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The LLVLC Show (Episode 645): Mark Sisson Gives You ‘The Primal Connection’ To A Happy And Healthy Life


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In Episode 645 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore,” we have a very special treat for you today as we welcome back one of the premier health and fitness experts, bloggers and bestselling authors of our time in Mark Sisson. As one of the biggest superstars in the Paleo movement, Mark Sisson from the “Mark’s Daily Apple” blog has contributed so much invaluable information to this community of Primal enthusiasts who have radically changed their lives after implementing the Grokalicious nutritional and fitness principles outlined in his 2009 blockbuster book release The Primal Blueprint (listen to my interview with Mark about that book in Episode 270).

But in his long-awaited 2013 sequel entitled The Primal Connection: Follow Your Genetic Blueprint to Health and Happiness (read my review of this book), you’ll notice that Mark Sisson goes well beyond diet and exercise to get to the heart of what he believes are the six key “connections” that are just as important in your overall pursuit of health and happiness that could take you to that next level in your healthy lifestyle change. Listen in as my friend Mark and I dive deeply into these incredible wellness concepts in what I believe is sure to be one of the most important health books of 2013! ENJOY!

Listen to Mark Sisson share about the missing “connections”:

  • The new authors he is releasing brand new health books from
  • There’s been such a demand and success with ancestral living
  • It’s exciting to find ways to help assist people with this
  • How “Mark’s Daily Apple” has risen the popular health charts
  • It’s “revolutionary” that a 12-week lifestyle plan works?
  • Mainstream is grasping on that what we’re saying is credible
  • Experian showing “Paleo” and “Atkins” top 2013 searches
  • The “micro-chatter” has been about how many carbs is best
  • We’ve worked over the nutritional component in recent years
  • People realized something is “still missing” from their life
  • It may not have anything to do with the diet and exercise
  • The genetic recipe may have some other disconnects
  • Our bodies still expect certain inputs that we’re not giving it
  • Some simple things that have a surprising effect on your genes
  • We all possess this recipe to have a happy, fulfilled life
  • The “connection” concept has a very different meaning
  • Facebook, Twitter are “great tools” to connect, but not quite
  • Slight danger in this because it could “supplant” relationships
  • We live in hyper-connected society, but we’re more disconnected
  • Don’t throw away your technology and go camp out in backyard
  • Identify the disconnects, use tools for intended purposes
  • But never get so attached to these devices that we forget life
  • Honor these genes and feed them well, you’ll be happy, healthy
  • He wants to enjoy eating, moving and the wonders of life
  • Play is a “real time experience of being present in the moment”
  • You’re not thinking about the things on your mind during play
  • Pure contentment and satisfaction derive from how you feel
  • It’s not from what you do or accumulate from your success
  • The Inner Dialogue Connection with the “monkey chatter”
  • We micromanage ourselves to the point that we’re hypercritical
  • The self-talk in no way serves you, robs you of life enjoyment
  • His “10 Habits Of Highly Successful Hunter-Gatherers”
  • Hunter-Gatherers didn’t have luxury of wallowing in despair
  • Art DeVany: There’s no such thing as failure, only feedback
  • We imagine so many scenarios that never actually happen
  • There are people in Paleo blogosphere “blaming” others
  • Being a “little selfish” is not such a bad thing
  • Mutual cooperation in a tribe is what made them successful
  • There are moms willing to work extra job than go to gym
  • Why not be a little selfish and make the kids work?
  • We could talk for four hours about this if we wanted to
  • The Body Connection is how we’ve lost contact with Earth
  • Our feet were designed to be connected to the ground
  • We’ve circumvented natural foot function with shoes
  • The suggestion is to walk around barefoot in your house
  • Take your shoes off and walk in the grass to reconnect
  • This is a metaphor for reconnecting with Earth in general
  • Our brain actually “craves” this kind of touch
  • My interview with Joan Vernikos on “sitting kills”
  • Sitting does a lot more damage than people realize
  • All of the employees in his company have stand-up desks
  • Most of them stand barefoot, one has a grass mat to stand on
  • Employee health in the workplace can be improved with this
  • Get co-workers together and walk around during lunch break
  • Find ways to move and do it barefoot if at all possible
  • Importance of touch is critical with great health benefits
  • Shaking hands is a good start, but a hug is much better
  • Even if it’s “a bro hug” (three light taps on the back)
  • Having sex creates some “feel good hormones” from touch
  • If there’s a good experience, it’s reinforced to do again
  • We get into trouble in modern times with many opportunities
  • What is it about our biochemistry that created these
  • How can we honor this in a civilized 21st century society
  • Feel-good hormones can be stimulated by drugs and even sugar
  • Sweet food was always “very scarce” in Paleo days
  • Now we have a rack of candy bars in every store
  • That’s why the desire for sweet stuff is always with us
  • The Nature Connection discussing “natural killer NK cells”
  • In Japan, there are health check-ups at local parks
  • This “forest bathing” boosts your immune system in nature
  • Our brains crave inputs that happen naturally in nature
  • The status quo of day-to-day gave us pleasant-sounding sounds
  • In urban environments, we’ve lost this necessary input
  • These are “unnatural” sounds causing stress and anxiety
  • Accessing more natural sounds and smells improves health
  • A whiff of something will remind you of old experiences
  • Artificial smells in an inside environment distort us
  • It only takes 20-30 minutes to de-stress you for days
  • You can go out ANYWHERE to find ways to get this input
  • Our quest for cleanliness is actually making ourselves sicker
  • We need bacteria from the soil in order to be healthy
  • Every bite of food we used to eat included dirt and bacteria
  • We didn’t wash our food because we wanted the bacteria
  • We’ve so sanitized our world that our immune system is broken
  • Just “do some gardening” and you’ll reconnect with the soil
  • The Daily Rhythm Connection that comes from good sleep
  • People think they have to stay up late to be connected
  • Artificial light (and blue light) disrupts melatonin
  • We mess with the normal circadian rhythm from this
  • Sleep is more than a time to check out, it’s necessary
  • If you are sleep deprived, then you could die from it
  • We live “jam-packed” lives and get “off track” on sleep
  • Living on 5-6 hours of sleep “bites you in the butt”
  • He has “zero guilt” about getting 9 hours of sleep a night
  • Sleep gives you good mental well-being, acuity and sharpness
  • People worry about the lack of sleep which keeps them awake
  • Segmented sleep where you wake up in the middle of the night
  • That’s really no big deal when that happens
  • It’s a part of how some people are wired and you adapt
  • Do something for a period of time, then go back to sleep
  • This is okay to have happen and you should embrace it
  • Experiencing a “normal human event” and recognize that
  • Getting an ample amount of light during day is critical
  • We should be getting out in direct sunlight on your skin
  • Get natural Vitamin D on a daily basis (or supplement it)
  • Very important aspect of “our humanness” to be in the sun
  • The time you can waste online is very easy to rob your day
  • Time he carves out AWAY from the Internet for quality time
  • I learned in 2012 to take time for myself away from work
  • You recognize that it’s still there when you come back
  • The Social Connection that requires making real-life friends
  • Investing fully in the lives of other people is important
  • Our lives are predicated on a “sense of kinship” with others
  • The 6-12 “inner circle” are people you trust your life with
  • If you have five close friends, then you’ve been successful
  • A lot of people can’t come up with who would be at death bed
  • Could include family, but likely people “you resonate with”
  • Many friendships are based on “superficial” interests
  • It’s time to “cut them loose” when they’re not helpful
  • Who are the “energy sinks” that draw you away from success?
  • Drop those people and create strong team of supporters
  • Way too many relationships these days are superficial
  • Someone who would stick a stamp on a postcard and mail it
  • How ridiculous is it that we have to say that (but we do)
  • @Mark_Sisson has 46,000+ followers, just 220 following
  • He doesn’t tweet that much, but let’s him stay connected
  • It’s a “big community” he’s built with his MDA brand
  • He tries not to overdo it and doesn’t follow many people
  • He will be getting rid of his personal Facebook page soon
  • The Play Connection that encourages us to play as adults
  • VIDEO: Mark’s 2011 Ancestral Health Symposium on “Play”
  • This “lit a fire” in a lot of people to start doing it
  • It’s been revolutionary to make play a priority
  • Learning how to be “affluent” without accumulating things
  • Most enjoyable forms of currency is “leisure time”
  • Finding time in your day to have fun is “greatest affluence”
  • If you have all the money in the world, you’d be playing
  • Why do you need money to find time to add in some play
  • He loves playing Ultimate Frisbee to be “in the moment”
  • The definition of play is it’s “pointless” fun
  • The benefits are you improve immune system, get movement
  • Play can be ridiculous, stupid or whatever–but DO IT!
  • This builds the “human currency” we are sorely lacking in
  • Read my review of The Primal Connection book


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