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The LLVLC Show (Episode 567): Dean Dwyer Helps You ‘Make Shift Happen’ In Weight And Health Pursuits


In Episode 567 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore,” we are pleased to have primal blogger, weight loss success and first-time author Dean Dwyer from the “Being Primal” blog with us sharing about his exciting new debut book release entitled Make Shift Happen: Change How You Look By Changing How You Think. Dean is one of the newcomers on the Paleo/primal/low-carb scene and is a fascinatingly interesting man I have been privileged to befriend and know. He burst on to the scene in 2011 with his trademark oddball sense of humor that he has used early and often on his active Twitter page and blog. It quickly became apparent that Dean wasn’t like most bloggers who enter the health scene–there’s some genuine depth and meaning to the work he is doing. He was able to literally transform his body and his life from a path leading nowhere into one with meaning, purpose and an end goal in mind.

But Dean would be the first to admit that the change he experienced–or “shift” as he so aptly puts it in the title of his book–began in that space between his ears. And that’s what his book Make Shift Happen is really all about. Listen in as Dean and I jibber-jabber about the struggles people go through losing weight, the mind changes that must happen in order to go forward in your health pursuits, and so much more. Hopefully you’ll be able to tell that we have become good friends over the past year with a mutual respect for each other’s work–and you never know what’s gonna happen when you put us in an interview together! ENJOY this fun-filled conversation!

Listen to Dean Dwyer share how you can “make shift happen”:

  • The panel at PaleoFX where he wore striped shorts and a T-shirt
  • Dean on Episode 22 of “Low-Carb Conversations” podcast
  • His 25-year struggle with his weight that he “couldn’t figure out”
  • He thought he could diet and exercise his way out of the problem
  • His vegetarian experience until his November 2010 “moment of clarity”
  • The influence of Mark Sisson on him finding Paleo
  • He has been heavily engaged in social networking in the past year
  • The Paleo/low-carb community needs to do a better job of responding
  • Robb Wolf was “fantastic with people” at PaleoFX and “genuine”
  • The people in the health community who want to “tear others down”
  • Frustration over people who “cut up other people’s work”
  • People who don’t monitor the comments on their blogs
  • It can get “hurtful” when you allow negativity to remain unchallenged
  • When you allow one negative comment, it invites others to do the same
  • People should have to use their credit card to make comments accountable
  • We should call out people who are bringing the message down
  • What the deal with the “make shi(f)t happen” phrase is about
  • It’s always important to “stay who we are” and be ourselves
  • The origin of the book was about the “shifts” he was making
  • He journaled what he has been learning and wanted to share those
  • His frustration that nobody was addressing the issues he dealt with
  • Diet books are all virtually the same and lacking understanding
  • People need “a different model” to look at things from another standpoint
  • He wrote the book that he wanted to read to help others
  • His basic philosophy that “nobody knows you better than you”
  • He decided to “become the expert on me” to change his life
  • He always expected “someone else to solve my problems”
  • The embracement of n=1 testing to see what’s right for the individual
  • People have a “fear of failure” that prevents them from trying anything
  • This is not a “journey of perfection” but it’s actually the reverse
  • Taking n=1 to the next level by getting “real time data” online
  • The desire to have a web database for people to add their n=1 tests
  • Wile E. Coyote is the “perfect example” of perseverance despite failure
  • Putting failures behind you quickly and moving forward is critical
  • We beat ourselves up pretty good and can be our own worst enemy
  • When you want ice cream, think about the root cause of why you want it
  • The stereotype that being overweight means you have a “character flaw”
  • His great plan for going backwards with the chapters of the book
  • How Gary Taubes influenced his thinking on people with obesity
  • Maybe weight gain and lack of energy are symptoms, not character flaws
  • “Willpower” isn’t something you can pick up and set down
  • How his body didn’t look the part even when he was eating vegetarian
  • Maybe we’re not to blame and there are other things to consider
  • How long will people do something that isn’t working (failed diet plan)
  • It doesn’t make sense to keep doing something that doesn’t get results
  • Details about his “lean thinking” concept in our entire lives
  • Why he reads a lot of business books to learn about change
  • Figuring out how to manage every facet of your life is important
  • He’s tried to “cut back” on the clutter in his life
  • To become an expert takes about 10,000 hours of investment
  • It’s a 10-year journey to truly learn everything you need to know
  • Being an expert doesn’t necessarily mean “perfection”
  • Experts have all the answers (NOPE!) and never struggle (YES THEY DO!)
  • People need to be more honest about their health and weight struggles
  • Failure is something we should invite to learn from our mistakes
  • The fear of being vulnerable and inviting ridicule from others
  • Even guys can deal with “emotional eating” just like women
  • Increase in “haters” that visit your blog when you become more popular
  • Lots of hate is present in the comments on YouTube
  • Why he takes the occasional “odd” comment off of his blog
  • Who he found to be the perfect author of the foreword for his book

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    What did you think about what you heard from Dean Dwyer? Give us your feedback about it in the show notes section of Episode 567. Grab your copy of Make Shift Happen: Change How You Look by Changing How You Think that’s hot off the presses today and be sure to bookmark and visit Dean’s awesome “Being Primal” blog. Coming up on Wednesday, we’ll have two of the leading voices in bariatrics and low-carb diets when we welcome Dr. Eric Westman and Dr. Mary Vernon from the American Society of Bariatric Physicians (ASBP) to discuss the recent study touting gastric bypass weight loss surgery as the “cure” for Type 2 diabetes. Get full details about this new study from two prominent practitioners using carbohydrate-restriction for their obese and diabetic patients and learn about the upcoming ASBP/Nutrition & Metabolism Society conference in Denver, Colorado April 18-22, 2012. More details on this meeting as well as a special low-carb meet-and-greet with me coming soon.

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