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The LLVLC Show (Episode 623): Ann Wendel Is A Physical Therapist Who Heals With Paleo Nutrition


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In Episode 623 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore,” we bring to you a nutrition-minded physical therapist and Whole9 nutrition consultant named Ann Wendel. Now you might be wondering what exactly a physical therapist has to do with Paleo nutrition. But for Ann Wendel from Prana Physical Therapy in Alexandria, Virginia, dietary choices that mimic the principles of our Paleolithic ancestors are an integral part of the healing process she provides to her clients.

In May 2012, she joined the Consulting Team of Whole9 Life (featuring former podcast guests Dallas & Melissa Hartwig) where she offers Wellness and Nutrition consultations via face-to-face, phone, email and Skype appointments to people interested in changing their life nutritionally. Listen in as Ann and I talk about the alternative health methodologies she uses to help her physical therapy patients, what she REALLY thinks about the role of CrossFit exercise in the Paleo community and how Paleo fits into the overall health equation. ENJOY!

Listen to Ann Wendel share how Paleo fits into her practice:

  • She was a high school swimmer with lots of “overtraining”
  • Frequent injuries led her to be interested in rehabilitation
  • She discovered Paleo after getting sick in 2005
  • Lots of “weird symptoms” led her to a Hashimoto’s diagnosis
  • She “stumbled” on to Mark Sisson, Robb Wolf, and the Hartwigs
  • Why people with autoimmune issues don’t recognize it
  • When people get diagnosed with something, that’s what they are
  • Christine was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, but got off drugs
  • People with diagnosed diseases are the hardest to reach
  • When you become “sick enough” then you’ll seek changes
  • What’s the risk of trying Paleo for 30 days?
  • Getting people to do the “buy-in” is tough sometimes
  • If you don’t think you’re addicted, get off sugar/grains
  • Read The Compass of Pleasure to learn about addiction
  • Your body can withdraw from sugar like an opiate withdrawal
  • She’s a great example with “credibility” with her clients
  • Feeling bad slowly starts to feel “normal” to most people
  • When you make nutritional changes, you see how to feel right
  • What her clients think about her talking about nutrition
  • People are surprised and she talks differently with clients
  • She mentions Paleo principles from session to session
  • She knows “not to hit people over the head with” Paleo
  • Helping them understand how it can help get them out of pain
  • Physical therapists spend the most time with their patients
  • She sees her clients several hours a week, gets to know them
  • This gives her time to educate clients as a captive audience
  • Most people don’t know what physical therapists actually do
  • PTs do wellness and are more than just treating acute injury
  • Patients have direct access to PTs without a doctor
  • Physical therapists know more about “evaluating movement”
  • Physicians don’t watch you walk, but PTs do and respond to it
  • What her thoughts are about the CrossFit movement in Paleo
  • People should “use common sense” and rest when you have pain
  • The “weak link” in lifting heavy weights is your back
  • Might be a good idea to “work up” to a CrossFit program
  • People with autoimmune issues can hurt themselves pushing hard
  • No pain, no gain is INSANE!
  • What she does as part of the Whole9 team
  • She serves as a consultant providing nutrition/health info
  • Getting personalized information about healthy living
  • The questionnaire she has clients fill out to assess life
  • It’s a “long” survey, but this is “way more than just food”
  • She hails from the Washington, DC area with lots of stress
  • The traffic in DC is stressful to the people living there
  • People there put in long hours, travel frequently
  • Many of her DC clients are open to the ideas she shares
  • Her chapter in Peggy Emch‘s new book project
  • Read about Ann’s story at the Whole9 web site

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    What was your take on what you heard from physical therapist Ann Wendel? Share your thoughts about it in the show notes section of Episode 623. Be sure to visit Ann’s Prana Physical Therapy web site to learn more about her work. Coming up on Wednesday, we’ll have Wendy Schwartz from the “Go Paleo!” blog for a friendly conversation about what living low-carb with a Paleo perspective looks like.

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