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The LLVLC Show (Episode 646): Esther Blum Offers A 3-Month Paleo Plan To Becoming Gorgeous


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In Episode 646 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore,” we have a wonderful registered dietitian, holistic nutritionist and bestselling author Esther Blum joining us again on the podcast. One of the most beautiful terms in the English language you could use to describe a woman is to say that she’s “gorgeous.” There’s just something special about that word and it’s a concept that one of my previous podcast guests named Esther Blum from “Living Gorgeous” (listen to my interview with her in Episode 243) believes is possible to achieve in just three shorts months. This Connecticut-based Paleo-friendly RD is the author of a brand new book on this subject entitled The Eat, Drink, and Be Gorgeous Project: Three Months to a New You where she offers up some sage advice for bringing about meaningful changes in your diet, fitness and lifestyle to become the thing of beauty you’ve always dreamed of. Listen in as Esther and I talk about why getting adequate fat and protein into your diet is a critical part of becoming gorgeous in ways that you never thought possible!

Listen to Esther Blum give tips on beauty from the inside out:

  • You can find her at @EstherBlum on Twitter
  • Food journals are best “cognitive therapy” for nutrition
  • It helps you to “objectify” your eating and be honest
  • Mixed messages are given to consumers all the time
  • The cereal companies pushing whole grains prime example
  • Sign up for her “Living Gorgeous” Facebook fan page
  • Fats always get “the most controversy” from people
  • A diabetic who thought he needed to control his fat
  • No doctor you go to ever recommends consuming fats
  • People have paid attention to fat for so long
  • But what they REALLY need to watch sugar
  • Translating grams into teaspoons of sugar
  • Listen to Dr. Rod Tayler in Episode 578
  • Will Coke’s new anti-obesity ads make people think?
  • It’s not an “authentic” campaign about health
  • Her January 2014 book Cave Women Don’t Get Fat
  • A lot of Paleo diets neglect nutritional needs of women
  • Many people want changes to happen very quickly
  • The process is actually the goal to change behaviors
  • There is no going on a program and then coming off it
  • Make simple, basic goals and start pursuing them
  • Promoting the message of fruits and veggies too vague
  • 2006 ADA survey found potatoes is top veggie consumed
  • A potato is “just a big lump of sugar” in your body
  • We don’t understand what real food is anymore
  • It’s ironic Obamas have a veggie garden but GMOs abound
  • The vote in California about GMOs was disheartening
  • Benefit of that is 30 other states seeking to label GMOs
  • Making people understand why we need changes to happen
  • The awareness factor has been ginned up in recent years
  • These are the “dark times of nutrition” right now
  • But there’s a glimmer of hope with the locavore movement
  • Grass-fed meats give you great omega-3 fats
  • Grain-fed meats are providing inflammatory omega-6 fats
  • Episode 34 of ATLCX about food quality on low-carb
  • People think keeping carbs down is the only thing
  • But getting best source of food is optimal
  • Get a large freezer and split an animal with others
  • Grounds meats are also cheaper to purchase good meats
  • The money you save in shipping/packaging is great
  • Feels good knowing you eat food that is humanely raised
  • People who eat real food from farmers are the weird one
  • Jamie Oliver has done a great service teaching real food
  • Jamie showing kids what’s REALLY in chicken nuggets
  • The nutritionists and RDs are part of the problem
  • The government relies on these experts to advise them
  • Coca-Cola sponsors a lot of the work of RDs
  • Does RD actually stand for “really dumb?”
  • There’s a Paleo RDs Facebook page for enlightened RDs
  • She had two degrees in nutrition and knew nothing before
  • Her lack of learning the GOOD studies on nutrition
  • Moderation is “such a dirty word” regarding diet
  • The word “natural” is a big-time faux pas
  • Ditch “questionable cardio” and lift heavy instead
  • Cardio can be good if you do it the right way
  • Women are unnecessarily worried about “bulking up”
  • It’s just not possible to build that kind of muscle
  • Lifting heavy helps to detoxify estrogen and burn fat
  • Eating clean will help you get six-pack abs
  • Diet is the foundation, exercise is last hurdle to goal
  • Long rates of cardio actually breaks down your muscle
  • And it raises cortisol which keeps belly fat on you
  • Switch from an hour run to half hour sprints instead
  • Lift weights quicker and take less rest for some cardio
  • Did Esther just say “balls to the wall?”
  • Just get it quick and dirty and get the He** out!
  • Getting there is half the battle and what it takes
  • It’s great to get stronger as you get older
  • Her concept of seeing pleasure as a “nutrient”
  • We have to feed our soul and mind as much as our body
  • Taking pleasure in your food while you’re eating it
  • The “dashboard dining” is a disconnected way to eat
  • When you eat dark chocolate, your brain says thank you
  • So much of pleasure in brain is raising neurotransmitters
  • Fats and proteins are also a critical part of this
  • Keeping cravings and hunger at bay is critical
  • Why she eats turkey bacon vs. pork bacon during week
  • Her recommendation on Vitamin D is 80-120 as optimal
  • She has dropped it back down to 60-80 now
  • Dr. Michael Holick on Vitamin D in Episode 443
  • She tries to stay on top of the latest info on this
  • My Vitamin D is at 50 and Esther is at 60
  • She hasn’t supplemented for months and did well anyway
  • I still have to supplement for Vitamin D to keep levels
  • Getting your Vitamin D checked is routine now
  • The various meal plan options that she makes available
  • Not everyone needs to be gluten-free, dairy-free
  • She has a “Low-Carb and Loving It” plan for body fat loss
  • Carbs have greatest influence over insulin, fat storing
  • Eating protein and fruit after a workout is great
  • Drop gluten and you’ll tend to drop body fat levels
  • Dairy can be insulinogenic for many peopl
  • For some people, eating carbs at night helps them sleep
  • Complex carbs can “offset the inability to sleep”
  • Making sure it’s starch close to bedtime to snooze
  • The importance of a “cheat meal” on a very low-carb diet
  • Leptin levels drop and you need to reset them weekly
  • A cheat meal can be anything to jump your carb counts
  • It shouldn’t be a 2,000-calorie binge in one meal
  • What if someone is completely satisfied eating low-carb?
  • If you’re losing fat and doing well, then go for it
  • Some people feel so bad after cheat meals they don’t do it
  • You could do “a clean cheat” to offset the impact


    NOTICE OF DISCLOSURE: http://cmp.ly/3

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    How did you like what you heard from this Paleo dietitian Esther Blum? Sound off about it in the show notes section of Episode 646. Pick up a copy of The Eat, Drink, and Be Gorgeous Project: Three Months to a New You and keep up with the latest on her work at LivingGorgeous.com (and don’t forget about her January 2014 book release Cave Women Don’t Get Fat). Coming up on Tuesday, I’m pleased to share one of my new friends I met during my speaking tour through Australia (watch her fascinating presentation from the “Low Carb Down Under” tour) late last year named Nat Kringoudis, a Doctor of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture as well as natural fertility educator in Melbourne, Australia who has a really fantastic resource on this topic with her e-book called Fertilise Yourself. And finally on Wednesday, I’m pleased to share about the work of a registered dietitian in Canada named Aglaee Jacob who rekindled her passion for nutrition after discovering for herself the life-changing power of the Paleo diet. She’s the author of several e-books we’ll discuss in this podcast as well as the upcoming April 2013 release of Digestive Health with REAL Food: A Practical Guide to an Anti-Inflammatory, Nutrient Dense Diet for IBS & Other Digestive Issues.

    Coming up this Thursday in Episode 36 of the “Ask The Low-Carb Experts” podcast, we have a very important topic of discussion for people on a low-carb diet. If you ask a typical RD about the role of hunger in your diet, then you’ll likely hear it’s a positive sign of success in your weight loss efforts. But Paul Jaminet, author of the newly-revised Perfect Health Diet: Regain Health and Lose Weight by Eating the Way You Were Meant to Eat, would beg to differ. He explains in his book that hunger is actually a tell-tale sign of malnutrition that needs to be addressed and not something to be glorified or honored as something good for you. But far too many people still feel this strange connection to being hungry on a diet which is why Paul Jaminet is joining us to look at the role of hunger and satiety on a weight loss diet. Start getting me your questions NOW about the role of hunger and satiety on a good weight loss diet for me to ask Paul Jaminet by e-mailing them to AskTheLowCarbExperts@gmail.com no later than 3PM ET on the day the podcast airs. You can also ask your question LIVE on my show by calling (712) 432-0900 or Skype the show for FREE by calling the username freeconferencing.7124320900. Whether you call or Skype, be sure to use the access code 848908. Listen LIVE and leave us a review at iTunes if you like what you hear. This is your chance to interact with the best nutritional health experts in the world, so don’t be bashful. We’re glad to be back and look forward to sharing this brand new episode of “Ask The Low-Carb Experts” with you later this week.

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