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The LLVLC Show (Episode 612): Dr. Mary Newport Updates Latest On Ketogenic Diet And Alzheimer’s Disease


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In Episode 612 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore,” it’s thrilling to welcome back a good friend of the show in pediatric physician and advocate for using ketogenic diets as a treatment for Alzheimer’s disease named Dr. Mary Newport. Whenever Alzheimer’s disease hits, it usually means an inevitable decline in mental acuity and a loss of that person’s personality to the point that they’re no longer recognizable to the friends and family members who love them the most.

For Dr. Mary Newport, she saw this pattern starting to hit her husband Steve just a few years back and the helpless feeling that comes from a lack of real answers to this serious disease in the medical community. That’s when she turned to researching Alzheimer’s on her own where she discovered the power of ketone bodies that are created from consuming coconut oil and MCT oil on proper brain function. She shared about this extraordinary story in her July 2008 case study entitled “What If There Was A Cure For Alzheimer’s And No One Knew” (download the PDF) as well as with me previously on “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show” in Episode 240 in case you missed it.

Now she’s back again in 2012 to give an update on Steve’s condition, to share about her new book on the subject entitled Alzheimer’s Disease: What If There Was a Cure? The Story Of Ketones and to share the latest information she has discovered about ketogenic diets in controlling Alzheimer’s disease. With the undeniable role that diet plays in what is being referred to as Type 3 diabetes, this issue of ketogenic diet and Alzheimer’s disease is more relevant now than ever before! Listen in as Jimmy and Dr. Newport catch up on all that’s been happening in her quest to educate others about the power of ketones.

Listen to Dr. Mary Newport give the scoop on therapeutic ketones:

  • The people who have contacted me about interviewing Dr. Newport
  • What the latest update is on her husband Steve’s Alzheimer’s
  • He’s been taking coconut oil for 4 1/2 years now
  • The clinical trial Steve participated in regarding Alzheimer’s disease
  • He was a part of a drug that would help control the disease
  • They recently found out he was on a placebo during the first year
  • She said they saw an increase in cognitive testing by 6 points that year
  • She credits the effects of the coconut oil producing ample ketones
  • The study gave her invaluable data about Steve’s progress on the placebo
  • When Steve started taking the drug, he had some side effects
  • The pharmaceutical company called off the study because ineffective
  • There were “new behaviors” Steve had showing he was getting worse
  • When they put him back on the coconut oil/MCT oil, he got stable again
  • There are long periods of stability and some setbacks with Alzheimer’s
  • He is 62 years old and has had early onset Alzheimer’s for 11 years
  • Physically he is in “great shape” and his personality is still there
  • The joke Steve made during the opening ceremony of the Summer Olympics
  • She felt in 2007 that he would be gone in two or three years
  • The drug was fighting the effects of ketosis during the clinical trial
  • She thinks an infection is the cause or a contributor to his disease
  • Recurrent fever blisters can be an early sign of Alzheimer’s disease
  • The nerves in the mouth are connected to the nerves in the brain
  • Coconut oil has lauric acid that protects against infections
  • It’s antimicrobial and provides benefits to brain health
  • Steve used to have a lot of fever blisters and an eye infection
  • How she is able to measure the amount of ketones in Steve’s blood
  • Many people use Ketostix that measures acetoacetate in the urine
  • But this “doesn’t give you the whole picture” if you test negative
  • They found Steve had greater ketones from MCT oil but gone in 3 hours
  • With coconut oil, the ketones was sustainable upwards of 8 hours
  • Watch out for the heartburn, acid reflux and diarrhea from MCT oil
  • You can get blood ketone testing strips for $1-2 a piece online
  • Steve takes 12 Tbs coconut oil daily and gets a .9mm reading at night
  • They’re not sure why blood ketone levels are better at night
  • Steve is “quite with it” in the evening when ketone levels are higher
  • How they’ve “cut back quite a bit on carbohydrates” to increase ketones
  • How Steve used to “crave” fruit, but doesn’t hardly eat it anymore
  • Coconut oil zapped his hunger and desire for sweet, carby things anymore
  • The Cantin Ketogenic Diet: For Cancer, Type I Diabetes & Other Ailments
  • How she’s cut breads, pasta, rice and dairy in favor of protein, eggs
  • Focusing on the oils to help get his ketones higher
  • My latest n=1 nutritional ketosis experiment eating an 85/12/3 diet
  • I don’t count or measure any calories and there’s no hunger or cravings
  • How she said she put coconut oil on oatmeal in our first interview
  • She has to “hide” the bananas in the house so Steve can’t eat them
  • The goal is to get his ketone levels higher so his Alzheimer’s improves
  • Listen to Dr. Bruce Fife in Episode 497 of The LLVLC Show
  • Why she decided to write a book about Alzheimer’s and ketogenic diets
  • Certain Alzheimer’s organizations have denounced medicinal foods
  • The Alzheimer’s Association’s statement on “medical foods”
  • They can’t recommend medical foods for people with Alzheimer’s disease
  • They want to see “large clinical trials” before they recommend this
  • But these studies can take at least a couple of years to conduct
  • There would be 4-5 years before seeing the results for the study
  • Alzheimer’s patients’ brains are “dying” and need help now
  • Ketone esters, calorie restriction and coconut oil being researched now
  • There’s a “pretty large study” being conducted by Axona
  • Her hope is that her book would “stimulate interest in clinical trials”
  • UC Berkeley taking a closer look at coconut oil and Alzheimer’s
  • The criticism about her book is that there’s no research on this
  • But that’s the whole point of her book to get people interested in it
  • Why the brain prefers ketones over glucose (it “starts in the newborn”)
  • Ketones provide 25% of brain fuel for babies when they are born
  • About 10% of breast milk fat produces ketones in babies as well
  • People who go through starvation, we switch “easily” to ketones
  • Within 24-48 hours, you use up glucose and burn ketones for fuel
  • Your fat makes ketones and protects you from using up your protein
  • The brain “switches very easily” from glucose to ketones
  • Alzheimer’s is known commonly now as Type 3 diabetes
  • Insulin resistance in the brain is prevalent in Alzheimer’s patients
  • Sugar has difficulty getting into the neurons in the brain
  • This process happens 10-20 years before people start having symptoms
  • Some people start having this problem starting in their 20’s
  • The work of Dr. Suzanne de la Monte at Brown University
  • Dr. de la Monte compares Alzheimer’s to diabetes
  • The role of nitrates and nitrites in foods on Alzheimer’s disease
  • The foods that contain nitrites that cause insulin resistance in brain
  • Virtually every meal the average American eats has nitrites in them
  • There are nitrite-free deli meats and bacon available out there
  • White flour has been stripped of nutrients that it’s must be fortified
  • The type of B vitamins they put in white flour give the nitrites
  • As if you need another reason to avoid white flour, THIS IS A BIG ONE!
  • What is so much better with ketone esthers?
  • Is it just about making ketones higher or reducing carbohydrates too?
  • Getting approval from the FDA costs millions of dollars in R&D
  • Dr. Kieran Clarke from The University of Oxford
  • Over 5 million Americans are dealing with Alzheimer’s disease

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    How did you like what you heard from Dr. Mary Newport regarding ketogenic diets and Alzheimer’s disease? Your feedback is welcomed in the show notes section of Episode 612. Pick up a copy of her book Alzheimer’s Disease: What If There Was a Cure? and visit Dr. Newport’s official web site at CoconutKetones.com. Coming up next week we’ll have a plastic surgeon, a cattle rancher and a second-year medical school student joining us on the podcast. On Monday, we’ll hear from a physician named S. Andrei Ostric, MD, but he’s better known in the low-carb community as “Dr. O.” His story to the low-carb lifestyle as a plastic surgeon is an intriguing one that I look forward to sharing with you. Then on Tuesday, the loveable man behind the Nick’s Sticks grass-fed beef sticks (his name is Nick Wallace) will share with us his passion for sustainable farming and real food in the 21st Century. Then on Wednesday, a medical school student named Larry Istrail will tell us why he got so fed up with all the anti low-carb propaganda from his nutrition professors and health authorities in the face of overwhelming scientific evidence supporting carbohydrate-restriction that he created a new Ancestral Weight Loss Registry database for people following a Paleo, primal or low-carb nutritional plan to input the results of their chosen diet plan. It’s gonna be AWESOME podcasting for you to enjoy next week, so don’t miss it!

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      Jimmy, concerning your comments with heartburn on MCT oil have you tried a brand other than NOW? NOW tears me up but I do just fine with Life Extension brand.

      • LLVLCBlog

        I’ve had several brands…all give me heartburn.