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The LLVLC Show (Episode 648): Aglaee Jacob The Paleo Dietitian Encourages Real Food Nutrition


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In Episode 648 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore,” we’re proud to share with you another fantastic Paleo-based registered dietitian and naturopathic medical school student named Aglaee Jacob. Conventional nutritional wisdom abounds abundantly amongst the majority of today’s primary educators about what constitutes a healthy menu plan–that would be registered dietitians, aka RDs. Unfortunately, for most in that profession their definition of what “healthy” means usually ends up being a diet that is low in fat and calories, high in “healthy whole grains” and heavy on the pro-inflammatory omega-6-rich vegetable oil fats. But for Aglaee Jacob “The Paleo Dietitian”, she’s part of a brand new breed of RDs who are willing to stand up for what the science is saying regarding good nutrition and it bears little resemblance to the typical stuff you hear about from traditional RDs regarding the relationship between food and health.

Aglaee was traditionally-trained in dietetics, but quickly lost her enthusiasm for it after years of failing to see the results with her clients that she thought they should. But after going through her own personal health struggles and realizing the power of the therapeutic use of Paleo nutrition and lifestyle strategies for herself, it rekindled her passion for helping improve the health of her clients. She’s the author of the April 15, 2013 release of the book Digestive Health with REAL Food: A Practical Guide to an Anti-Inflammatory, Nutrient Dense Diet for IBS & Other Digestive Issues dedicated to the subject of gut health. Listen in as Aglaee and I discuss the work she does and why she’s spreading the message on behalf of a lower-carb, higher-fat Paleo into the mainstream of registered dietitians. Let today’s podcast interview encourage you that a nutritional revolution based on real whole foods from a Paleo/low-carb perspective is happening behind-the-scenes.

Listen to Aglaee Jacob share real food health solutions:

  • She’s doing a great job getting the message out
  • At 15, she knew she wanted to be a dietitian
  • She strongly believed in the power of healing
  • Nutrition seemed to be a good way to do that
  • She was a diabetes educator for mostly Type 2’s
  • Nutrition can be very powerful for diabetics
  • But she had to follow the Canadian guidelines
  • She was having to recommend 75g carbs per meal
  • These recommendations were “not that helpful”
  • Blood sugar issues continued and she felt jaded
  • She was not sure she wanted to keep being an RD
  • That’s when she quit her job and traveled the world
  • As she was traveling, she discovered low-carb Paleo
  • It’s ironic she left dietetics to find the right diet
  • She had always struggled a bit with her weight
  • PCOS was also an issue she was later diagnosed with
  • She realizes a lower-carb, higher-fat diet helps it
  • The parasite she got when she visited South America
  • Two different rounds of antibiotics she went through
  • Her GI doctor said she’d have to learn to live with IBS
  • She “felt pretty miserable” and disappointed with this
  • However, she knew there was something to heal her gut
  • In Australia, she learned more about FODMAPs and more
  • She was already eating Paleo at the time which helped
  • But it wasn’t enough and she kept tweaking her diet
  • Her digestion has “never been better” than it is now
  • Who her major influences about Paleo have been
  • Robb Wolf, Diane Sanfilippo and so many others!
  • She listened to “all the podcasts” she could find
  • She felt “betrayed” by her profession for bad advice
  • Why she decided to start her own Paleo web site
  • Paleo “makes so much sense” and not many RDs using it
  • She was “a bit nervous” how she’d be received
  • But she wanted to provide the better information
  • You can always tells a Paleo RD who tweets something
  • Details about her new book project coming in April
  • The book is almost 400 pages on digestive health
  • It’s not all scientific, but “down-to-Earth” info
  • The publisher is the guy behind The Paleo Magazine
  • She also writes for Cain Credicott in his publication
  • Whether it seems weird that we emphasize “real food”
  • Nowadays, people are confused about what real food is
  • For example, they think whole grains are real food
  • What she thinks about Paleo and low-carb “disconnect”
  • There’s a “big overlap” between the two messages
  • Even Paleo dieters are eating a much lower-carb diet
  • There are a lot of factors that go into determining diet
  • IBS, obesity, blood sugar issues need lower-carb diet
  • Diets should evolve over time, “tweak it” along the way
  • My testing of sweet potatoes in 2012 that wasn’t good
  • Her e-book on eating out and traveling on Paleo
  • You want to enjoy yourself when you are away
  • But people use traveling as an excuse to eat crap
  • How about “not eating” when you go on a flight?
  • On a long flight, she eats meat and veggies
  • When you’re keto-adapted, you go hours without food
  • Her e-book debunking the myths about the Paleo diet
  • High blood sugar and inflammation harm kidneys
  • The nutritional comparison she includes in her e-book
  • Fiber intake is overrated and you get plenty from veggies
  • Her French Paleo 101 book for her friends and family
  • There are not a lot of resources in French on Paleo
  • The naturopathic medicine training she’s doing now
  • Naturopathy is the future of medicine (always has been)
  • She will be graduating in 2016 and ready to help people
  • Check out Aglaee on Twitter and Facebook


    NOTICE OF DISCLOSURE: http://cmp.ly/3

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    What did you think about this Paleo RD Aglaee Jacob? Give us your impressions about what you heard from her in the show notes section of Episode 648. Pre-order your copy of her April 2013 book Digestive Health with REAL Food: A Practical Guide to an Anti-Inflammatory, Nutrient Dense Diet for IBS & Other Digestive Issues and don’t miss a single thing she is up to at her Paleo-Dietitian.com web site. Next week is my final regular week of podcasts before I take time away and hand over the reigns of my work to some guest hosts and classic episodes while I finish up writing my cholesterol book. On Monday, we’ll welcome Paleo funnyman Dan “The Healthy Comedian” French who has infused his raucous stand-up comedy routine with a big dose of nutritional truth (watch him doing his thing at the 2012 PaleoFX event in Austin, TX here and here) that helped him shed over 100 pounds. Then on Tuesday, we’ll hear from a registered nurse named Elaine Cantin sharing about the concepts she wrote about beating her own breast cancer and helping her song with Type 1 diabetes in her incredible book The Cantin Ketogenic Diet: For Cancer, Type I Diabetes & Other Ailments. And finally on Wednesday, I’m excited to share with you about the great work of one of my fellow health podcasters Vinnie “America’s Angriest Trainer” Tortorich who understands the power of the ketogenic diet in your health and performance. It’s gonna be a fantastic week of low-carb podcasting that you won’t want to miss!

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