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The LLVLC Show (Episode 700): A Retrospective On 7 Years, 700 Glorious Health Podcasting Episodes


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In Episode 700 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore,” we look back on some of our favorite moments and most memorable (and infamous!) guests over the past 700 episodes. When you’ve been podcasting about healthy living for as long as I have at “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show,” it’s truly amazing how quickly the episodes start to pile up. But since October 2006, I’ve worked hard to bring you the best possible content from a wide variety of guests with points of view on a whole myriad of nutrition, fitness and health perspectives. Today we look back on our first 700 episodes and bring you some of the most memorable moments and guests who have graced us with their presence over the past seven years.

It would have been very easy to pick the BIG NAMES–Taubes, Eades, Bowden, Sisson, Wolf and others–to share excerpts from for today’s historic episode. But I decided to find some podcast guests and interviews that you may not have heard before or it’s been a long time. If you are a fan of this podcast, then today will be a very special day as we share bits and pieces from guests we have had over the years to give you a taste of the magic that has made this show the most successful low-carb health podcast of all-time! ENJOY!

Listen to these memorable moments and guests from The LLVLC Show:

  • When we first started The LLVLC Show, it was rants
  • We shifted to the interview format in 2007 you know now
  • LISTEN NOW: Dr. Gil Wilshire – Episode 84
  • Dr. Wilshire has helped infertile women get pregnant
  • Women with PCOS are “very fertile” but during times of famine
  • He uses nutrient-dense high-fat, low-carb diets with patients
  • Why he feels like the “lone wolf” on this issues
  • Women with PCOS on low-fat diets will almost always fail
  • Doctors will destroy ovaries making fertility hard
  • LISTEN NOW: Dr. Jay Wortman – Episode 137
  • The oolichan grease that First Nations people ate
  • It was historically an important part of their diet
  • The huge migration of these fish happened every year
  • They took tons of the fish and processed them to extract oil
  • The fish is about 30% oil and they used this for everything
  • It was an essential part of this Canadian group’s culture
  • A low-carb diet is replacing the carbs with fat calories
  • They didn’t eat starch and sugar in their diet
  • LISTEN NOW: Konstantin Monastyrsky – Episode 199
  • He wanted to write a book Fixing Up The Atkins Diet
  • It was “disgraceful” Dr. Atkins was overweight at death
  • The legacy of Dr. Atkins lives on in those who succeed
  • LISTEN NOW: Dr. Barry Sears – Episode 201
  • The calories in, calories out message has no meaning
  • If you have a “genetic fat trap,” then calories get stuck
  • People are obese, but they’re metabolically starving
  • They’re told they have a weak will, morally inferior
  • But the reality is it’s not their fault they’re fat
  • 75% of Americans have genetics towards becoming obese
  • LISTEN NOW: Dr. Larry McCleary – Episode 229
  • The brain burns 100g glucose daily, but not optimal
  • But ketone bodies are what the brain prefers to use
  • Ketone bodies are a “super fuel for the brain”
  • Eating ketogenic diet (high-fat, low-carb) helps health
  • Seizures stop in epileptics because brain gets what it needs
  • What happens in the brain of a high-carb, low-fat dieter
  • Hypoglycemia messes with your brain health significantly
  • Why people have problems with blood sugar fluctuations
  • These “mini-starvation periods” happen on high-carb diet
  • This happening day after day is not good for the brain
  • LISTEN NOW: Pastor Ron Williams – Episode 272
  • Protein going through the liver is like drinking alcohol
  • The body has to release cortisol to deal with the stress
  • A low-carb, “very high protein” diet makes this happen
  • When carbs are extremely low, you get lightheaded from it
  • “I don’t think this is a good interview…”
  • “…it doesn’t do any good for us.”
  • There is science that shows low-carb is beneficial
  • Low-carb WILL slow your metabolism–a scientific fact!
  • “I’m even afraid to say anything because you will refute”
  • “Actually I think the interview is over”–CLICK!
  • LISTEN NOW: Dr. Jorge Fletchas – Episode 283
  • Breast pain disappeared with iodine supplementation
  • The woman used to feel pain all over her body
  • That’s when he discovered fibromyalgia pain improved
  • 32% of your iodine sits within your muscles
  • 35% of your iodine sits in the fat tissues
  • If you ask your doctor about iodine, he’ll laugh at you
  • 50% of Americans don’t eat iodized salt in their diet
  • When you put people on low-salt, it removes iodine
  • The absence of iodine in tissues increases cancer
  • LISTEN NOW: Dr. Helen Hilts – Episode 303
  • ADA telling diabetics to eat carbs, cover up with medicine
  • Problem is you don’t know how carbs will respond
  • Nutrition labeling can be off by 20%–legally!
  • There’s too many lows and highs without low-carb diet
  • LISTEN NOW: Dr. Terry Brown – Episode 354
  • We culturally think loud snoring is a “variant of normal”
  • How to improve the airflow in your nose during sleep
  • Insulin resistance in sleep apnea patients better on CPAP
  • When you get fat, you can tend to develop sleep apnea
  • Then the sleep apnea can actually put on more weight
  • The arrow from obesity to sleep apnea much more likely
  • You can lose an average 10 pounds going on CPAP
  • LISTEN NOW: Dr. Datis Kharrazian – Episode 382
  • People don’t get dietary suggestion on carbohydrate intake
  • If you get tired after a meal, you ate too many carbs
  • Severe insulin resistance people need extra nutrients
  • LISTEN NOW: Ramiel Nagel – Episode 390
  • Bran and wheat germ from grains can harm your teeth
  • The phytic acid reduces iron and magnesium levels
  • You lose tooth-building minerals by eating these grains
  • Just 1-2 weeks of whole grains lead to cavities
  • LISTEN NOW: CarbSane – Episode 436
  • I, I, I…uh, uh, uh…yes, yes…yeah…ha ha ha ha!
  • “I was never really a sugar junkie to begin with..”
  • “But sweets were what I binged with at the time.”
  • “I love the Lindor truffles…only 5g carbs in one ball!”
  • Hee hee hee! “It kept me from wanting something else.”
  • Ha ha ha ha ha ha…uh, uh, uh…”so, but ummmm…”
  • Hee hee hee…”if I can’t have it, then I want it!”
  • LISTEN NOW:Dr. Art Ayers – Episode 476
  • The high-fat, low-carb diet is “the typical healthy diet”
  • Fish and meat are the best sources of saturated fat
  • This is a great anti-inflammatory approach for people
  • Feeding that pound or two of gut flora is critical
  • LISTEN NOW: Durianrider – Episode 491
  • “You’re not as much of a prick as you seem…”
  • On YouTube, he will “put it out there” with controversy
  • He wants to be entertaining while “ruffle a few feathers”
  • Can’t you do that without going after people personally?
  • He feels like a “hypocrite” if he doesn’t tell the truth
  • LISTEN NOW: Adele Hite – Episode 543
  • Real diet science is giving participants protocol to do
  • And then you let them do it without any coercion
  • That’s what has happened with the low-fat diet
  • We’ve lowered total fat and saturated fat intake
  • Fruits, veggies and whole grains have increased mostly
  • Americans followed the Guidelines, but no good results
  • Chronic disease, obesity, diabetes not prevented
  • Stroke, heart failure and cancer have become worse
  • If the purpose was to prevent disease, it hasn’t worked
  • LISTEN NOW: Dr. Christopher Gardner – Episode 594
  • We have been poorly successful at helping people maintain
  • When people lose weight, many health markers get better
  • Studies have only shown a benefit with modest weight loss
  • We need 5-10 year studies following weight loss
  • We don’t have data on what happens when weight stabilizes
  • Most people have gained back their weight by 5-10 years
  • What about overweight and fairly fit people?
  • You can be lean and sedentary and unfit too
  • The “dream” to “miserably disappointed” weight loss story
  • Setting realistic expectations is a huge aspect of it
  • People live in a food environment supported by government
  • We need more marketing regulation with TV kid food ads
  • LISTEN NOW: Dr. Joan Vernikos – Episode 606
  • The concept of standing and walking–need for exercise?
  • It’s not how long you stand but how often you stand
  • We have on/off switches to be tuned to respond right
  • If you need to run away from a tiger, it needs to be on
  • We are full of sensors, we don’t use them or tune them
  • If you’ve been in bed a while, you feel dizzy getting up
  • If you do it all the time, there’s minimal effect anymore
  • You have become conditioned to respond to the change
  • The change is in response to gravity’s pull on you
  • It’s what we do to orient ourselves to the gravity
  • Gravity tells us where we are in our environment
  • The thrill you feel in a sports car comes from gravity
  • LISTEN NOW: Dr. John McDougall – Episode 686
  • “It will work for you, it always works”
  • “I’m pretty well-versed on the studies…”
  • “I am a doctor…if I had a chance to help you, I would”
  • “H-h-how is the constipation?”–BAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!


    NOTICE OF DISCLOSURE: http://cmp.ly/3

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