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The LLVLC Show (Episode 564): Stefani ‘Paleo Pepper’ Ruper Brings A Refreshing Irreverence To The Paleo Community


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In Episode 564 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore,” we are pleased to welcome Paleo health blogger Stefani Ruper from the “Paleo Pepper” blog. Stefani has quite the journey to share about how she came to the Paleo diet in 2010. From sugar addiction to vegetarianism that led her down the path to Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), she describes her switch to Paleo as “a truly transformative experience.” Nowadays she expresses her displeasure with the way food is promoted in America and the typical stereotypes that surround food (i.e. meat is for men and only women love chocolate). She’s unafraid to share EXACTLY how she really feels on her popular “Paleo Pepper” blog where a few “f” bombs are dropped here and there that would even make Richard Nikoley blush. Thanks to the education and influence from books by former podcast guests like Nora Gedgaudas and Mark Sisson, Stefani has found her way and is sharing it with the world in the only way she knows how–being herself! ENJOY this enlightening and engaging conversation with a woman who cuts through the BS and understands what you’re going through.

Listen to Stefani Ruper share her unique take on Paleo living:

  • Her vegetarian streak that happened during college
  • She grew up in a conservative environment and rebelled in college
  • She ate a “practically no-fat” vegetarian diet
  • Forgoing the fat was likely the “most detrimental” part
  • She lost 30 pounds suddenly eating a very low-calorie diet
  • Exercising incessantly on a regular basis
  • Her mother was watching her torture herself losing weight
  • Her mom told her about the book Primal Body Primal Mind
  • The skepticism she had about Paleo because of her vegetarian beliefs
  • Her 180-degree change from vegetarianism to Paleo
  • What the “Pepper” part of her blog name is about
  • She was inspired to start her blog listening to Melissa McEwen
  • Her desire to be at the Ancestral Health Symposium in August
  • She’s not aspiring to be Denise Minger or Melissa McEwen
  • How she brings out topics that aren’t usually talked about
  • Her exposure of something she calls “disordered eating”
  • It’s not just a female problem, men deal with it too
  • What the major hangup is of the people who write to her
  • Why she doesn’t copy and paste her email responses
  • Her desire to communicate to people that they’re not alone
  • The “sense of camaraderie” she builds with her readers
  • Her recent “little plea” to keep her blog up and running
  • She’s “very serious” about wanting to help people
  • The low-carb diet is especially effective
  • Carbohydrates are just too “addictive” to consume
  • Rats experience physical withdrawal symptoms from sugar
  • Rats consuming high amounts of fat are satisfied
  • Just going “cold turkey” on consuming sugar is probably best
  • Food is tied up in body image, control and self-loathing
  • Self-forgiveness and loving yourself is an absolute must
  • Avoiding negative thoughts and never look in the mirror
  • Slowly change your behavior and laugh more to lighten up
  • Keep your eyes on progress and inch forward in your journey
  • The pressure put on people to attain a level of perfection
  • Her philosophy background and her future career aspirations
  • Using your brain to make sense of this world is her theme
  • She sees herself always loving and engaging the Paleo community
  • How she never wanted to give up her “perfect body”
  • Her PCOS diagnosis nine months after beginning Paleo
  • Her irregular menstruation that she always dealt with
  • She got “really horrific cystic acne” and no sex drive
  • Playing with different foods to deal with acne impacted PCOS
  • The low-carb diet is “crucial” for many people with PCOS
  • High testosterone in women causes lots of health issues
  • Lowering insulin levels will improve the testosterone levels
  • Her concern with Robb Wolf‘s assertion to “just take iodine”
  • Hypothyroidism directly leads to PCOS
  • She was “hospitalized for iodine toxicity” in Taiwan
  • Supplementing with iodine is not smart with autoimmune disease
  • The connection that acne has to insulin levels
  • Women suffer with adult acne because insulin drives it
  • The acne “pulses with your cycle” each month
  • Getting testosterone under control for women improves acne
  • Lowering testosterone also raises estrogen in women
  • Ovulation happens for women when normalizing hormones
  • The frequent “f”-bombs she uses on her blog
  • She makes no apologies for the way she writes her blog
  • How I found her on her Twitter page
  • The independent streak she lives her life by

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