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The LLVLC Show (Episode 589): Scientist-Turned-Stay-At-Home ‘Paleo Mom’ Sarah Ballantyne


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In Episode 589 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore,” we welcome former medical researcher and current Paleo blogger Sarah Ballantyne to the podcast. What a thrill it is for us to have Sarah joining us in today’s exciting episode! She lost an incredible 120 pounds on a combination of a low-carb and Paleo lifestyle changes–the latter helping her fix the underlying health problems that had been habitually plaguing her throughout her life. Paleo got her autoimmune issues under control and now Sarah has an intense passion for helping others understand and embrace the science supporting Paleo living.

She formerly conducted medical research before deciding to become a full-time stay-at-home mom. That scientific knowledge and experience from her background inspired her to begin writing about what has happened to her life since learning more about nutrition and lifestyle at her “The Paleo Mom” blog. There she includes lots of information about living the Paleo lifestyle, including providing some amazing layman’s information about exercise, sleep, stress management, feeding kids, Paleo recipes, and so much more! Listen in as we discuss why she believes following a low-carb diet alone wasn’t enough for her to get healthy and what more she needed to do to restore her health completely.

Listen to Sarah Ballantyne share her low-carb/Paleo journey to health:

  • Check out Sarah in Episode 41 of “Low-Carb Conversations”
  • She received her PhD in medical biophysics in her 20s
  • Her research background wasn’t on nutrition, but inflammation
  • The medical background isn’t anything she thought she’d ever use
  • Why she decided to become a full-time stay-at-home mom
  • She thought she’d take time off and go back to work again
  • Her blog’s popularity has caused her to consider other options
  • She was an overweight teenager and turned to a low-carb diet
  • But the low-carb diet did not help her with her health issues
  • The Paleo diet helped her get off of six prescription medications
  • She had to find the autoimmune protocol to address all her issues
  • What made Paleo work so well for her when low-carb did not work
  • She ate a lot of peanut butter, peanuts, soy, and sugar substitutes
  • All of these foods helped continue her “leaky gut” issues
  • If she ever cheated on her diet, it was always with bread
  • Protein shakes and bars as well as diet soda were a problem
  • Some ingredients in these foods “exaggerate” autoimmune issues
  • She was eating a lot of “conventional meats” with omega-6 fats
  • The toxins stored in non-organic animal-based foods she consumed
  • Finding the food that’s right for you is “highly individual”
  • Non-starchy veggies and some fruit good for metabolically deranged
  • If you’re athletic and no metabolic issues, eat the starches
  • Low-carb is “really powerful for weight loss”
  • It’s not “sustainable or even necessary” to go below 100g daily
  • Paleo is not a weight loss diet; it’s a tool for achieving health
  • If you allow yourself to want to binge on sugar, it’s not good
  • What she thinks about the research supporting high-fat, low-carb
  • A healthy person shouldn’t be “dipping in an out of ketosis”
  • The occasional super low-carb day or intermittent fasting is good
  • Ketosis can “really stress the body” especially for women
  • Women have a greater cortisol response to ketosis than men
  • Paleo isn’t a “one-size-fits-all prescription”
  • It helps deal with a “huge range of health issues”
  • Even a “high-carb Paleo diet” is still pretty darn low-carb
  • People feel they have a “license” to eat more carbs on Paleo
  • The “cheat day” on a Paleo diet has “psychological aspects”
  • Allow yourself flexibility to eat what you can when you need it
  • There’s a need for self-experimentation and education on Paleo
  • People look for ways to “cheat” on Paleo like eating honey
  • My nutritional ketosis n=1 experiment
  • Her intermittent fasting experiment that led her to gain weight
  • There are varying “nuances” to this way of living
  • Sleep, stress, sun exposure–these can be bigger than even diet
  • Blood sugar testing is a great way to optimize your carb intake
  • She had gestational diabetes in her first pregnancy
  • During her pregnancy, she tested her blood four times daily
  • She realized she had pre-diabetes using a glucometer
  • The complications she saw diabetics had made her change her diet
  • She cleaned up her low-carb diet which then led her to Paleo
  • Protein can cause a “spike in insulin” if you eat too much of it
  • Play with carbohydrates first, protein next and then fat intake
  • Having hyperinsulinemia is “incredibly damaging” to your health
  • Take a problem and then subdivide it into “tiny pieces”
  • Build on the knowledge you learn from the little changes you make
  • There are many different factors that interplay with one another
  • People who mistakenly cut the fat on their low-carb/Paleo diet
  • Where are the true scientists in the field of nutrition?
  • On the surface, “eating fat makes you fat” seems to make sense
  • Fats are essential in making so many functions of health operate
  • Only the presence of sugar in the blood increases weight
  • Nutritional science is still very young and somewhat dogmatic
  • True science recognizes when past research may be incorrect
  • It will take “decades of methodical science” to vet out nutrition
  • The blood pressure medication story revealing research problems
  • It’s really difficult to “take back information”
  • The government incorrectly promotes a high-carb, low-fat diet
  • We must “talk to people” and “spread the information” to others
  • It has to happen at the grassroots level to apply “pressure”
  • Big corporations would lose a lot of money if Paleo thrived
  • There’s more and more science supporting Paleo coming up
  • The beliefs that people have about nutrition that are wrong
  • We need to focus on changing “generations” with correct nutrition
  • Teach our kids the Paleo concepts to make this “common knowledge”
  • Change as many lives now but it needs to be “long-term”
  • It will take another generation to correct the diet mistakes
  • Tell your friends, neighbors, and everyone about nutrition
  • The food culture we live in with horrible carb-laden foods
  • Eating Paleo can be extremely “socially isolating”
  • Share your own personal experiences with others about Paleo
  • If they’re not receptive, then go on to the next person
  • There’s plenty of blogs, books and podcasts to share the science
  • Once people feel healthy, they’re excited, enthusiastic and happy
  • Paleo changed her mood from being “flat” to now having “fun”
  • She suddenly started “enjoying life more” after losing 120 pounds
  • Going off of medications she took for 12 years was a huge boost
  • Her Paleo experience helps her connect with people initially
  • We will get the information to “overwhelm” the misinformation

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    What did you think about the concepts you heard from Sarah Ballantyne today? Do you agree with her assessment about low-carb diets? Give us your feedback in the show notes section of Episode 589. Don’t miss Sarah’s sensational “The Paleo Mom” blog for more information about her weight loss/health success story and to keep up with her latest posts on nutrition and health. Coming up on Tuesday, we welcome naturopathic physician Dr. Dae Jones who is a strong proponent of healthy low-carb living! Her book Daelicious! Recipes for Vibrant Living shows you how easy it is to incorporate this way of eating into your normal, everyday life. Then on Wednesday, I’m pleased to have a personal trainer named Angela Ross joining us sharing about her much-needed new book The Glucometer: A Self-Empowering Tool to a Healthy and Lean Body explaining the importance of regularly testing your blood sugar as a key measurement of your health. I’ve been advocating people get a blood glucose monitor for years and now Angela has written a book about it detailing all you need to know about this little device for being healthy and fit. What a fabulous week of low-carb podcasting!

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