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The LLVLC Show (Episode 610): Jonathan Carey Will Help You Triple Your HDL With Paleo And More


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In Episode 610 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore,” we welcome an intriguing Paleo dieter and self-experimenter I met at the Ancestral Health Symposium at UCLA in 2011 named Jonathan Carey. He grew up in Framingham, Massachusetts where the infamous Framingham Heart Study looking at the occurrence of heart disease, cholesterol and other health markers of the people who live there has taken place over several generations. Naturally, Jonathan just always assumed he was living a pretty active and healthy lifestyle with such close monitoring of his family over the years.

But when he discovered he had a genetic condition known as heterozygous familial hypercholesterolemia that predisposed him to having higher cholesterol levels, especially LDL, Jonathan began on a nutritional journey to better health that started him out on the ultra-low-fat diet prescribed by Dr. Dean Ornish before he stumbled across and implemented into his own life the work and research of people like Dr. Ronald Krauss and the principles of The Paleo Diet by Dr. Loren Cordain to discover better ways to improve his lipid profile. That ignited his passion for examining ways to beat the genetic hand he was dealt.

Jonathan is an in-depth researcher of the latest health literature and is constantly looking for ways to increase his HDL cholesterol numbers. When I met him at #AHS11 in Los Angeles last year, he presented a poster for the attendees to see that really caught my attention. It boldly proclaimed “How To Triple Your HDL Cholesterol” naturally without the use of any pharmaceutical medications. Check out the poster for yourself below:

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Listen to Jonathan Carey explain how he tripled his HDL cholesterol:

  • He professionally develops visual props for use in trials
  • He has “seen and heard about cholesterol” all of his life
  • The family heart health history he has tried to overcome
  • In the 1990s, he tried the Ornish low-fat diet for 10 years
  • He had a conversation with Dr. Ornish in the mid-90s
  • Dr. Ornish responded to him that he was “lying or cheating”
  • His cholesterol has reached 350 from the FH
  • He tried “even harder and harder” to improve his lipids
  • His HDL was only 34 despite a good low-fat diet and exercise
  • He tried taking several statins, but he had side effects
  • He found one medication that worked, but he lost muscle
  • When he stopped the Provocal, three days later he was fine
  • If he treated himself like a diabetic, what would he eat?
  • He looked in a bookstore and found Dr. Cordain’s book
  • The ideas intrigued him so much that he tried it himself
  • He ate three meals of meat a day with nuts and no grains
  • He ate “so much food” for three months to deal with hunger
  • During this period of eating a lot, he lost 15 pounds
  • When he went to the doctor, his HDL “jumped” from 34 to 65
  • The doctor thought it was a drug effect, but it was Paleo
  • These changes were unexpected, so he researched it more
  • He found psyllium and guar gum moved his HDL from 65 to 80
  • Nowadays his HDL is around 90 with a “cocktail” of things
  • Every number in his lipid profile (except LDL) is “optimal”
  • His triglycerides are around 40-50, typical for Paleo
  • Why his definition of Paleo is vastly different from others
  • At AHS11, he was “shocked” by other people’s Paleo diets
  • He wonders if there is more to ancestral living for him
  • His descendants came from Middle East and eats culturally
  • He traded wheat and legumes for vegetable, nuts and meats
  • He feels “exhausted and bloated” eating a lot of fat
  • Raw macadamia nuts help him “stave off hunger”
  • What about consuming dietary fat to raise HDL cholesterol?
  • He eats 10-15 pieces of fruit a day and still has high HDL
  • Elimination of wheat alone probably “caused the spike”
  • Dr. Ronald Krauss (famous researcher) is his personal doctor
  • The slide that he made for Dr. Krauss on carbs/cholesterol
  • His experiment to “cut out bagels” that raised his HDL
  • Individualization is a very important aspect of nutrition
  • He measures his blood cholesterol every three months or so
  • He is “very consistent” in what he does to test the effects
  • Trying small experiments is part of the health equation
  • His heart calcium score came back as ZERO eating this way
  • Having a score of 0 is “remarkable” with his family history
  • His total cholesterol is around 320 (mine is 378)
  • His LDL cholesterol is “almost completely large, buoyant”
  • The questions he asks some researchers of lipids
  • Whether LDL-C or LDL-P is the most important to look at
  • Dr. Peter Attia‘s #AHS12 talk on cholesterol asking this
  • He got “really scared” about his high LDL-P
  • It could be “instant heart attack” for people
  • Dr. Jack Kruse suggested he optimize his thyroid with kelp
  • He dropped his LDL-P from 2800 to 1800 with the kelp
  • But he started getting some “iodine headaches” doing this
  • He had to stop doing the kelp and his LDL-P went up again
  • Studies on cholesterol level having “no impact” on heart health
  • Bile acid is the biggest predictor of a heart incident
  • Optimizing bile acid may be better than lowering cholesterol
  • Running or vigorous exercise before breakfast helps do this
  • Higher levels of bile acid are protective for your heart
  • Milk thistle and dandelion improve liver function
  • He feels better and digestion has improved taking them
  • What happened when he added Vitamin D into his routine
  • Why Vitamin D supplementation may cause more harm than good
  • He started at 19 and took two years to get up to around 50
  • Research that shows high Vitamin D levels deplete magnesium
  • He still takes Vitamin D but supplements with magnesium
  • Blood tests show that he has not depleted magnesium
  • He takes 5000IU Vitamin D daily (I take 10,000IU daily)
  • The experiment where he came off of Vitamin D for a while
  • He went to Israel and was in the sun everyday–dropped to 29
  • I wonder what role high LDL-P plays in suppressing Vitamin D
  • What to do with lots of cholesterol in our blood with no use
  • He has “completely cured” his IBS in an “unexpected” way
  • Doctors and nutritionists aren’t talking about this stuff

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