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The LLVLC Show (Episode 638): Encore Week 2013 – Professor Timothy Noakes


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In Episode 638 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore,” what an exciting interview we have for you today as we welcome back a South African exercise and sports science professor named Timothy Noakes who was voted back for “Encore Week” 2013 by my podcast listeners as one of the best of the best of 2012. And how much fun has this week been already? Wow, what a week it’s been featuring an all-star line-up of interviews so far, including a compelling conversation about lipid health with Dr. Thomas Dayspring on Monday, a philosophical debate about the importance of calories for weight loss with Jonathan Bailor on Tuesday and a physician and nutritional advocate for beating multiple sclerosis named Dr. Terry Wahls who is using a low-carb Paleo diet to help MS patients on Wednesday. It’s been good to be back with you sharing these BRAND NEW EPISODES all week long highlighting your favorite podcast guests of 2012 as voted on by you. Don’t miss my final interview with the great British physician Dr. John Briffa coming up on Friday.

Today we travel all the way to the great country of South Africa to speak with a legendary exercise and sports science professor named Timothy Noakes who is making huge waves in his home nation with his open support for the principles of the healthy high-fat, low-carb lifestyle. The lives of real people are being changed for the better by those who are embracing the Noakes diet and that has predictably drawn the ire of the conventional wisdom health “experts” there who are publicly lashing out against what they believe is a “dangerous” diet. It’s the same arguments that were made against Dr. Atkins over the years and Professor Noakes is standing firm and courageous knowing he has the science on his side supporting his nutritional protocols. We had a delightful conversation back in June 2012 in Episode 588 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show” and I’m glad we got him back on again for another conversation.

Listen in as Professor Noakes and I discuss how the low-carb message has permeated through South African culture in the past couple of years, the forces of opposition that have risen up against the work he is doing, his new book project set to educate the public about how we’ve been duped about nutrition and so much more! If you haven’t listened to all of the “Encore Week” 2013 that have aired this week, then don’t miss this opportunity to hear brand new conversations from the best of the best of 2012.

Listen to Professor Timothy Noakes during “Encore Week” 2013:

  • He’s exploded on high-fat, low-carb scene prominently the last year
  • When this started a couple of years ago, he was very concerned
  • Read his “Against The Grains” column that began this journey
  • The radio interview that catapulted his name across South Africa
  • Tim’s appearance about “Carbo Controversy” on Carte Blanche
  • The segment about eating fat that caused Heart Foundation to go berzerk
  • He got invited to do lectures, including TEDxCapeTown
  • His son got him set up with his @ProfTimNoakes Twitter acccount
  • He really didn’t know that much about it when he started
  • But he now sees it’s the “most powerful tool for learning” new info
  • He’s taken “a lot of flack” from the health authorities about diet
  • Health authorities have come down on him for pushing “dangerous” diet
  • It’s astonishing how bad their science is in reaction to low-carb
  • His own university is very cautious about promoting his work
  • He won the National Research Foundation Lifetime Achievement Award
  • The day he won this award, letter from 6 cardiologists was published
  • Nobody even noticed the Lifetime award and university didn’t support
  • UCT Faculty of health science organized debate in December 2012
  • DON’T MISS the contentious Q&A session during this debate
  • It didn’t go well for him because he didn’t get a “fair hearing”
  • Why he thinks there is such vehement opposition to him personally
  • There are people who see low-carb, high-fat diets as “inconvenient”
  • It has to be “ego” and people being unwilling to admit they’re wrong
  • The “worst moment” in the debate was when he got jeered by faculty
  • He was challenged by one of them for testing his blood sugar
  • The nutrition sciences department at his university shun him
  • “Science advances one funeral at a time.” — Max Planck
  • With conventional diet, “Are we teaching science or religion?”
  • Shocking truth he discovered in the Women’s Health Initiative
  • This information was never made available to the American public
  • They can’t publish this Table 3 because it would disprove the study
  • When he questioned it, he was told the women didn’t cut fat enough
  • Diabetics in the study who cut their fat actually got worse
  • It’s ironic that this study that promotes “prudent diet” as healthy
  • Tim’s public lecture at Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University
  • He’s had people tell him this lecture “changed their lives”
  • In the general public, we’re gaining ground, academics are “digging heels”
  • The lecture he provided during his 15-minute TEDxCapeTown talk
  • Industry manipulates the science by ignoring conflicting evidence
  • His Waterlogged book outlining why athletes are over-hydrated
  • The scientific journals in sports medicine had industry reps on each
  • British Medical Journal on “The Truth About Sports Drinks”
  • Neck injuries in South African rugby has run rampant since 1980s
  • He was one of the first to sound the alarm about this problem
  • He was right then about this and only just now is being validated
  • He thinks the same thing will happen with his dietary information
  • Sports medicine doctors tend to be “generalists” on health
  • They have to know how the whole body works biochemically
  • You have to have an understanding of health to change diet
  • Watch this interview with Tim on the skinny
  • The medical doctor who changed his and his family’s diet
  • He is the general practitioner of an entire small town
  • The small towns are where change can happen very quickly
  • It’s happening in smaller countries like Sweden as well
  • In 10 years time, two kinds of doctors: prescribe pills or cures!
  • He used to think exercise was the primary cure for your health
  • He also thought cures for health woes came from a pill
  • Now he thinks 80% health issues can be cured with nutrition
  • Tim’s role in the story of Olympian Oscar Pistorius
  • Trains 2-3 hours a day but couldn’t control his body weight
  • Shifting around the macronutrients in my own diet has been huge
  • Improvements have been seen across the board in my weight and health
  • He was eating way too much protein and couldn’t control glucose
  • He is treating himself now for Type 2 diabetes with high-fat, low-carb
  • When you start on low-carb, you need to shift to fat
  • This allows more protein in diet early, but not later
  • Blood ketones/blood sugar seem to have direct correlation
  • Blood glucose levels are a great predictor of your health
  • Blood cholesterol levels have little to do with heart health
  • Ideal blood sugar levels are 4.5 (or 82 in U.S. terms)
  • His letter to the editor response to the cardiologists
  • The monolithic medical thinking on cholesterol testing
  • The top 10 risk factors all “move in concert” for health
  • What you should REALLY be looking at for optimal health
  • If any are “out of kilter,” you’re carbohydrate intolerant
  • Go on a low-carb, high-fat diet and the numbers get better
  • Volek/Feinman study connecting metabolic syndrome and low-carb
  • The claim is carbohydrate intolerance doesn’t exist
  • Where do you start with people who actually think this?
  • We know what causes obesity and metabolic syndrome
  • The biology is simple, the sociology is complex
  • If we just focus on the biology, health will improve
  • We need to get the sociology fixed with the biology
  • He takes great pride being a non-American on this show
  • People admire the courageous way he promotes low-carb
  • He’s going to work “really hard” to get his book finished
  • He wants to be very meticulous about getting info in it


    NOTICE OF DISCLOSURE: http://cmp.ly/3

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