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The LLVLC Show (Episode 735): Monica Fernandez Taking Paleo To Spanish-Speaking World


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In Episode 735 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore,” we’ve got a great show for you featuring a physics PhD and Spanish Paleo blogger named Monica Fernandez. You know, we’ve become a bit spoiled in the Paleo and low-carb communities in recent years as more and more resources have become available for us to learn from and and expand our knowledge about these healthy lifestyle changes. But have you stopped to think about the people who don’t speak English as their first language? While there are some, the significant void of an extensive amount of books, blogs and other sources of quality information about primal, Paleo, Weston A. Price, low-carb, real food diets in the Spanish language presents a genuine challenge in reaching those in the Spanish-speaking world. This didn’t sit too well with a PhD in Physics named Monica Fernandez who became exposed to the Weston A. Price Foundation, Paleo and low-carb message when she worked in the United States for the past few years.

But when Monica returned to her home country of Spain, she has been doing her part to bridge the gap between all the great nutritional health information she learned in English and translating it into Spanish on her “Blog Disidente” blog. Listen to me and Monica talk about how she began questioning her doctors after watching her cholesterol levels rise while eating a low-fat diet, the side effects she experienced taking medications to deal with her Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), how a high-fat diet that eliminated grains and sugars healed her body, the work she did while she was living in the United States, some of her personal Paleo, low-carb, real food heroes, why she feels so passionate about bringing the Paleo message to the Spanish-speaking world, her equal passion for bringing non-toxic farming practices to the agricultural community (through Regenerative Agriculture), who her dream interviews would be, the kind of response she has seen so far to her translated information, and much, MUCH more!

Here are some great Spanish-speaking Paleo, real food blogs:

  • “La Mierda De Vaca” (Cow Poop!)
  • “Eva Muerde La Manzana”
  • “Salud Rebelde”
  • “Cocina Y Palabra”
  • “Fitness Revolucionario”
  • “Escucha Tu Cuerpo”
  • “Estilo Paleo”
  • “Esto No Es Comida”
  • “Hoy Comemos Juntos”
  • “Paleolítico en Londres”

    NOTICE OF DISCLOSURE: http://cmp.ly/3

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    How did you like hearing about the work Monica Fernandez is doing taking the Paleo message to the Spanish-speaking world? Give your feedback about it in the show notes section of Episode 735. Keep up with everything Monica is doing at her Spanish language blog “Blog Disidente” and pass it on to anyone looking for a quality Spanish Paleo health blog. Coming up on Wednesday, I’ve got a quick interview with Ian Hamilton & Cassie Bond from Byron Bay, Australia telling us more about their “Paleo Water” Ultrastream system and then a conversation with Erich Krauss, the mastermind behind the popular Paleo publishing imprint Victory Belt.

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    • juan gomez

      Brazil speak Portuguese

      • LLVLCBlog

        Close to Spanish. 😉

    • pforrester

      Thank you so much for interviewing Monica. I have forwarded her blog info to my Mexican/American Son-in-Law who is starting low carb and his sister in Mexico who is very interested also and was asking me all kinds of questions last week when I saw her. They all speak English but Spanish info may be easier to read. Coming from a person from their culture (although Spain may be different than Mexico) may be helpful. Also a young, PhD rather than just the mother-in-law 🙂 It is so difficult b/c corn and flour tortillas are so traditional….well just like bread for us.

      • I am so glad you liked the interview and that you think it might be useful for your son-in-law and his family!
        Spain and Mexico do have very different cuisines, we’re different countries after all 🙂 But I have many readers from all the Latinamerican countries, and the information I share is completely applicable everywhere, as you know.
        I hope they find it interesting, and keep up with being such a fantastic mother-in-law 🙂

    • Paleolítico Londres

      Thank you for sharing my small blog! (paleoliticoenlondres.blogspot.com)

      • LLVLCBlog

        You bet!