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The LLVLC Show (Episode 699): Paleo Parents Matthew McCarry And Stacy Toth Help Us Move ‘Beyond Bacon’


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In Episode 699 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore,” we welcome back my Paleo blogging friends and bestselling authors Matthew McCarry and Stacy Toth to the show. How many of us are proud of the fact that we can eat bacon on our healthy Paleo or low-carb lifestyle? What’s not to like about a diet that gives you license to eat this mouthwatering meat candy without guilt? Well, if you ask Matt and Stacy from the “Paleo Parents” blog, they’d tell you that we need to honor every aspect of humanely treated, pasture-raised swine. The bestselling authors of the kid-focused 2012 Paleo cookbook Eat Like a Dinosaur: Recipe & Guidebook for Gluten-free Kids (listen to them talk about this fantastic book in Episode 558), they’re back in 2013 with a brand new book releasing this week called Beyond Bacon: Paleo Recipes that Respect the Whole Hog designed specifically for adults.

Matt and Stacy wanted to share how their family really eats after gaining a fresh new appreciation for where their food comes from. Listen to my fun chat with the “Paleo Parents” about why pastured pork is better, the lack of respect many in the Paleo community have for consuming all parts of the pig, how their kids responded to this new book and why choosing the best quality fat sources from farm-raised animals is best. If you’re a fan of eating bacon and pork belly and want to learn more about what else you can eat on the pig, then this is an interview you will LOVE!

Listen to Matt McCarry and Stacy Toth on loving some pig:

  • Stacy was inspired to start “The Paleo View” podcast
  • People love bacon, but what about the whole hog?
  • Bacon is used as entry point to Paleo or low-carb
  • Bacon this, bacon that is everywhere online
  • It became “annoying” because the whole pig is delicious
  • They’ve become more passionate about pastured foods
  • The enormous benefits that come from consuming pork
  • The Paleo gurus weren’t giving practical info on this
  • Try making your own bacon, sausage, bone broth and lard
  • What you get from pastured pork vs. grocery store pork
  • Supermarket meats are the worst-treated animals in the world
  • Pork waste from these factory farms is particularly “toxic”
  • The meat on pastured pork includes omega-3, Vitamin D
  • They visited farms and saw the conditions–changed them!
  • When you see “happy pigs” then you want to eat those pigs
  • It tastes so much better than the factory farmed pork
  • Pastured pork is much cheaper than any other meat on farm
  • Pork doesn’t change flavor like grass-fed beef does
  • The flavors are so enhanced in pastured pork
  • When you try eating conventional pork again, it’s gross
  • Holy swine! People love the taste of real pork
  • Pigs are omnivores and aren’t meant to be on a farm
  • They have to have supplemental feed to their diet
  • Get them on a pasture, give exercise and non-GMO feed
  • Listen to “The Paleo View” Episode 45 on farm visit
  • It’s endless how much better it is to eat pastured pork
  • They live so close to Sally Fallon and Joel Salatin’s farms
  • Joel Salatin actually wrote the foreword to their new book
  • Why pork has gotten such a bad rap regarding health
  • People have long recognized as a “vector for pathogens”
  • A pig can consume things that could make you sick
  • However, things have greatly improved in modern times
  • You used to have to cook pork until it was “brick-like”
  • Pastured pork is particularly clean nowadays
  • Feed for pigs used to include dead animals spreading disease
  • If you handle it properly, it is as safe to eat as any meat
  • Pork causes the fewest incidence of pathogens in any meat
  • People have concerns about saturated fat in pork
  • We used to use lard in everything before Crisco was invented
  • Lard doesn’t come from a company, it comes from a pig
  • The Crisco company scared people about consuming lard
  • Lard itself only has 40% saturated fat, rest monounsaturated
  • The health warnings over heart health have been overblown
  • Their cholesterol scores have improved eating a Paleo diet
  • Inflammation is the main issue with health, not cholesterol
  • They consumed “massive” amounts of lard over six months
  • Everything was cooked in lard and they survived
  • Why people have an aversion to using quality ingredients
  • When people try using substitutes for better ingredients
  • Many of their recipes just won’t work with cheaper quality
  • They get a lot of confusing questions about sweeteners
  • They walk through every ingredient will mean to the recipes
  • People are for some reason scared of nitrates, nitrites
  • They can impact you negatively like dairy could
  • Don’t ever take a bite into a “smelly piece of meat”
  • It changes the way you cook if you choose bad ingredients
  • Beyond Bacon is the grown-up version of how they eat
  • What the response has been by their three boys to this book
  • How can a kid turn down such great-tasting foods?
  • The kids are proud of “their” book, reminisce about it
  • The kids had “a bigger look of glee” when the book arrived
  • There are some recipes in the book they make regularly
  • Their oldest kid took the book to school to show it off
  • This is not a children’s cookbook, but it is family-friendly
  • This is the “foodie version” of how they view food now
  • You don’t get over 300 pounds if you don’t love eating food
  • This is a healthier way to eat that is very tasty
  • My momma used to make pork chops that were so rubbery
  • The trick to make the perfect pork chop (better than steak?)
  • Why Stacy would prefer a pork chop over a steak now
  • When her sister took her pork chop from her–SO GOOD!
  • They hope this book will have people seek out good pork
  • Stacy is a pork-atarian, swine-atarian–she loves pig!
  • You’ll have to read why there is a corn dog on the cover
  • The surprise dessert recipes included in Beyond Bacon

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