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The LLVLC Show (Episode 723): Mikki Reilly Helps You Make Your Primal Body The Paleo Way


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In Episode 723 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore,” we tell you about a fantastic certified fitness trainer and Paleo diet enthusiast named Mikki Reilly. It’s amazing how many people are out there doing their thing in the Paleo community that you may not have heard about before. And today we feature one of these diamonds in the rough you need to know about. Mikki Reilly from “Fitness Transform” combines the nutritional principles of our hunter-gatherer ancestors with the appropriate movement to help people attain the best fitness and health that they possible can. Mikki is the author of Your Primal Body: The Paleo Way to Living Lean, Fit, and Healthy at Any Age that explains how modern people are genetically designed by our DNA to express robust health and physical fitness just as our early ancestors did. Listen in as Mikki and I talk about her experience as a bodybuilder, the lessons she learned about nutrition in the midst of getting her body ready for a show, how her book is different from all the other Paleo books on the market, the missing element she includes in her book that is sorely lacking in the Paleo community and so much more! Get to know the great work of Mikki Reilly after listening to her in today’s episode.

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What did you think about what Mikki Reilly shared about the obvious movement element that is missing in so many Paleo books? Share your comments in the show notes section of Episode 723. Get your own copy of Your Primal Body and keep up with Mikki at FitnessTransform.com. Coming up on Wednesday, we’ll have a returning guest named Binx Selby from the BalancePoint Institute (listen to my previous interview with him way back in Episode 212 in 2008) sharing about his brand new health book How I Grew Younger…And Why You Should Too.

We’ve got an awesome show for you this Thursday night beginning at 7PM ET for Episode 45 of “Ask The Low-Carb Experts” addressing the issue “Cyclical Ketogenic Diets For Health And Performance.” At the recent 2013 Ancestral Health Symposium in Atlanta, Georgia last month, I was the moderator of a fantastic panel of experts addressing the topic “Ketogenic Diets & Exercise Performance” featuring a star-studded line-up of Paleo fitness studs that included Robb Wolf, Mark Sisson, Ben Greenfield and Jamie Scott. The general consensus by most of these top names regarding the future use of the ketogenic approach for exercise and general health is the idea of regularly cycling in and out of ketosis to experience the maximum benefits. This is something that our expert guests this week know just a thing or two about. They are an exercise scientist, nutrition expert, and the author of The Carb-Nite Solution as well as Carb Back-Loading 1.0 named John Kiefer and a board-certified family physician from Gilbert, Arizona named Dr. Rocky Patel. These two knowledgeable men will be here to share their experience with us. Here’s your chance to speak directly with the expert to ask YOUR questions. Start getting me your questions on this topic NOW by e-mailing them to AskTheLowCarbExperts@gmail.com no later than 3PM ET this Thursday. You can also ask your question LIVE on my show by calling (712) 432-0900 or Skype the show for FREE by calling the username freeconferencing.7124320900. Whether you call or Skype, be sure to use the access code 848908. Listen LIVE and leave us a review at iTunes if you like what you hear. This is golden opportunity to interact with the best nutritional health experts in the world, so don’t be bashful. We look forward to sharing this brand new episode of “Ask The Low-Carb Experts” with you later this week.

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