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The LLVLC Show (Episode 640): Dr. Robert Lustig Takes On Big Food With FAT CHANCE

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In Episode 640 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore,” we are ecstatic to bring back to you an exclusive podcast interview with a childhood obesity expert and anti-sugar, real food activist named Dr. Robert Lustig (listen to my two previous interviews with him in Episode 378 and Episode 429). This pediatric endocrinologist from the University Of California-San Diego has been one of the most outspoken and influential people in the world of health over the past couple of years thanks to the notoriety he has received from an unassuming lecture he gave as part of a medical conference to a lay audience back in 2009. As of January 2013, well over 3 million people have seen his infamous 90-minute YouTube video that went viral entitled “Sugar: The Bitter Truth.”

This quickly caught the attention of mainstream book publisher Hudson Street Press who offered him a book deal. They asked Dr. Lustig to write a book about the concepts he shared in that YouTube video as well as other important issues related to the role that nutrition plays in our weight and health. The book was released in December 2012 and it’s called Fat Chance: Beating the Odds Against Sugar, Processed Food, Obesity, and Disease. He’s been given some great national exposure for his message thanks to several feature stories with Dr. Sanjay Gupta at CNN and on “60 Minutes” as well as a wide variety of mainstream media. This is sure to be one of the biggest health books of 2013!

Listen to me and Dr. Lustig discuss the surprising popularity of his YouTube video that started him off on this crusade against sugar, why he believes the low-carb and vegans have so much in common that they should be working together, areas of agreement and disagreement with Gary Taubes, why focusing on calories is useless in weight and health management, why metabolic syndrome is what the medical profession should be treating instead of obesity, the greater importance he gives the hormone leptin over insulin, the response of the food industry to his bold message, why he believes government legislation is what is needed to bring about the changes that are necessary to improve health and why the grassroots efforts of bloggers and others will speed up the process of helping people become successful in changing their lifestyle habits. We kick off the new year with a bang in our first official podcast interview of 2013. Sit back, relax and ENJOY this awesome episode!

Listen to Dr. Robert Lustig share about his book FAT CHANCE:

  • Whether he imagined 3 million people would watch his video
  • Lots of people have shared this information before him
  • The big difference is that he shared the science
  • First time he ever gave a clinical lecture to lay audience
  • The biochemistry is what ultimately “hooked” people
  • Why he doesn’t think the popularity of the video isn’t about him
  • The two disagreements between what he and Gary Taubes believe
  • He wants to find the “common ground” between low-fat and low-carb
  • Explaining the biochemistry to make it compelling
  • Vegan and Paleo should join forces against the food industry
  • “Everyone is a dietitian” and thinks they know what’s best
  • Nobody wants to be wrong with their own lives
  • The low-carb people are right; the low-fat people are right too
  • Dr. Ornish is right too because he has science supporting him
  • Low-sugar and high-fiber is a “real food” diet everyone agrees on
  • The problem is when you’re talking about real food fats
  • Fat has gotten a bad rap, but not all fats are equal
  • The Atkins diet said “fat is fat” but there are 7 classes of fats
  • Omega-3 fats are great, but trans-fats are “the devil incarnate”
  • If you line up fats, there are certain fats that are good vs. bad
  • Omega-6’s and trans-fats are what comprise most of Western diet
  • Corn fat derivatives are chock full of omega-6 fats killing us
  • His concerns that the “low-carb diet” doesn’t distinguish fats
  • Most low-carbers are looking for quality fats, not the seed oils
  • People are being very discerning about the quality of food eaten
  • Real food is balanced in good fats that you don’t need to worry
  • Saturated fat is neutral because it raises LDL, but large kind
  • Why a “calorie is just a calorie” is so egregiously wrong
  • Calorie burned is calorie burned; calorie eaten not calorie eaten
  • You have 100 trillion bacteria in your body that need to be fed
  • Costs twice as much energy to convert protein to energy as carbs
  • Government/food industry wants you to believe calorie hypothesis
  • Why? Because it doesn’t work. Never did. Never will.
  • Everybody still buys into the calorie myth, but ignore hormones
  • Obesity is energy deposition and “it’s the insulin stupid”
  • Any diet will work because they keep the insulin down
  • Remove refined carbs, increasing fiber lowers the insulin well
  • Where does leptin fit into this? Obesity is leptin resistance
  • Our brain isn’t seeing the leptin signal and leading to fat gain
  • This is why leptin is “holy grail” of obesity that explains all
  • Insulin blocks leptin in brain to make you think you’re starving
  • Giving a drug to lower insulin, exercise spontaneously happened
  • They wanted to burn energy once leptin levels became normalized
  • Gluttony and sloth are high insulin, defective leptin signaling
  • The 7 ideals of food addiction that identifies the pattern
  • In May 2013, there will be a full day symposium on food addiction
  • How important the scale is on your weight loss progress?
  • The scale lies more than you do and you shouldn’t believe it
  • Being a little overweight is good for you, new study shows
  • More is better in muscle, bone and subcutaneous “big butt” fat
  • The only one that’s bad is visceral “big belly” fat
  • That’s just 4-6% of your total body weight and you can’t know
  • If you tap into belly fat when you lose weight, that’s good
  • The goal is not to lose weight, but to get rid of visceral fat
  • Turn the visceral fat into muscle and make more mitochondria
  • The more mitochondria you make, the healthier you become
  • It’s not about your weight, it’s about your waist size
  • Why he believes a DXA scan isn’t a perfect science either
  • The best way to check it is with an MRI that costs $1000
  • Men want a belt size under 40 inches, women under 35 inches
  • Worst thing that happens is your doctor telling you to exercise
  • No study in the world shows exercise alone leads to weight loss
  • People think they are failures when they don’t lose weight
  • This is greatest disservice to patients by medical community
  • Why mainstream doctors don’t talk about metabolic syndrome
  • People think metabolic syndrome is a result of being obese
  • This is as bad a mistake as “a calorie is just a calorie”
  • 25% of obese have no health problems at all and live normally
  • Up to 40% of people with metabolic syndrome don’t have obesity
  • Doctors don’t tell these patients they have an issues
  • Obesity is a marker for metabolic syndrome just like diabetes
  • But ANYONE can have this even without the typical markers
  • People who are thin think they’re out of woods, but they’re not
  • The Western diet is the biggest culprit making this happen
  • People have been promised the “magic pill” for obesity, disease
  • There is no drug target or pathway for “over nutrition”
  • Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease makes 5X risk of top diseases
  • Prevention is only option and that’s why food change is needed
  • Food industry taken notice of him recently (on Coke’s hit list)
  • They know when they add sugar to a food item, you buy more
  • Why? Because your brain thinks you’re starving and you want more
  • Starvation and reward is a great reason to eat more
  • For every addictive substance (sugar), we need intervention
  • It needs to be personal (rehab) and societal (laws) intervention
  • Government has to fix this because food industry won’t
  • Things are getting worse and worse as Medicare goes broke by 2024
  • There’s no prevention for metabolic syndrome, just prevention
  • People have accused him of being a “nanny state” supporter
  • The food industry has chosen for you what to eat
  • 80% of foods on market today have been laced with added sugar
  • Do you want government or food industry in your kitchen?
  • He wishes this weren’t necessary because he’s no fan of government
  • Government always does the wrong thing because they’re “paid off”
  • They must be coerced into doing the right thing
  • The epilogue he wrote about a “bottom up” movement in this too
  • The FDA and USDA have been captured by food industry executives
  • Legal and public media is all that’s left to bring about changes
  • It’s time to “bring out the lawyers” in this battle
  • He’s doing a Master’s of law right now to find legal avenues
  • It was the courts that ultimately brought tobacco to its knees
  • Why he’d love to lose the “Sugar: The Bitter Truth” mantra
  • His book is about so much more than just sugar–let’s move on
  • He’d rather be known as guy who brought rationality to diet debate


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