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The LLVLC Show (Episode 596): Intermittent Fasting Specialist Brad Pilon Makes The Case For IF


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In Episode 596 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore,” we have a fantastic guest in nutrition, fitness and intermittent fasting expert Brad Pilon! Just say the word “fasting” and most people’s knees begin to buckle. While the majority of Americans couldn’t imagine what it would be like to go without food for more than a few hours, the fact is it can be a lot easier than you think once you start fueling your body correctly. Brad knows the ins and outs of how this works and why it is so effective at providing not just weight loss, but real fat loss as well. Plus, intermittent fasting (aka IF) is shown to help boost your metabolism, maintain your testosterone levels and put on lean muscle mass.

He outlines the details of this plan for success in improving your health using intermittent fasting in his book Eat Stop Eat: The Ultimate Guide To Intermittent Fasting For Effortless Weight Loss And Lifelong Health. Several years ago I did a podcast about trying intermittent fasting, but I’ve since learned to enjoy using this strategy from time to time as a means for optimizing my healthy low-carb lifestyle. Listen in as Brad and I discuss the finer points of this strategy that intimidates the uninitiated but is the secret weapon of those who seek to maximize their health potential. ENJOY!

Listen to Brad Pilon discuss intermittent fasting:

  • His passion for nutrition was always there
  • Worked in a health food shop at 15
  • He got an undergrad degree in nutrition
  • His desire to have the “Thor” body
  • He worked in the supplement industry
  • He went back to school to study diet more
  • Fasting began to intrigue him as a crock
  • He had to challenge what he believed were true
  • His graduate work explored fasting benefits
  • He is now attempting to make this info accessible
  • IF is a creative way to keep calories limited
  • Fasting is “like an on/off switch” for your diet
  • Doing IF “redefines what dieting is” more than anything
  • Most diets people tend to “mess up” and feel failure
  • When you don’t eat all the time, you don’t think about it
  • Fasting doesn’t take any thought to go about doing it
  • The hardest lesson he learned about IF is stopping habits
  • So much of how we eat is based on habit and social cues
  • Fasting is all about realizing why we’re eating
  • Diets are “highly-personalized” to individuals
  • Recognize the “hot button foods” that you can/can’t eat
  • My current n=1 experiment on nutritional ketosis
  • The spontaneous intermittent fasting happening in me
  • It’s “smart to cut down on protein” to keep hunger down
  • One of the keys to keeping ketones high is a bit of IF
  • If I get hungry, then I will be eating
  • The great thing about fasting is discovering real hunger
  • My one-week fasting experience in April 2011
  • The longest fast he’s ever done is 72 hours
  • You learn how and when you emotionally eat
  • You also learn how “forced” eating can become
  • Social engagements make it “impossible” to avoid food
  • It can be “awkward” if you don’t eat at these moments
  • There’s “peer pressure” that forces you to eat crap
  • Eating is a way “to feel like you’re part of the group”
  • If you fast, people start to feel bad about themselves
  • A large part of food in our society is “celebration”
  • But food is now so accessible that it’s everywhere
  • Why he doesn’t bring Tupperware to a wedding/birthday party
  • If you eat a muffin going to work, that’s cake everyday
  • The weekly birthday celebrations at public schools
  • Does a celebration really NEED to have food in it
  • If your kid does a great job, they don’t need a cupcake
  • Save food for the “important times” in life and not always
  • There’s so much money to be made in food manufacturing
  • Getting consumers to eat more food is their primary goal
  • Making people eat at different times than they usually do
  • Nowadays, you are ENCOURAGED to eat food in a bookstore
  • A few decades ago, you only ate in the dining room/kitchen
  • There are different categories of food for “any occasion”
  • We all like food and marketing food is “incredibly easy”
  • Providing “cheap food” is simple and profitable
  • Any possible time of fitting a product in, we will
  • Taco Bell is promoting the “fourth meal” at midnight
  • Habit is “highly-entrained in you” to eat at certain times
  • It “becomes a physiological want or need” to eat regularly
  • Your body will learn to “expect food at that time”
  • His e-book is meant to “undo” those habitual eating cycles
  • IF helps build up flexibility in your diet again
  • The “hunger hiccups” that used to befall me when fasting
  • How he used to keep protein bars to eat every three hours
  • What about the “your metabolism will slow” mode of thinking
  • Losing metabolic impact of food digestion is a net positive
  • He’s no fan of doing an “every other day” fasting period
  • His plan is a 24-hour fast over a two-day period
  • You “sleep through the hardest part of the fast”
  • It’s not done everyday, but only 1-2 times weekly
  • You figure out what times to fast is right for you
  • How he changes up the times that he does his fast
  • “Tinker with your fast” to find the time right for you
  • You enter highest rate of fat-burning at the 16-hour mark
  • The size of the meal prior to your fast plays a role
  • 24 hours gives your body a chance to experience benefits
  • If you fast for more than 24 hours, it can “get difficult”
  • People who eat Paleo/low-carb have the best to buy-in to IF
  • Blood sugar level stabilization is helpful for being IF
  • People who have fasting trouble is guilt over not eating
  • The negative comments people make about IF as a “fad”
  • People who attack IF do so to promote a book or something
  • There are 240 references included in Eat Stop Eat
  • The science behind IF and eating too much is there
  • It’s not a secret about why this works (look up on PubMed)
  • There’s “very little Brad Pilon theory” in this e-book
  • I used to be no fan of intermittent fasting in 2006
  • The “natural intermittent fasting” on high-fat, low-carb
  • This has provided a secondary “whoosh” on my low-carb diet
  • The days he fasts is when he writes with clear thinking
  • Try his book for 3 days for just $9.99 to check it out

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    What did you think about the argument Brad Pilon makes for engaging in intermittent fasting? Respond to what you heard in my interview with him in the show notes section of Episode 596. Check out Brad’s Eat Stop Eat e-book and “Eat, BLOG, Eat” to stay on top of what’s going on with him. Coming up on Wednesday before taking a week off for the Ancestral Health Symposium in Boston, MA, I’ll be sharing my fun and engaging conversation with the incredible Diane Sanfilippo from “Balanced Bites” who is set to release her debut Paleo nutrition book/cookbook entitled Practical Paleo: A Customized Approach to Health and a Whole-Foods Lifestyle on Tuesday, August 7, 2012.

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    • Thanks for another fascinating interview, Jimmy!
      One thing though, I’m confused… you say at the end of the podcast that he is offering the e-book for $9.99, for 3 days, then if you like it you’ll get billed for the other $27. Huh?? I went to his site, and NOWHERE can I find that info. I read it several times. It just makes a special offer of $9.95, with an 8 week money back guarantee. Who’s right?? I sure don’t want to give my credit card info and then later be slammed for 27 more bucks, ya know?? 

      • LLVLCBlog

        Maybe he’s changed the deal since we recorded the interview. Looks like it is a great deal for you. Enjoy!

      •  I checked out the site too, and it just shows $9.95.  He sells his book through Clickbank, a huge affiliate network, and they easily side on the buyers side if anything wonky goes on with the sale. On the secure order form page, it says that the $9.95 is a one time payment and does not state that you will be billed 27 more dollars in 5 or 30 or however many days later like it would if this was just a trial price… so I would say the $9.95 is really the final special price he’s selling it at on this particular page. I’ve been an affiliate for a few Clickbank products in the past, and they definitely have a really good & easy refund policy if your not happy with your purchase or things are not as they were stated.

        • Hey, thanks for the info, Kevin. I think I’ll hop on over and get his book. 🙂