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The LLVLC Show (Episode 584): Bob Wieder Offers Up ‘115 Reasons Why It’s Not Your Fault If You’re Fat’


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In Episode 584 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore,” we have the great privilege of welcoming a freelance health writer and all-around funnyman named Bob Wieder from 115Reasons.com. Sometimes you just gotta laugh at the mess we find ourselves in. While skyrocketing rates are no laughing matter, some of the reasons (and excuses) given for how and why we got this way can certainly be comical. CalorieLab.com columnist Bob Weider knows a thing or two about obesity and being funny and decided to combine these two passions in a Kindle e-book on the subject entitled 115 Reasons Why It’s Not Your Fault If You’re Fat: Justifications, Rationalizations, Excuses, and Extenuating Circumstances for the Not Exactly Thin.

As you might imagine, anything and everything is on the table in this book pointing the finger at your mom, biology, family, school, where you live, other fat people, society, lifestyle choices, your job, the auto industry, chemical industry, food and beverage industry, government, God, and whoever else we can find to blame. It’s both and eye-opening and convicting book that pokes fun at the weight loss culture we live in these days and why obesity is still such a real health problem. Listen in as Bob and I explore some of the more intriguing reasons why you became fat and the state of obesity in modern times.

Listen to Bob Wieder share why obesity runs rampant:

  • When he semi-retired he found CalorieLab job on Craig’s List
  • He knew the subject of weight loss wasn’t going away
  • There are so many forces at work against managing weight
  • Why the original title was supposed to be 99 reasons
  • Eating habits are now tied to the color of your plate
  • If he were to write this book again, he’d focus on children
  • By the time you’re 10, adult obesity is already determined
  • Being overweight is “death of a thousand small cuts”
  • His pet peeve is the TV food advertising to kids
  • Kids are consuming 22 teaspoons of sugar a day
  • Food industry is fighting schools over sugar bans
  • Sarah Johnson‘s farm-to-school program in New York
  • One of the biggest obesity culprits is the microwave
  • Food is so available at our disposal today
  • We’re surrounded by “food-like substances” and not real food
  • Companies removed the fat but replaced it with more sugar
  • People’s attitudes are changing, but it’s “an uphill battle”
  • Television is constantly showing cooking demonstrations
  • Paleo Food Trucks offer up better food options
  • Something’s gotta give between healthcare costs and obesity
  • “Quirky” things that make you more susceptible to obesity
  • Sugar lights up the same receptor sites as opiates
  • You can literally be addicted to sugar like hard drugs
  • The high-carb continental breakfast served at hotels
  • His concern over bacon being heavily marketed at all meals
  • Getting around everywhere in a car has made us less active
  • The imagery from the movie WALL-E is coming true
  • The “comfort foods” that replace a drug/alcohol addict
  • You eat about 150 more calories eating out than at home
  • “Supersizing has been a killer” and it’s more starch/sugar
  • The “deep fat fryer has been the death of a lot of us”
  • If you shop with credit cards you’ll be apt to buy more food
  • Appetizers are “the real calorie bombs” and a moneymaker
  • Real profit-making at restaurants is drinks and appetizers
  • The cheap starches are also what they use to make money
  • The stigma from being fat “lowers your self-worth”
  • These people turn to “feel better foods” to cope with it
  • People faithfully avoid dietary fat but they’re still obese
  • It’s very difficult to lose weight permanently
  • We need to focus on preventing obesity before it happens
  • Next book: 115 Ways You Can Make It Easier To Lose Weight

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    What did you think about Bob Wieder’s ideas about obesity and how we got there? Give us what tickled your fancy about the interview in the show notes section of Episode 584. Pick up a copy of 115 Reasons Why It’s Not Your Fault If You’re Fat and read Bob’s CalorieLab.com columns. Coming up on Wednesday, I’ll be sharing one of the most compelling interviews I’ve conducted in quite a long time when I welcome lipidologist Dr. Thomas Dayspring to the show. You might recall this video series by Specialty Health a few months back featuring Dr. Dayspring and Gary Taubes discussing various aspects of health and how carbohydrates are at the center of attention with most chronic health problems. This is one interview you won’t want to miss!

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