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The LLVLC Show (Episode 571): Dr. Dwight Lundell Reacts To Media Attention Of His Column ‘What Really Causes Heart Disease’


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In Episode 571 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore,” we welcome back a cardiovascular and thoracic surgeon who bucks conventional wisdom regarding heart health named Dr. Dwight Lundell who wrote a book about it that we discussed in Episode 280 in August 2009 called The Cure For Heart Disease. In March 2012, a column was published online at a web site called Signs Of The Times entitled “Heart Surgeon Speaks Out On What Really Causes Heart Disease” that totally took Dr. Lundell by surprise. It was based on a newsletter he had sent out and someone at Signs Of The Times decided to publish it under his name and put it out there on the Internet. I probably received the link to this essay by Dr. Lundell from literally hundreds of people through my e-mail, Facebook page and on Twitter. In fact, several people asked me if I would interview him on my podcast–I already had in 2009! But now Dr. Lundell is back for another visit to talk about this newfound fame that got him noticed quite prominently in the media, including Rush Limbaugh reading Dr. Lundell’s column on the air to his millions of nationwide listeners. Listen in as I speak with Dr. Lundell about how all of this transpired literally out of nowhere to help put the message that saturated fat and cholesterol aren’t the causes of heart disease–but rather carbohydrates are. ENJOY!

Listen to Dr. Dwight Lundell react to recent publicity about his work:

  • It’s “been a lot of fun” seeing the new discovery of his work
  • The Internet has opened up the floodgates to information
  • He has “no idea” how any of this attention happened
  • His newsletter and Facebook page where he disseminates info
  • Why people are starting to understand about heart disease
  • You’d have to be “blind or stupid” to not know what’s right
  • Doctors are doing what they were taught to do
  • Pharmaceutical companies have done a great job of pushing pills
  • The science is being ignored because “we’ve reached a consensus”
  • He came along in the era of the coronary bypass surgery
  • He could never understand how cholesterol led to disease
  • Why statins have become so ubiquitous in “curing” heart disease
  • The number-fudging done by Ancel Keys to create diet/heart hypothesis
  • “Fake science and politics” created a huge problem
  • The Food Pyramid was borne and now exists in the form of MyPlate
  • Is MyPlate a crime against humanity for making us fatter, sicker
  • Somebody has to step up at some point and call for a change
  • It’s not a healthcare system, it’s a “sick care” system instead
  • The public is so trusting of the research studies that come out
  • Dietary Guidelines can no longer be defended based on prestige
  • Episode 568 on the gastric bypass “curing” diabetes
  • Gastric bypass “punishes” you for eating a high-carb diet
  • My interview with my mom’s gastric bypass surgery failure
  • Former Vice-President Dick Cheney has a heart transplant
  • Cheney’s history of going through heart disease over the years
  • He followed the low-fat, high-carb diet and high-dose statins
  • This example is both a thrilling success and a dismal failure
  • Former President Bill Clinton’s diet is probably low-carb by default
  • The importance of getting a heart scan conducted to measure calcium
  • We need a test that tells us if a plaque is getting ready to rupture
  • How we change public perception about the dangers of carbs
  • Treating heart health by controlling post-prandial hyperglycemia
  • Inflammation is the mechanism of heart disease
  • The cause of inflammation is injury to the blood vessels
  • Most common injury comes from high blood sugar five times daily
  • Complications suffered by people with diabetes not surprising
  • What his thoughts are about the idea of “safe starches”
  • White rice/potatoes are “worse than sugar” because all glucose
  • Whole grains are actually a simple carb, not complex as thought
  • Whatever food raises your blood sugar above normal does damage
  • The only way you can know how a food impacts you is to test
  • Why a glucose tolerance test should be higher to mimic real world
  • It’s disappointing to see parents feeding their kids huge carbs
  • What it is about carbohydrates that make them uniquely addictive
  • The cravings that make it very difficult to do low-carb
  • The step-down vs. cold turkey approach to reducing carbohydrates
  • Incremental approach is “cutting your tail an inch at a time”
  • The QuackWatch criticisms of Dr. Dwight Lundell
  • QuackWatch has their own set of critics and “they deserve them”
  • Nobody likes to be criticized and “medicine even less”
  • When he started speaking out, he became a target after retiring
  • Accusations were made by Arizona Medical Board after his book released
  • He admits that there were mistakes made, but this was “pure retribution”
  • He’s happy to do what he’s doing and will “ignore it and move on”

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    How did you like what you heard from Dr. Dwight Lundell today? Give us your thoughts about it in the show notes section of Episode 571. Pick up a copy of Dr. Lundell’s The Cure For Heart Disease and learn more about his work at TheCureForHeartDisease.net. Coming up next week we keep the podcasts rolling along with three more fabulous interviews for you to enjoy! On Monday, we welcome a singer named Anthony D’Amato who has lost a whopping 200 pounds following a low-carbohydrate nutritional plan. Be prepared to be inspired! Then on Tuesday, I’ll have an author named Nancy Kennedy on to discuss a book that features my story and other weight loss success stories in it entitled How We Did It: Weight Loss Choices that Will Work for YOU. And then on Wednesday, I’m pleased to share with you the work of Dan Pardi from “Dan’s Plan” who is helping people learn to eat, sleep and move better in order to maximize their health. It’ll be another fun set of interviews to share on “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show” next week!

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