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The LLVLC Show (Episode 696): Former Special Agent Gary Collins On Big Pharma, Medical Corruption


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In Episode 696 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore,” it’s awesome to have a primal exercise and nutrition expert as well as a former special investigator for the US Food and Drug Administration and US Department of Health and Human Services named Gary Collins joining us for an eye-opening interview. There’s a lot more corruption going on behind-the-scenes of the food and drug industries than you could even imagine and Gary Collins from the “Gary’s Health Tips” blog has probably seen it all. He has witnessed first-hand how doctors are performing procedures on patients whether they need them or not all for the sole purpose of the financial windfall that would come from doing them. It’s this kind of criminal action that got Gary extremely interested in the primal/Paleo lifestyle despite the fact that he is someone who has always taken good care of his physical fitness. He now realizes that people have to take back control of their own health because the medical profession and government entities pretending to care about health may not have your best interests in mind. Listen in as Gary and I discuss his book Primal Power Method: Unlocking the Ancient Secret to Health as well as hear a few more stories from Gary’s work in government intelligence and as a special agent. This podcast is a REALLY good one, so don’t miss it!

Listen to Gary Collins share stories about why attaining health is a challenge:

  • He played competitive sports in school, interested in health
  • Got involved in military intelligence, dreamed of being special agent
  • He got exposed to how other people eat in foreign countries
  • People shop several times daily for their food in many cultures
  • His work in HHS was “eyeopener” to discover the “crime in healthcare”
  • The corruption across the board that was “appalling” to him
  • Doctors are prescribing drugs for things people don’t really need
  • He didn’t go see a doctor for two years after this experience
  • The doctor who put stents in ALL of his patients just to make money
  • It’s probably closer to 50 percent of medicine is fraudulent
  • The “dark side of the industry” introduced him to look at alternatives
  • Nutrition and lifestyle changes are completely ignored because of $$$
  • If your patients get healthy, you take away your main bread winner
  • At the FDA, he saw the indescribable prescription drug industry
  • Big Pharma has so much power and influence over healthcare
  • All of his white collar investigations about “follow the money”
  • Off-labeling technically is illegal, but reps sell docs to use drugs
  • The statin drugs are being sold as a way to reduce inflammation
  • The most counterfeited drugs he saw were statins and erectile dysfunction
  • There’s a lot of counterfeit supplements on the market–not well-regulated
  • He’s taken supplements for decades and some were “filled with toxins”
  • The guy who fills up protein powder canisters in an unclean environment
  • How he came across the Paleo/primal lifestyle in earnest
  • An FDA investigation he did researching the info from naturopaths
  • Reading their research turned him on to the holistic lifestyle
  • Dr. Weston A. Price’s book showed up in his investigation
  • His eyes were opened and he had to “relearn” what he thought was right
  • He was always able to maintain a good weight, but was a gym addict
  • It’s more difficult for people who are relatively fit to make changes
  • He was hungry all the time and eating 6-7 meals a day on low-fat
  • All the health issues he felt by the time he hit his mid-30s
  • Once he started Paleo, all of these conditions got better
  • Vapor-lock asthma and allergies just disappeared when he went Paleo
  • The “eureka moment” that takes place after you start eating this way
  • It doesn’t take a long time to see the benefits from this
  • His disdain for the 30-day challenges that are promoted out there
  • It can take time to fix the lifetime of damage that’s been done
  • The basic Primal Power Method principles he shares with clients
  • He attempted to make it so simple for anyone to understand it
  • Why he chose to only make his book 100 pages long by design
  • It took many edits to get it whittled down to that length
  • He’s been offered a book deal about his Special Agent stories
  • But he refused because he said he didn’t want to be audited
  • Self-publishing has helped him keep the message on point
  • Why he created his New American Tradition company
  • Vitamin D is critical supplement to use because sun lacking in most
  • It’s important not to overdose on supplements without purpose
  • Protein powders can be used as a “tool” for eating better than before
  • Whether he sells organic cookies through his business (HA!)
  • His concern over the philosophy of the Paleo cookbooks out there

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