet, fitness and health. Then on Wednesday, we’ll welcome in the New York Times bestselling author of I Quit Sugar and Australian media darling Sarah Wilson. We’ve got a great lineup for you this week, so ENJOY!

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