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The LLVLC Show (Episode 583): Paleo Food Truck Owners Shelby Malaterre, Bob Montgomery And June Sinclair


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In Episode 583 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore,” we have a trio of guests who have taken their passion for healthy living into a whole new realm of possibility. When your life has been radically changed through a shift to a healthy Paleo/low-carb way of eating, then you can’t help but want to share this good news with everyone you come into contact with. And while most people tend to start blogs, make YouTube videos, record podcasts or other conventional methods for educating others about this nutritional plan, it’s quickly obvious that Shelby Malaterre, Bob Montgomery and June Sinclair are not most people. Wanna know how they are being champions for the Paleo/low-carb lifestyle? FOOD TRUCKS! No kidding, they’ve created food trucks where they live to educate the people in their respective neighborhoods about how to eat delicious and nutritious meals without all the carbage.

Shelby Malaterre runs the “Caveman Truck” in the Indianapolis, Indiana area with his unique “Pal Leo” caveman character plastered across the side of his food truck. Bob Montgomery and June Sinclair are the masterminds behind the “Not So Fast!” Food Truck in the San Diego, California area putting the focus on quality fresh local foods to nourish the bodies of the fortunate customers who get to frequent their business. It’s a novel idea and there are currently less than a half-dozen Paleo/low-carb food trucks in operation across the United States. But these enthusiastic Paleo food truck owners are hoping that they are on the ground floor of an incredible trend that is sure to take America by storm. Listen in to Jimmy’s fun conversation with these innovators looking to make a difference for the sake of Paleo/low-carb living!

Listen to these Paleo food truck owners share their passion:

  • The popularity of food trucks on The Food Network
  • Why Shelby decided to start a food truck of all things
  • His desire to always start a business of some sort
  • When he had the “Paleo switch” happen he had to do this
  • He knew about Paleo for many years, but got serious in 2012
  • It was going to be a “diet” but it turned into a “lifestyle”
  • Bob and June started on primal in January 2012
  • Bob went low-carb about 7 years ago and bounced around
  • He found Paleo/primal was “life-changing” and not a fad
  • Their bodies felt different after eating this way
  • He’s been working in restaurants for years
  • The dream was to always own his own business
  • Whether they’d take their trucks to The Food Network
  • June says people are “curious” about Paleo/primal now
  • The news in the LA area contacted her about their food truck
  • “Caveman Diet” Helps People Get in Shape
  • People want to be shown how to eat “good healthy food”
  • Dr. Kim Mulvihill’s report: What’s In The Paleo Diet?
  • The LA TV station wants to put them on their morning show
  • Food truck movement is taking off while Paleo popularity soars
  • Other Paleo food trucks in Miami, Denver, Portland, Seattle
  • Whether they are making a network to find Paleo food trucks
  • What kind of food is served on a Paleo food truck?
  • They tried making the entire menu Paleo/primal friendly
  • Sandwiches automatically come with a lettuce wrap
  • You can get into nutritious foods that people aren’t used to
  • All sauces are made from scratch daily
  • Their “Meaty Cakes” that are meatloaf muffins
  • They don’t use vegetable oils but coconut and avocado oils
  • Eating this way is not cheap, but it’s worth the money
  • The grass-fed burger is $8.50 with locally-sourced veggies
  • Sourcing foods locally is easier and more cost-efficient
  • Shelby visits the farmer’s markets in Indiana finding food
  • He’s selling a lot of breakfast foods lately
  • A lot of SAD diet eaters ask where the bread is
  • What the non-Paleo people think about the food truck
  • The “Pal Leo” character he uses on the side of his truck
  • Explaining how bacon is better than foods with gluten
  • Young children love the logo and he caters birthday parties
  • Shelby could be the first Paleo truck with a mascot
  • People are so open in California to try new things
  • There’s no surprise when food is served without a bun
  • The best thing is when people try new foods and love it
  • There’s been a shift to more health-conscious food options
  • Moving the healthy food “onto 4 wheels” is new and exciting
  • Visiting a food truck is “doable on your 30-minute break”
  • Their Paleo food trucks are “redefining health”
  • Getting initial buy-in will get people interested in Paleo
  • They’ll never go back to the SAD diet again
  • You can actually “benefit” from eating at a Paleo food truck
  • Eating at a Paleo food truck is “nourishment on the go!”

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    How did you like this interview with Shelby Malaterre, Bob Montgomery and June Sinclair talking about their Paleo food trucks? Tell us what you thought in the show notes section of Episode 583. Check out Shelby’s Caveman Truck and Bob and June’s Not So Fast! Food Truck. Coming up on Tuesday we have a fun time with a hilarious journalist named Bob Weider who regularly writes columns for CalorieLab.com and is the author of a brand new Kindle e-book that you might find interesting called 115 Reasons Why It’s Not Your Fault If You’re Fat. And finally on Wednesday, I’ll be sharing one of the most compelling interviews I’ve conducted in quite a long time when I welcome lipidologist Dr. Thomas Dayspring to the show. You might recall this video series by Specialty Health a few months back featuring Dr. Dayspring and Gary Taubes discussing various aspects of health and how carbohydrates are at the center of attention with most chronic health problems. This is one interview you won’t want to miss!

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