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The LLVLC Show (Episode 695): Alison Golden Helps You Live Paleo In A Non-Paleo World


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In Episode 695 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore,” it’s a privilege and an honor to have Paleo blogger and author Alison Golden joining us for a fabulous interview today. There are so many voices in the Paleo community these days telling us what to eat, how to cook these delicious foods and all the wonderful benefits of implementing this hunter-gatherer concept into the modern world. But Alison Golden from the “PaleoNonPaleo” blog understands that the missing element in so many of the Paleo books and blogs that are out there is real, user-friendly practicality in bringing it all into action for the people who attempt to do it. That’s why she wrote her book The Modern No-Nonsense Guide to Paleo: Develop Your Skills to Lose Weight, Gain Energy and Take Back Your Health to give assistance to those people who are new to Paleo into making a smooth and simple transition. Listen in as Alison and I talk about this critically important topic in today’s episode.

Listen to Alison Golden make Paleo palatable in a non-Paleo world:

  • Raising twin boys certainly requires “superhero” abilities
  • She lives in the San Francisco area and moved there from the UK
  • In 2006, her son was having health challenges that hospitalized him
  • She saw “erratic” behavior in him that got her looking into nutrition
  • She found “the caveman diet” and it was not very well known at the time
  • It seemed like a foreign concept, but she landed on Paleo by 2010
  • It had become quite popular in book, forums, blogs and podcasts
  • She committed to the Paleo lifestyle and converted her family to it
  • “The Secret Life Of A Warrior Woman” was a hit, she started a Paleo blog
  • She dealt with endometriosis for 20 years and nothing ever fixed it
  • When she went “full bore” with the autoimmune Paleo, she saw results
  • The pain, exhaustion and all the side effects all went away
  • She now leads a more productive life now than she ever has before
  • Her son is completely better now and his behavior issues are resolved
  • Paleo can lead you to a better level of self-actualization
  • The popular mantra of 80-20 may not necessarily work for everyone
  • Self-experimentation is important because we are the experts on ourselves
  • We have to take responsibility for our own health and you must test
  • Testing your blood sugar often gives you info you’d never know about
  • Find your own personal Paleo prescription that works for you
  • There is accountability when you do experiments on yourself
  • What she expected from her blog when she created it
  • She lives “in horror” of being seen eating a burrito
  • Look at your talents and use that to help further the Paleo cause
  • Have Paleo “at the core of your life” and get the word out there
  • We need to help people cope with the non-Paleo culture we live in
  • So many of us are addicted to the neolithic foods in grocery stores
  • She gives information in her book about dealing with the challenges
  • These myriad of Paleo books are the front line of education for people
  • There was a need for “a manual” to handle difficult situations
  • It’s a real skill to make this a lifestyle and not just a diet
  • To do that, you have to practice it to get better at it
  • There will be days it is hard for us, but we need to keep at it
  • It needs to get to the point where it is as natural as breathing
  • Robb Wolf, Mark Sisson have FAILED at some point–but didn’t dwell on it!
  • You turn it into an advantage to build strategies for the next time
  • “Baby steps” through small goals will help you build the skills well
  • Build yourself up and look at your progress over time
  • It’s good to know if weighing yourself helps or hurts you
  • Weight is just one health marker and not the most important one
  • The response she’s received to her book from readers
  • Her degree in Organizational Behavior that she’s using now
  • Looking at unconscious competence vs. conscious incompetence
  • Lowering stress and increasing your sleep is fundamental
  • The “unusual situations” are difficult because the triggers are gone
  • Dealing with skeptical people who seek to sabotage your efforts
  • Don’t give a lot of ammunition to those situations and “walk away”
  • The two most request items people asked to be included in the book
  • You don’t get over sugar addiction overnight–it’s a process

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