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The LLVLC Show (Episode 569): There’s So Much More To Dave Asprey Than His Famous ‘Bulletproof Coffee’


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In Episode 569 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore,” we are pleased to welcome one of the most unique health bloggers I’ve ever come across. Much in the same vein as some of my previous podcast guests such as Tim Ferriss, Seth Roberts and Richard Nikoley, self-experimentation is taken to a whole new level with entrepreneur and personal biohacker Dave Asprey from “The Bulletproof Executive.” You’ve probably already heard about Dave but you know him better as the man behind “Bulletproof Coffee” which uses Kerrygold grass-fed butter to create a powerful morning cup of joe. But there’s so much more to this man of mystery than meets the eye.

Dave could have just as easily called his web site “The Counterintuitive Executive” because virtually everything he has seen happening to his own body through $250,000 worth of experiments and tests over a 15-year period have trumped what conventional wisdom says is supposed to happen. He lost over 100 pounds consuming 4500 calories a day and no exercise. He increased his IQ by more than 20 points. He conditioned his body to thrive on less than four hours of sleep at night. He discovered what it takes to be focused and ready for any situation in just one week. All of this sounds like a late-night informercial ad for some new supplement product, but it’s just Dave Aspry sharing what he does best–the lessons he has learned along the way (which includes healthy low-carb Paleo living, by the way!) to help others discover more about themselves as well. He shares about what he has learned in his popular new health podcast entitled Upgraded Self-Radio along with his intelligent co-host Armi Legge. ENJOY this enlightening interview!

Listen to Dave Asprey share about his many experiments to “upgrade” his body:

  • How he was “kind of an obese kid” and sick growing up
  • He noticed in his mid-20s how he couldn’t concentrate eating low-calorie
  • Why he fired his doctor and then spent $250,000 on various tests on himself
  • He slept less than 4 hours per night for two years straight
  • How he got a six-pack without doing any exercise
  • He attempted a raw vegan diet and “it works for a while”
  • There’s maybe an excess of fiber and the wrong kind of oils with veganism
  • He added back in meat with his raw diet and ate raw beef, chicken, etc.
  • Meat is healthier if it is fresh and raw, but it’s “a lot of work”
  • His current diet is full of a variety of fresh foods
  • Our bodies should run on a diet that helps our “engine” run well
  • Former podcast guest Marshall Deutsch on the “fat nocebo” effect
  • A third of his content is on stress-management and cognitive performance
  • Gut problems can solve themselves when you use a $200 device
  • Train yourself in a month to control your heart rate with M-Wave 2
  • It gives you more alpha brain waves when you breathe correctly
  • How he’d never heard of Paleo or primal when he created his Bulletproof Diet
  • Why the Bulletproof Diet really isn’t Paleo (and yet it is!)
  • The major differences between the Bulletproof Diet and Paleo
  • Why he embraces sugar alcohols and “the flavor sweet”
  • His love for the use of xylitol and erythritol in cooking
  • Raw honey is a great way to get “higher quality sleep in less time”
  • Consume 3-4 teaspoons of raw honey just prior to going to bed
  • If you eat low-carb, this will not kick you out of ketosis
  • How he spent $99 using an at-home sleep machine to monitor his sleep
  • Why raw honey is better for glycogen through the liver than white potato
  • A reader sent him an fascinating book called The Honey Revolution
  • Using raw honey “medicinally” three nights a week for better sleep
  • How he performed getting only five hours of sleep nightly
  • He finished a book and got a promotion at his work during this time
  • Sleeping less “enabled” him to be able to get more done
  • If someone sleeps 9 hours a night then “there’s a problem” going on
  • Sleeping 6 1/2 hours nightly have better longevity than 8 hours a night
  • How his young children were his homemade “alarm” clock to get him up
  • He didn’t walk around “like a zombie” all day although he was tired at times
  • His job performance was good and he found his cortisol levels dropped
  • He consumed a “very high-fat, 4500-calorie diet” and lost 100 pounds
  • How he still only gets an average of five hours of sleep nightly
  • His desire to “put a nail in the calorie thing” with his high-calorie intake
  • Gary Taubes’ book called “bull****” on calories in, calories out
  • Why people still believe in the calorie hypothesis
  • His kids are “so healthy” and enjoy gnawing on a stick of Kerrygold butter
  • His Better Baby Book project set to release
  • The “utter chaos” going on inside of his head before hacking himself
  • The foods that you need to consume to heal and function well
  • How he “put an upgrade” into place with him and his wife to get pregnant
  • The genesis of his Bulletproof Coffee concept
  • His visit to Tibet where they drank fresh yak butter in their hot tea
  • He felt “awesome” consuming that and decided to try it in coffee instead
  • He’s long been a coffee guy but gave it up because he “felt like crap”
  • Modern coffee is produced in such high volume that it contains “toxins”
  • Coffee people know about flavor, but they don’t know about toxins
  • He launched Upgraded Coffee to produce toxin-free coffee
  • The many testimonials of people who consumed Bulletproof Coffee on Twitter
  • A high-fat, caffeinated drink that keeps you satisfied for hours
  • Why Kerrygold grassfed butter and not coconut oil in the Bulletproof Coffee
  • Grassfed, cultured butter gives “a phenomenal effect on your body”
  • Getting butyrate in your body is the key health benefit of the butter
  • The things that are “bordering on magic” with Bulletproof Coffee
  • How he grew a six-pack without exercise because of inhibiting mTOR
  • Your body thinks it is intermittent fasting when drinking Bulletproof Coffee
  • Eliminating mycotoxins is a key part of optimizing your health
  • 91.7% of coffee from South America contains mycotoxins in it
  • How he might have 1000 calories with his Bulletproof Coffee in the morning
  • When he has protein with his Bulletproof Coffee he gets hungrier faster
  • Taking an international flight, he deliberately doesn’t eat on the flight
  • To turn on your prefrontal cortex, you have to eat animal fat and flesh
  • Don’t eat animals that were tortured or fed crap–but eat the meat!
  • Add creatine to your supplements if you are over the age of 30
  • The “Bulletproof Mindware” software that improves your mind
  • If you show your brain how to work better, it will work better to spite you
  • Increasing your creativity and intuition through training your brain
  • His popular “Upgraded Self-Radio” podcast on iTunes

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    How did you like what you heard from Dave Asprey today? Sound off about Bulletproof Coffee and his wild biohacking experiments in the show notes section of Episode 569. Get full details about Dave’s work at BulletproofExec.com. Coming up on Tuesday we’ll have a man named Jonathan Bailor here sharing more about a book that compiles information from over 10,000 nutritional health studies called The Smarter Science Of Slim: What the Actual Experts Have Proven About Weight Loss, Dieting, & Exercise, Plus, The Harvard Medical School Endorsed Program To Burn Fat Permanently. Then on Wednesday, it’ll be a true honor to welcome back to the show after a three year absence a man who has been getting a lot of media attention in recent weeks named Dr. Dwight Lundell. He is the author of The Cure For Heart Disease and you might have seen this article that’s been making the rounds in the social media and giving the high-fat, low-carb message for heart health a much-needed boost. Check out my original podcast with Dr. Lundell in Episode 280 and don’t miss what he has to say about this recent attention his work has been receiving as of late.

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