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The LLVLC Show (Episode 694): Dr. Brad Hoopingarner Uses Kid-Friendly Low-Carb Nutrition


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In Episode 694 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore,” we welcome a Lansing, MI-based pediatrician using carbohydrate restricted nutrition therapeutically with his young patients named Dr. Brad Hoopingarner. Children are a precious gift from God and we would do anything to help them grow up to be healthy, thriving adults. That is what drives Dr. Hoopingarner to go to work and be there for his patients on a daily basis. He’s not just a pediatrician but one who proudly calls himself the “Low Carb Pediatrician.” The kids in his practice call him “Dr. Hoop” and he is there for them and their parents providing delicious recipes, gentle encouragement and wise advice about how a healthy low-carb lifestyle change might be just what is needed for these precious children. Listen in as Dr. Hoopingarner (who I met in person last year on the 2012 Low-Carb Cruise) and I discuss the role of low-carb nutrition in the life of a child in today’s interview.

Listen to Dr. Brad Hoopingarner discuss kids and low-carb:

  • His wife and kids are big fans of the work I do
  • The “Dr. Hoop” moniker he’s gotten over the years
  • He always wanted to work with kids in his career
  • Pediatrics underestimated as part of the medical profession
  • Long-term adult health starts when kids are very young
  • Prevention is the “backbone of pediatrics” for health
  • Food and nutrition plays nicely into this goal
  • His own journey to low-carb, high-fat with Type 2 diabetes
  • He was the “skinny kid” and active as a child
  • During his medical residency, if you can’t sleep, EAT!
  • He was put on a statin drug, blood pressure medication
  • Fasting blood sugars in his mid-30s went up to 123
  • He was going to take an oral diabetic medication (Metformin)
  • There was no family history of diabetes
  • He went to a doctor in Richmond who turned him on to LCHF
  • He thought he knew what to do, but he really didn’t
  • The low-fat diet was what he thought he was supposed to do
  • It revolutionized his own health and now his patients
  • This took time to develop in his family and patients
  • The one-page write-up he gave with food choices list
  • He plays the role of physician, cheerleader and coach
  • He dispels the myth that meals need a lot of carbohydrates
  • The biggest challenge of getting people to eat more fat
  • Middle school and high school kids are very enthusiastic
  • They’ll do it on their own without the help of their parents
  • People are much more open to low-carb than it has before
  • The Internet is leading the charge in educating consumers
  • He received very little nutrition education in med school
  • He taught himself about low-carb nutrition after school
  • The science is giving us answers, it must be taught to docs
  • This is a problem that impacts everyone, including patients
  • How he answers people who say kids don’t need low-carb
  • Carbohydrate-sensitivity determines if it’s needed or not
  • Showing parents a BMI chart helps get them on board
  • What he sees in kid’s health aside from weight gain
  • High triglycerides, lower HDL, higher A1c in 7-8 year olds
  • Chronic abdominal pain is common and fixed coming off wheat
  • Behavioral issues are mostly resolved dropping carbs
  • You would think teachers would be on board with low-carb
  • The first sugar-free public school in the United States
  • His wife was inspired by the 2012 Low-Carb Cruise
  • Most schools do not provide a low-carb lunch option
  • He’s a big fan of making high-fat, low-carb smoothies
  • The sugar-free Browns Mill School in Lithonia, GA
  • The food diaries he has his patients keep up with
  • Binge days are doable, but you have to be careful
  • On birthdays, he lets his own kids participate in parties
  • Food commercials on TV get kids to eat more than they would
  • He can look at a growth chart and tell who’s doing it well
  • People are afraid of what they’ll be able to eat
  • He loves the cookbooks from Dana Carpender
  • All the Paleo cookbooks that have come out in recent years
  • He’s a BIG FAN of the new kid-focused books coming out
  • Kids are busy and parents want quick snack ideas for them
  • Cheese and butter RAWKS!
  • Sweet and dietary fat makes foods taste good–choose fat!
  • The letter sent home promoting a high-carb celebration
  • Obesity in children lead to so many adverse health issues
  • The parental support group and search for low-carb dietitian
  • It’s the “logical next step” in progressing the message
  • It has become “overwhelming” with the kids coming in
  • Contact Dr. Hoopingarner if you are a low-carb RD
  • He should make a Facebook page for his support group

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