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The LLVLC Show (Episode 600): Guest Co-Host Nick Peterson Gabs It Up With Mr. FAT HEAD Tom Naughton


In Episode 600 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore,” I’m so pleased to celebrate a momentous moment in the history of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show” with podcast fan Nick Peterson and FAT HEAD documentary filmmaker Tom Naughton! When this podcast featuring a man who lost weight and got his health back thanks to low-carb living started in earnest in Episode 1 back on October 23, 2006, little did I know what an incredible impact it would have on the lives of literally tens of thousands of people! But six years later, “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show” podcast has grown to become one of the most reliable go-to resources for information about low-carb, Paleo, primal, real food nutrition, fitness and health. It’s hard to fathom that I’m hitting yet another milestone in the history of this podcast today as I mark my historic Episode 600 in a way that’s never done before on my podcast.

Back in April 2012, I featured my annual blogiversary giveaway contest honoring 7 years of low-carb blogging to show my gratitude for the faithfulness of my readers. One of the prizes this year was the chance to co-host this podcast with the guest of your choice for Episode 600. That winner was a guy named Nick Peterson who I actually met in person on the 2011 Low-Carb Cruise. When Nick was asked who he’d like to be a part of this podcast he would be hosting, he didn’t hesitate–my buddy and frisbee golf opponent Tom Naughton of FAT HEAD fame! What?! Are you sure? Yep, that’s who he wanted and what an excellent time it was as you will hear during this rockin’ show. Listen in as Nick does an outstanding job jibber-jabbering with me and Tom about some of the hot topics of the day in the world of low-carb and healthy living! ENJOY this very special Episode 600!

Listen to Nick, Tom and I shoot the breeze about the current state of low-carb:

  • Nick Peterson was the winner in my 7th blogiversary contest
  • First met him on the Low-Carb Cruise last year
  • Listen to Nick in Episode 10 of “Low-Carb Conversations”
  • Served 20 years in the Navy “pushing the weight limit a bit”
  • Transitioning in 2006 to civilian life, his weight went up
  • He was happy to be “fat, dumb and happy” until diabetes came
  • He found Dr. Bernstein’s Diabetes Solution book on low-carb
  • How he found “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show” podcast and got educated
  • He’s lost 50 pounds and is managing his blood sugar/diabetes very well
  • He is very grateful for what low-carb has done for his life
  • Nick could interview anybody he wanted in the low-carb community
  • Tom said he was chosen because everybody else Nick asked said no
  • Tom is on painkillers from his knee surgery, so he won’t be singing today
  • Nick wanted to “take the temperature” of the low-carb community
  • How the low-carb message has been over the past year
  • The Paleo movement has helped pass the low-carb message along
  • Whether you are Paleo or low-carb, it’s really all about eating real foods
  • The proliferation of positive Paleo news stories that are out there
  • Dr. Robert Lustig in a piece on sugar on “60 Minutes” in April 2012
  • Dr. William Davis’ Wheat Belly became a #1 NY Times bestseller
  • Bill O’Reilly’s “Tip Of The Day” was for people to stop eating wheat
  • Any time a network show mentions something about not eating wheat is shocking
  • Alec Baldwin’s July 2012 “Here’s The Thing” interview with Dr. Robert Lustig
  • We are starting to see that wheat-free/sugar-free is going more mainstream
  • People are realizing the low-fat diet has failed them…and that’s good!
  • Confused can be a good place to be when you are wrong because you find answers
  • Wheat Belly is a “safe” book because there’s no backlash like Atkins
  • Dr. Davis’ “Great Whole Grain Caper” 2012 Low-Carb Cruise lecture
  • Convincing people that wheat is bad is halfway to a low-carb diet
  • The Atkins diet these days tends to still have a “stigma” to it
  • The Atkins food company is what people are turned off by, not Dr. Atkins
  • Low-carb junk food is the death knell of the low-carb movement
  • Trading one form of junk for another form of junk is most of the problem
  • Dr. Atkins would be pushing a more whole foods diet if he were still here
  • Paleo has helped to push low-carb back into real whole foods
  • The LCHF movement in Sweden has been a great benefit to low-carb too
  • Atkins vs. the marketing of Atkins tend to be two radically different things
  • We need a new flag bearer to lead the charge for why low-carb is healthy
  • Without a clear definition of “low-carb” it makes it difficult to promote
  • It’s good that Sweden promotes low-carb, high-fat (LCHF) as what it means
  • It is better if there is no particular person or company representing low-carb
  • “Paleo template” flawed because it allows almost any interpretation
  • I hope the “vegan fanatic” mindset doesn’t take over Paleo–and it has!
  • There are people who think “you’re Paleo or you’re wrong” and that’s not good
  • Zealots don’t need to take over the movement with exclusionary thinking
  • At #AHS11, Tom said he heard rumblings that low-carbers shouldn’t be inviting
  • A consortium of low-carb researchers applied to speak at #AHS12 and turned down
  • What’s With The Antagonism About Low-Carb From The Paleo Community?
  • It’s gotten ridiculous with people think you must eat “safe starches”
  • This movement doesn’t need to start becoming fractured
  • Denise Minger gave the correct answer on “safe starches” on Low-Carb Cruise
  • There should be tiers of the low-carb diet that allows more flexibility
  • My current nutritional ketosis n=1 experiment that has taught me a lot
  • Eating too much protein can be an issue for people on a low-carb diet
  • Small tweaks may be all that’s needed to get back on track again
  • I made Tom some of my Keto eggs when I visited him
  • Why is the low-carb diet so hated and vilified as unhealthy by people?
  • Nick said he’s proud of eating low-carb and has seen success doing it
  • Tom says the vegan/vegetarians hate low-carb because it contains meat
  • An entire generation has grown up under “the low-fat paradigm” thinking it’s true
  • The fat-phobic conditioning by our culture is what needs to shift
  • If people embrace saturated fat, that’s the final hurdle to low-carb acceptance
  • The media tends to distort what the accurate low-carb diet is
  • Nick ordering six scoops of butter when he goes to a restaurant
  • Monique Forslund on the 2012 Low-Carb Cruise demanding her cream
  • Vegans, Paleo and low-carb have more in common with each other than not
  • We share eating real food, giving up sugar, wheat is unhealthy, etc.
  • The successful vegan studies show they give up many crappy processed foods
  • If you give up sugar, grains and vegetable oils, you’re 80% of the way there
  • Dairy, “safe starches” and meat are all “minutia differences”
  • Nick just got clucked by Kevin for saying a wordy dird on my podcast
  • Controversies in the low-carb community that Nick wants to address
  • Whether supplements are a good addition to your low-carb lifestyle
  • No matter how hard you try to live a Paleo lifestyle, we’re not gonna do it
  • We’re still eating foods from farms that are grown on depleted soil
  • It’s nearly impossible to get nutrients out of food like our grandparents did
  • There are iodine deficiencies in Midwestern locavores who don’t eat fish
  • Listen to David Gillespie in Episode 592 of The LLVLC Show
  • Vitamin D and fish oil are likely needed in most people’s diets
  • As you get older, you absorb fewer nutrients than you did when younger
  • Past the reproductive age, nature doesn’t really care about you anymore
  • The “low-carb bounce” where people tend to have weight “creep up” again
  • People think they’re eating well when in fact they’re really not
  • Net carbs is a big sham for people–measure total carbs to stay on track
  • Your fat cells are comfortable at a particular size and strive to be there
  • Fat cells rebel and want to get back to their natural size again
  • Our bodies were engineered for environments without food–now we have abundance
  • The metabolism differences between those who lose weight varies widely
  • Even if you lose weight, then your brain and habits also need to change too
  • Whether exercise is a good or bad thing while on a low-carb diet
  • Nick believes exercise needs to be a part of your weight loss regimen
  • The studies Gary Taubes references on exercise tend to be high-carb eaters
  • If you exercise and low-carb, then exercise does NOT make you hungrier
  • A lot of people eat less “spontaneously” on a low-carb diet because of satiety
  • It’d be great to see studies of exercise and satiety with people on low-carb
  • Biggest Loser mentality” puts the focus on exercise for weight loss
  • When you start feeling better on low-carb, then you’ll WANT to exercise
  • If you exercise when you’re already fatigued, it’ll jack up your cortisol
  • People who eat carbs are sugar-burners and low-carbers are fat-burners
  • Tom’s recent film footage discovery of when he was fat and a regular jogger
  • What kind of sugar substitutes are probably better for low-carbers
  • The sugar alcohol net carb thing is just a scam that needs to be avoided
  • Test your blood sugar to see how sugar alcohols impact YOU
  • Tom’s problem was never with sweets, but potatoes, pasta and rice
  • Other than stevia there’s really nothing out there that could be called “good”
  • What about fiber when you are eating a low-carb diet?
  • Fiber can come from vegetables and certainly doesn’t need to come from grains
  • Getting quality fat will help insure that you don’t get constipated
  • Green vegetables and almonds are “really high in fiber” for regularity
  • A lot of health advice like fiber is probably meant to promote whole grains
  • Listen to Konstantin Monastyrsky in Episode 199 of The LLVLC Show
  • Fiber is advertised as something that “fills you up” but fat works fine
  • Most of the fiber-based products promoted on the market are grain-filled
  • What about high cholesterol levels that seem to run rampant in low-carbers?
  • Knowing your total cholesterol is like knowing the end of a baseball game is 25
  • I’m writing a book on a layman’s perspective on reading cholesterol results
  • Tom: “I really don’t care if my total cholesterol is over 200.”
  • The average total cholesterol is 220 which is why recommended it listed at 200
  • Most of the increases in total cholesterol going over 200 in low-carbers is HDL
  • Tim Russert’s total cholesterol when he died was 105
  • If you’re concerned about high cholesterol, get a heart scan
  • The stunned reaction by doctors to high cholesterol and clean arteries
  • If your heart scan comes back 0, you don’t have to check again for 7 years
  • A lot of commercials during the Olympics advertising with McD’s, Coke & more
  • Tom likes to emphasize the “hyphen” in his URL for his blog

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    • Ad Ligtvoet

      Hi Jimmy,
      Congrats with your 600th show. Almost unreal how many lives you changed by somehow introducing them to healthy eating through all your guests knowledge.There is always some information that is usefull . I hope you will keep on going for a long time , and since the community is growing , I think there will be enough guests for the show .
      Btw ,I also reduced the protein intake myself while increasing the fat intake(have both ‘the art of…’books.Eating low carb for a few years now while never been overweight ,I reduced my bodyfat to an estimate 8-9% , kept my muscle mass , have an average BG of 4.2 mmol and never felt better at 48 . Being concious of what low carb means helped a bit (or more). Anyway ,have to listen to the podcast now.
      Keep changing the uninformed and stay healthy,
      ad ligtvoet

      • LLVLCBlog

        THANK YOU! I’m not going anywhere. 🙂

    • Lc

      Regarding low-Carb vs. Paleo…
      I grew up in a very rich and trendy area, and I know a lot of people who have gone paleo. What many people may not realize, is that these are the same people that were vegan a couple of years ago. And while they are all doing crossfit now, it was yoga and pilates before that. They tend to believe in the new trend 100%, until the next one comes along. They are very elitist. Of course I’m not generalizing about 100% of the paleo people, as many of them are just doing it because it is a really healthy way to eat. Admittedly, its more healthy than most of us low-carbers have been eating for years. I think you can pretty easily tell who is who in this movement. They are the ones who do not like low carb-ers, and think that they can’t learn anything from us dinosaurs.

    • Elwin Ransom

      Great job, Jimmy! You, Tom and Nick work well together. Lot’s of good, common sense info!

      • LLVLCBlog

        THANKS! That was so much fun.

    • Buttonwillow

      Great show, Jimmy. Nick did fine job. I think you should have him back some day. One of Nick’s subjects got me to thinking about attitudes toward low carb diets. When was the last time you saw the cover of a magazine meant for men that touted the latest diet? “Lose ten pounds by Summer” or “Bikini season on its way–drop a size”. That just doesn’t happen, but it is ubiquitous on women’s magazines. It’s pretty common that, when men want to diet, they just do it, they don’t talk about it with all their pals and pick up the latest issue of GQ to find out the latest diet fad. And if they diet, I think they are more likely to follow an eating regimen called Paleo or Primal, which recalls the time in human history when the physical virtues of strength & endurance were demanded of men in a way more urgently than they are today. If LCHF ways of eating are increasing in popularity, and I think they are, I believe some of it can be attributed to the increase of men who are willing to try a paleo-style diet, whether or not they say the D word (diet).

      • LLVLCBlog

        Nick was on my Low-Carb Conversations podcast previously and he did a stellar job. Had so much fun!

    • smgj

      Fantastic podcast with very good topics. A worthy winner and a great 600th celebration podcast.

      • LLVLCBlog

        THANK YOU! That was one of my favorite podcasts of all time. 😀