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The LLVLC Show (Episode 651): Hollywood Personal Trainer Vinnie Tortorich Is ‘America’s Angriest Trainer’


In Episode 651 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore,” I’m so stoked to share with you my conversation with a Hollywood personal trainer and health podcaster named Vinnie Tortorich. It seems like there’s another new face popping up on the health scene every single week as more and more people are becoming enlightened to the message of healthy low-carb nutrition. The science supporting a ketogenic diet as a means for optimizing your weight, health and exercise performance is compelling and is capturing the attention of people from every angle of the overall wellness community. That’s what hooked a personal trainer named Vinnie Tortorich who has become so infuriated by the blatant lies we have been told about what a healthy diet and exercise routine looks like that he decided to start a podcast taking on the moniker of “America’s Angriest Trainer.”

Vinnie, along with his lovely co-host Anna Vovich, pump out some fantastic information about nutrition, healthy living and some irreverent yet poignant commentary on the absolute craziness that is the world we live in these days. Listen in as Vinnie and I talk about his work with Hollywood star clients like Howie Mandel, his extensive background in fitness and exercise, why he turned to podcasting to start spreading the right messages about health, the battle he fought with leukemia and his exciting new book project with noted author and TV movie producer Dean Lorey that he expects to make a major impact. If you like “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show” and want just a little bit more (with some colorful language thrown in from time to time just for good measure), then check out Vinnie’s podcast and listen to him in today’s interview!

Listen to Vinnie Tortorich talk about what’s got him angry:

  • He considers me one of the biggest guests he’s ever had
  • He’s a big fan of my work and got “giddy” on his show
  • He played middle linebacker, was lean and “all muscle”
  • After he left school and sports, he was determined not to gain
  • Six months after playing college football, he packed on pounds
  • He didn’t realize it was happening to him as it was
  • How his girlfriend informed him that he’s “getting fat”
  • He’s always been about keeping weight on, now wanted to lose it
  • She recommended he take Dexatrim and he took it for one day
  • He started parking his car and taking his bike everywhere
  • But it still wasn’t enough because he ate high-carb
  • He always heard that glycogen was his fuel source
  • When he started training 30 years ago, there were no trainers
  • He was telling clients to cut their carbs, but he didn’t
  • How he became a Hollywood trainer to the stars
  • When he moved to Southern California, he got into the scene
  • Started off with some Playboy playmates then real celebrities
  • Once his name got out there, he became in demand
  • When a celebrity gets into trouble, it’s usually the trainer
  • He used to brag about his clients, now he shuts his mouth
  • Howie Mandel and Genie Francis are “dear friends” and clients
  • How he found out about low-carb and ketogenic diets
  • In his education at Tulane, he learned about ketones
  • But they said your body needs carbohydrates for fuel
  • He was skeptical about professors who claimed carbs were needed
  • When he became a trainer, he cut back on clients’ carb intake
  • He always thought cycling took a very high-carb intake
  • The work he found on ketone-fueled cyclists that intrigued him
  • He started playing around with being in ketosis all the time
  • He found his cycle rides were much more efficient in ketosis
  • He’s always been a big fan of Dr. Steve Phinney/Dr. Jeff Volek
  • How he tries to keep the message simple on his podcast
  • His listeners are both overweight and athletes alike
  • Urine ketone sticks just aren’t a reliable ketone measure
  • Testing blood ketones is a great standard bearer for ketosis
  • If we’re going to break health system, we need to help people
  • Why he calls his podcast “America’s Angriest Trainer”
  • He’s angry that your good intentions have been stolen
  • People are trying to do the right things with no results
  • We SHOULD be angry because people follow things faithfully
  • We’ve cut our fat, eat grains and exercise for hours
  • People are desperately looking for advice about what to do
  • If you run more, then you’ll just be more hungry
  • Remove the sugars and grains and that’s most of it
  • Most people don’t realize ketchup has sugar in it
  • He tries to teach people hidden sugars in foods
  • Why he doesn’t mention vegetable oils to keep it simple
  • He may go to promoting that message with his listeners soon
  • When he started his podcast, he avoided saying “ketosis”
  • Listeners asked about ketosis after Andrea Anders interview
  • Ketogenic diet and ketosis are two big topics on his podcast
  • He always puts “dietary” in front of ketosis to differentiate
  • Phinney/Volek describe it as “nutritional ketosis”
  • There’s no sense in being worried about ketoacidosis
  • Your health and weight will be optimized in this state
  • It took him a year to get Howie Mandel off sugars/grains
  • His wife was worried about the butter and bacon he eats
  • Howie is “very neurotic” and his heart doc praising him
  • He’s 57, leaner and more muscular than ever before
  • In the “best shape of his life” wearing out treadmills
  • He actually looks younger now than he did at the age of 50
  • He put on “the middle age spread” despite running everyday
  • Fitness magazines are wanting to have him on their cover
  • Yo Vinnie, where you from my brother?
  • Details about his upcoming new book with Dean Lorey
  • Dean insisted Vinnie do this book despite not wanting to
  • The 40,000 words in notes he wrote for the book
  • Top publishers wanted them to cut the book into two books
  • He will self-publish first book, major release for second
  • Jillian Michaels people warned him not to publish the book
  • TV trainers are trainers who can’t get their business going
  • The disturbing way he found out he had leukemia
  • His oncologist suggested he cut sugar out of his life
  • Sugar actually helps cancer to grow
  • He shares his cancer experience in his new book
  • The role ketogenic diets play in treating/preventing cancer
  • This diet is the way they used to treat epilepsy
  • It seems to work better than all those drugs out there
  • Listen to my December 2012 interview on Vinnie’s podcast


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