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The LLVLC Show (Episode 649): Dan ‘Healthy Comedian’ French Infuses Paleo Message Between The Laughs


In Episode 649 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore,” we’ve got a special treat for you today as welcome Paleo success story and stand-up comedian Dan French. As the low-carb and Paleo lifestyle principles continue to be implemented by real people from a variety of backgrounds, it’s inevitable that those people will use their talents to spread the word to others about the life-changing impact this way of eating and living has afforded them. That’s exactly what Austin, TX-based funnyman Dan French did when he shed 125 pounds off of his body thanks to the Paleo diet. After obtaining his Ph.D. in the subject of Rhetoric (yes, that’s a real degree!), Dr. Dan French used his Emmy Award nominated comedy-writing talents (working with the likes of David Letterman, George Lopez, Wanda Sykes and Dennis Miller, for example) to create “The Comedian’s Diet” where he not only provides audiences with gut-wrenching laughs but also a healthy dose of nutritional truths!

Watch this promo video of Dan French doing his “Healthy Comedian” act:


Listen in as Dan and I talk about his eclectic career background working in comedy, the extraordinary story of how Paleo radically changed his life forever and how he is combining his comedy talents and his Paleo awakening experience to take the message to the masses. Plus, you won’t want to miss hearing about an exciting new health podcast that Dan will be doing with a hilarious Paleo RD named Amy Kubal coming THIS WEEK to iTunes (check out “The Health & Comedy Show” with Dan French & Amy Kubal on iTunes)! ENJOY and I dare you not to laugh.

Listen to Dan French use comedy to share the Paleo message:

  • He’s doing the Jimmy Moore show…FINALLY!
  • Somebody found my video of him on YouTube and he got booked
  • He’s from Kentucky where they’re famous for fried chicken
  • His grandfather ate the traditional Southern cuisine
  • He calls it the “nutritional anti-Christ”
  • He used to sell gyros at the Kentucky State Fair
  • How he came to find Paleo to lose weight and improve his health
  • He finally realized he shouldn’t be in charge of his food
  • He found vegan/vegetarianism sounded “incredibly weird”
  • Even still, he tried it for six months and it didn’t work
  • Hanging out with vegans wasn’t his culture
  • At a party, can’t tell if the girls or boys would win a fight
  • Doing long cardio, he listened to vegan podcasts (they were “boring”)
  • This led him to find Robb Wolf and he immediately connected
  • Get to where you don’t follow conventional dietary wisdom
  • When he does a comedy show, people have not heard any of this stuff
  • The anti-red meat campaign that happened in the 1970s
  • There’s no foundation for it whatsoever though
  • Nobody ever gets to hear anything differently
  • If those things are correct then why are we all still fat?
  • You can’t go 5-95 on a sports team and expect to keep your job
  • The very first set of jokes he made about his “snowman” look
  • He’s never derogatory about weight, just sharing what’s true
  • He was very hungry all the time and the jokes he made about it
  • People laughed at his jokes, but people interested in diet info
  • There’s a real thirst for the good nutritional information
  • His “Comedian’s Diet” stand-up comedy show educating people
  • He’s 17% body fat and 180 pounds after starting Paleo in 2010
  • Paleo for dudes–throw a steak on and some vegetables
  • He wrote jokes for a lot of late night TV shows
  • Content drives entertainment and education
  • Diet is “charged with potential for comedy”
  • First half-hour of the show is what he did NOT do to lose weight
  • He doesn’t run…he leaves that to the Kenyans!
  • What if Americans show up at at African eating contest
  • Cardio is NOT the prescription of a Paleo/primal lifestyle
  • He takes that premise, makes it funny and opens their eyes
  • Comedy sets an agenda for people so they’re not threatened
  • How he actually test-marketed his show at a vegan restaurant
  • People were raising their hands to ask questions about this
  • Nobody really knows what gluten is anyway
  • Blending information and comedy is a real art
  • Is there a vegan version of Dan French out there?
  • There’s a lot of great comedy surrounding how we eat
  • But almost nobody is doing a social message around an act
  • He’ll be teaming up with the “fireball” Amy Kubal for a podcast
  • “The Health & Comedy Show” with Dan French & Amy Kubal on iTunes
  • Amy is 95 pounds and “75 pounds of mouth”
  • He met her at PaleoFX in 2012 and they immediately clicked
  • They want to put me “On The Grill” very soon
  • His commitment to bring about change on a variety of levels
  • He was a college professor with a Ph.D. in Rhetoric
  • Jeb Bush agrees that he’s a doctorate in rhetoric
  • It’s a communications degree that’s theory driven driving change
  • You have to take people down through information in organized way
  • People don’t have a lot of time to process information
  • Comedy is “a good clean connection” with your message
  • If they don’t laugh, then it wasn’t good information
  • You adjust to make it the most potent message possible
  • Having someone stand there who’s been through this is powerful
  • His dramatic “before and after” pictures on his web site
  • You’ve got to follow his hilarious @HealthyComedian Twitter feed
  • He travels internationally doing his stand-up comedy show
  • Lots of corporations are hiring him to teach employees on health
  • He’ll be at PaleoFX 2013
  • He and Amy will be doing “live podcasting” at the event
  • Seeing the people in person at events like this is cool


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    How did you like what Dan French is doing mixing in some Paleo education with his stand-up comedy act? Tell us what you think about it in the show notes section of Episode 649. Visit Dan’s “Healthy Comedian” website to keep up with what’s happening with him and his work. Coming up on Tuesday, we’ll hear from a registered nurse named Elaine Cantin who will share about the concepts she wrote about beating her own breast cancer and helping her song with Type 1 diabetes in her incredible book The Cantin Ketogenic Diet: For Cancer, Type I Diabetes & Other Ailments. And then on Wednesday, I’m excited to share with you about the great work of one of my fellow health podcasters Vinnie “America’s Angriest Trainer” Tortorich who understands the power of the ketogenic diet in your health and performance. It’s gonna be a fantastic week of low-carb podcasting that you won’t want to miss!

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    • LLVLCBlog

      Yep, I’ve been wondering that too. I think they ran into a technical snag.

    • Lynn

      I tried to download the 1st show from his site, but it would not download. It’s refreshing to see people that have lost so many lbs keep it off like Dan French & you as well (very inspiring). The Paleo way of eating is a learning process for me and I’ve even gotten my Mom off of gluten and carbage as well and she is 82. You know how hard it is to teach someone of that age a new way to eat? Your many podcasts and authors, like Wheat Belly inspired her to change her diet for her digestive health and she is much better and has lost a bit of weight by clean eating. I’m the only one in my family that is obese, but I’m finally getting a handle on it now with Paleo eating after trying numerous diets. I’ve only lost 10 lbs in 6 weeks, so I am now monitoriing my fats, protein, and carbs now to make my numbers are within range of weight loss. I’m most happy that my terrible cravings are no longer controlling me. My challenge for February is to find some new recipe’s, as I am getting bored with my food choices. If you have a low-carb cruise offered in 2014, I may be on it.

      Wishing you continued success in improving your health with Ketosis!