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The LLVLC Show (Episode 563): Dr. Jeffrey Gerber Details The Low-Carb Connection To Fat Reform


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In Episode 563 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore,” we welcome back to the podcast (listen to my previous interview with him in Episode 126) a physician who refers to himself as “Denver’s Diet Doctor”–Dr. Jeffry Gerber! Dr. Gerber is a man on a mission in his hometown of Denver, Colorado because he’s a strong believer in the nutritional principles of carbohydrate-restriction. He has set his eyes on making dramatic changes to the way we go about treating obesity in the United States by embarking on a lecture entitled “Fat Reform, Obesity, Food Politics, The Cost Of Healthcare, The Perils Of Dietary Carbohydrates” in which he outlines how dietary carbohydrates like whole grains that are promoted by government agencies such as the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) are actually leading to higher healthcare costs because of the long-term health consequences associated with obesity and chronic disease that come from eating these very foods deemed as “healthy.” There’s a serious need for reform in the way we treat obesity in America that needs to take place and Dr. Gerber is certainly doing his part to help make that happen through his many lectures on the subject. Listen in to hear him share his vision for bringing about a much-needed paradigm shift in the way people view the benefits that come from being on a low-carb diet.

You can watch Dr. Gerber’s one-hour lecture on this topic here:


Listen to Dr. Jeffry Gerber share his ideas for “Fat Reform”:

  • He’s known about the “other Dr. Gerber” in Maine for years
  • He has added low-carb diets to his medical practice
  • Monitoring the health improvements in his 900 patients
  • His desire to use his patient data to use in research
  • It’s time to take action and get grants for a study
  • Frequent television appearances he gets in the Denver area
  • Dr. Gerber commenting on the Paula Deen story
  • What he means by “fat reform”–it’s “healthcare reform”
  • Gary Taubes used “fat reform” in his lecture in Denver
  • His patients started teaching him about low-carb in late 90s
  • Nutrition finally made sense when he realized carbs are the problem
  • The continued frustration that doctors ignore nutrition
  • Nutrition is not a part of the education of physicians
  • Doctors are actually unknowingly hurting their patients
  • The Dietary Guidelines are based on “very bad science”
  • We are now “brainwashed” by the low-fat, low-calorie mantra
  • The trickle-down effect of the “wrong” nutritional message
  • My July 2010 testimony before the USDA on Dietary Guidelines
  • We need placebo, double-blind studies to confirm low-carb
  • Why we don’t have time to wait to promote low-carb nutrition
  • There are 100 low-carb diet studies that show benefits
  • There shouldn’t be more diet books, just better nutrition
  • His “Fat Reform” lecture is really “Low-Carb A to Z”
  • The low-fat diet is the “biggest fad diet of all-time”
  • The “political timeline” that has made of fat and unhealthy
  • USDA pushing grains as healthy is like “healthy” cigarettes
  • Ancel Keys responsible for promoting diet-heart hypothesis
  • The 7-Nations Study that was pretty useless science
  • There were vocal objections to the findings of this study
  • George McGovern brought low-fat diets to diet guidelines
  • The various attempts to promote “healthy” living
  • Obesity is lipid hypothesis, eat fat get fat, exercise more
  • Nobody can starve themselves forever by eating less
  • People have been very compliant to the low-fat diet
  • At some point, the outcomes have to be the ultimate decider
  • The diabetic educator who was “very upset” by his lecture
  • The First Law of Thermodynamics does not apply to nutrition
  • Farmers need to increase the yield of their crops
  • Genetically-modified organisms increase yield, destroy health
  • Farming begins with cultivation of grains in Neolithic times
  • Eating whole, unprocessed foods is the best part of Paleo
  • Modern civilization “flooded carbohydrates into food chain”
  • We wouldn’t have a healthcare crisis if low-carb was promoted
  • Real people are hanging out on the social networking sites
  • His idea to recruit the town of Durango for a low-carb study
  • Why he’d never ever put his patients on a low-fat diet
  • We need to impact our culture and not just pursue science
  • The grassroots effort is a “powerful” model for change
  • The strong impact of low-carb diets happening in Sweden
  • The primary fats before 1910 was butter, tallow and lard
  • Hydrogenated cottonseed oil (Crisco) was created in 1910

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