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The LLVLC Show (Episode 644): Dr. Brett Hill Says Getting Healthy Comes In Bite-Sized Chunks


In Episode 644 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore,” we’ve got a great conversation with an Australian chiropractor, wellness expert and health podcaster named Dr. Brett Hill. But before sharing today’s interview, I first wanted to bring to you a very quick mini-interview with a Brisbane, Australia-based man named David Gillespie (listen to my previous interviews with David in Episode 219 and Episode 592) who has some exciting news to share with our listeners. For those of you who are unfamiliar with David’s work in the land of Oz, he’s basically the Gary Taubes or Dr. Robert Lustig in that country championing the cause of sugar-free living as a means for optimizing weight and health.

I got to witness this celebrity first-hand during my recent “Low Carb Down Under” speaking tour through Australia in November 2012 listening to David speak and hearing story after story from people who said they came into the healthy low-carb and Paleo community after reading one of David’s books. But the Aussies can’t have him all to themselves–the rest of the world needs to be exposed to his great work, too! That’s why David has decided to release a brand new British Kindle e-book (that is also available in the United States) called The Sweet Poison Quit Plan (UK Edition). This book is specifically for people who know they need to give up sugar but aren’t sure exactly how to go about doing it practically. Listen in as David and I talk about why this resource is sorely needed now more than ever!

Listen to David Gillespie share his new UK resource:

  • British cereals contain more sugar than US versions
  • Dr. Robert Lustig and others have convinced to give up sugar
  • But most people don’t know how to go about doing that
  • Manufacturers are fighting for breakfast cereal market
  • That tends to lead to the addition of MORE sugar
  • Kellogg’s Special K in the UK has an extra teaspoon of sugar
  • You don’t need that much sugar in the cereal to begin with
  • The UK has excellent records about sugar content of foods
  • His book goes through every category of food for lowest sugar
  • Why it’s important to have a version for each country
  • We have different terminology for the same foods
  • The U.S. version of the book will be available in a few months

    In our main interview today, we travel from Brisbane down to Adelaide, Australia where we meet up with a fascinating chiropractor with a unique bent on helping people live as optimally healthy as they possibly can named Dr. Brett Hill. He is one of the three fabulous co-hosts of the #1 ranked health podcast in Australia called “The Wellness Guys” and is giving his patients and anyone else willing to listen some practical advice on what healthy living principles look like with his new book How To Eat An Elephant: Simple solutions for lifelong energy and vitality. Dr. Hill realized a long time ago that in order to make changes that last forever you have to start “one bite-sized chunk at a time.” Listen in as Jimmy and Dr. Hill discuss many of the 97 recommendations he shares about in this book. Start munching on that pachyderm!

    Listen to Dr. Brett Hill helps you one bite at a time:

  • He loves the way I say “The Wellness Guuuuuuuuys” podcast
  • His journey into chiropractic wasn’t from a bad story
  • He used to eat a cruddy diet but wasn’t overweight
  • In terms of his health, it was influencing him
  • With chiropractic, he learned the body designed to be healthy
  • He was always on antibiotics and have a cold, fatigue normally
  • He knew chiropractic wasn’t enough that led him to nutrition
  • The general public just doesn’t know about this kind of stuff
  • That’s why he decided to create “The Wellness Guys” podcast
  • Sitting down one-on-one is a tough gig to spread the word
  • Why the public isn’t hearing about this alternative info
  • The media trend is moving towards less expert staff
  • It’s all about creating volume with regurgitated press releases
  • The newspaper articles are almost word-for-word from these
  • There’s a real “lag time” between info penetrating mainstream
  • It takes time for new information to get out there
  • It would be great to see real journalism being conducted again
  • The investigative journalism is happening, just not enough
  • I met Dr. Hill in person as well as Dr. Janah James
  • VIDEO: Dr. Janah James on “Low Carb Down Under” tour
  • It’s great to see such interest from their patients in Adelaide
  • Who his two co-hosts for “The Wellness Guys” podcast are
  • Dr. Damian Kristof and Dr. Laurence Tham are his co-hosts
  • It started off as a way to just talk with each other on “stuff”
  • They are from all over Australia, but wanted to get together
  • Within 4 months they had the #1 health podcast in Australia
  • They created “The Wellness Couch” network to create new podcasts
  • I need to create a podcast network for others to do a show
  • They have no desire to do more than one podcast a week
  • Kevin Kennedy-Spaien does a GREAT job producing my podcasts
  • Listen to Jimmy in Episode #55 of “The Wellness Guys” podcast
  • An elephant has to have a good high-fat content, right?
  • Took him five years to write his book, but wanted a good format
  • Most books purchased are bought but never really used
  • Why he chose not to do 101 challenges, but just 97
  • Make small changes with these 200-word chapters
  • Some people can make big changes all at one time
  • But most people need to do it a little bit at a time
  • The “snowball effect” of doing these small, easy steps over time
  • You can create “really big change” over the years
  • Making “gradual, consistent change” can bring about results
  • What do you say to people who think they have no hope
  • You may not feel like 21 again, but you will be healthier
  • What’s more important than health and your direction
  • You can always do something to be better tomorrow than today
  • Why eating in “moderation” is such a silly notion
  • Paula Deen said her weight loss is about moderation
  • What does moderation mean? How much arsenic do you need?
  • Many of these concepts are commonsensical, but unique to most
  • There’s nothing new, it’s just getting people to do it
  • Our lifestyles have gotten so far away from real life
  • We live in this cybertech “unreal” world with strange foods
  • We’re so “disconnected” from health and food now
  • How this book is perfect “bathroom” reading material
  • “The Challenge” at the end of each chapter
  • He’s “super-passionate” about raising kids who are healthy
  • His 2- and 4-year old kids will benefit from his knowledge
  • Start off on the right foot and it makes life easier
  • It’s easier to never have your kid start on junk food…
  • Than to try to get your kid to stop eating this stuff
  • His story about his son being offered a Kit Kat bar
  • The key with kids is you have to teach them why
  • If it’s because “I say so,” it only works while he’s there
  • My reason why they should eat healthy doesn’t relate
  • Communicating messages that relate to kid gets them excited
  • His kid “threw a tantrum” about not getting broccoli
  • You’ve got to teach them to WANT to eat healthier
  • The amazing food quality they have there in Australia
  • Farmer’s markets and real food is literally everything there
  • They have all different sorts of foods at their disposal
  • Isn’t the famous raw vegan guy Durianrider from Adelaide?


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    How did you like the concept of tackling your health “one bite at a time” by Dr. Brett Hill? Respond with what you think about what you heard in the show notes section of Episode 644. Get your own copy of Dr. Hill’s How to Eat an Elephant: Simple solutions for lifelong energy and vitality, listen to “The Wellness Guys” podcast and keep up with what’s happening with his work at DrBrettHill.com. Coming up on Wednesday, the big daddy of primal living Mark Sisson gives us a fabulous one-hour peek inside of his hot-off-the-presses new book The Primal Connection: Follow Your Genetic Blueprint to Health and Happiness (read my review of this book).

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