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The LLVLC Show (Episode 774): LLVLC Classic – Dr. Duane Graveline Warns Of Statin Drug Side Effects


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In Episode 774 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore,” I’m pleased to share my conversation with former NASA scientist-astronaut, medical doctor and anti-statin medication advocate Dr. Duane Graveline in this LLVLC Show Classic interview. Today we have a very special episode to share with you because it features a man whose hearing has now sadly deteriorated to the point that he’s no longer able to do audio interviews anymore to tell his story. I was honored and privileged to be able to interview him via e-mail for my 2013 book Cholesterol Clarity: What The HDL Is Wrong With My Numbers? to get this man’s unique perspective on cholesterol, heart disease and the negative health implications that come from taking statin medications. Dr. Duane Graveline from SpaceDoc.com operates one of the best informational web sites on the Internet about the dangers of the cholesterol-lowering statin drug like Lipitor and Crestor.

If you’ve read Cholesterol Clarity, then you are already familiar with Dr. Graveline’s sad story about what happened to him after he began taking Lipitor for his “high” cholesterol. Since the original recording of this interview, his condition has gotten progressively worse to the point that he’ll soon be confined to a wheelchair because of statin-induced ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease). Listen in as you’ll hear Dr. Graveline share his horrifying story of dealing with the aftermath of taking Lipitor and inducing several episodes of a condition called global transient amnesia, how statins can cause major, permanent damage to human mitochondrial DNA, resulting in loss of strength, joint pain, and memory loss, the falseness of the cholesterol theory of atherosclerosis, the REAL reason statins may show benefit in dealing with atherosclerosis, why CoQ-10 is a MUST for anyone taking a statin, why you cannot buy a pill with a statin and CoQ-10 together, and a whole lot more! I count it a real privilege to have had the distinct honor to speak with this health champion and am pleased to present this special LLVLC Show Classic episode with you today from deep within our podcast archives.

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NOTICE OF DISCLOSURE: http://cmp.ly/3

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What did you think about the information Dr. Duane Graveline shared in this interview from several years back? Most of it is still extremely relevant today and I’m happy to be able to share his message with the world. Let me know what you thought about it in the show notes section of Episode 774. Pick up your own copy of The Statin Damage Crisis and keep up with Dr. Graveline and his tireless efforts to educate the public on statins, cholesterol and heart disease at SpaceDoc.com. I’m still banging away at that Keto Clarity book, so the guest hosts and LLVLC Show Classic episodes continue next week. We welcome Ari Meisel from “The Art Of Less Doing” blog and podcast on Monday, Kevin Davis and Brian Sellers from the “EcoFit Health Radio Podcast” on Tuesday, and then another fabulous LLVLC Show Classic episode with a Boston College-based ketogenic diet cancer researcher named Dr. Thomas Seyfried. I may be gone for a while, but the quality content continues on!


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