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The LLVLC Show (Episode 562): PaleoFX Founders Keith And Michelle Norris Reflect On Their Inaugural Event


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In Episode 562 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore,” we welcome an amazing Austin, TX-based husband/wife fitness and health team and PaleoFX founders Keith and Michelle Norris. Something special happened down there on the campus of the University of Texas in Austin, Texas in the middle of March 2012. After Keith and Michelle Norris had a meeting of the minds with Kevin Cottrell just 150 days earlier envisioning a conference that would foster collaboration among fitness professionals, healthcare professionals, nutritionists, research scientists and laypersons who approach their respective practices from an evolutionary perspective in order to successfully address modern health challenges through the application of ancestral based theory in practice, even they were skeptical they could pull it off.

But that’s precisely what they did when the inaugural PaleoFX Ancestral Momentum – Theory to Practice Symposium officially got underway on March 14, 2012 at the Stark Center during the same week as the uber-popular South By Southwest (SXSW) music and film festival. Austin was hopping busy, but that didn’t stop Paleo enthusiasts from having a great time learning and engaging in this special PaleoFX event!

From the volunteers (the real heroes of this event!) who worked tirelessly to make this event an overwhelming success to the many guest speakers and panelists who shared from their wisdom and experience, this was one of the most interactive nutritional health conferences I’ve ever been to (and I go to a LOT of these–none came close to this one)! Wanna get a feel for what PaleoFX (aka #PFX12 on Twitter) was like? Check out this cool trailer they created for it and debuted on the last day:


And Keith and Michelle will be the first to tell you that they would not have been able to pull off landing so many excellent guest speakers for PaleoFX without the commitment and dedication of one key player–Robb Wolf. Despite his wife being great with child, Robb agreed to come for one day of the conference and the domino effect attracting many other big Paleo/primal/low-carb names like Mark Sisson, Chris Kresser, Dr. Jack Kruse and others inevitably followed. Robb was truly one of the superstars at the event and here’s the first two minutes of his talk at #PFX12:


Jimmy had a great time attending PaleoFX and enjoyed speaking with Keith and Michelle Norris about some of the main highlights and fun behind-the-scenes happenings of this very special symposium. Relive the memories and get excited about attending #PFX13 (oh yeah, they’re doing this again!) next year!

Listen to Keith and Michelle Norris reminisce about PaleoFX:

  • The difficulty getting a new conference to be successful
  • Kudos for volunteers who made PaleoFX happen
  • The volunteers worked for free believing in the message
  • Pulled off PaleoFX from thought to realization in 150 days
  • The conference was going to be a small local event, but it “ramped up” quickly
  • The domino effect that happened after Robb Wolf signed on to come
  • He was the “catalyst” that helped make this happen–he said “count me in”
  • The authenticity and ability to be down to earth is what makes Robb special
  • It was special to have Chris Kresser at PaleoFX because he wasn’t at AHS11
  • He has “such genuine sincerity about what he’s doing and the people he’s helping”
  • Michelle enjoyed getting to cook with Chris who is a “former vegan chef”
  • The prestigious spot that Dr. Jack Kruse got to kick off the PaleoFX event
  • The harrowing part of Jack’s opening speech with the stick of dynamite
  • PaleoFX was “coming out party for Jack Kruse” despite “flack” for having him there
  • Alternative ideas can help define what people really believe
  • This event was “run by the people” and the conversations were directed by the participants
  • The spontaneity of the “safe starches” debate showing up at PaleoFX
  • How much they are looking forward to being at the Ancestral Health Symposium
  • The complementary conferences that PaleoFX and AHS are for the Paleo community
  • AHS is the “theory” and PFX is the “practice” side of things
  • The “unprecedented” Q&A format that took place at the PaleoFX conference
  • They intended for PaleoFX to be “interactive” with the attendees and experts
  • Why it was “gut-wrenching” for them not to invite Mat Lalonde to this event
  • The attractiveness of drawing people in from the Austin, TX area to Paleo
  • The “pure genius” of the Mastermind panels they attracted at PaleoFX
  • The civility of the debate even over issues of disagreement
  • We are a family and hopefully promoting the basic concepts that people need to hear
  • From the 30,000-foot view, we all agree a lot more than not
  • Melissa Hartwig (from Whole9) is “a machine” for her ability to communicate
  • Dallas & Melissa Hartwig represents Paleo “in a classy way…the best light”
  • “Shooting stars” Roger Dickerman and Marissa Pellegrino
  • Getting a strong foothold for children into the Paleo/real food movement
  • How Dean Dwyer contributed heavily at PaleoFX
  • The “civility” that Dean brings to the Paleo community and playing mediator
  • Having CJ Hunt share about his In Search Of The Perfect Human Diet film
  • His quote on pulling off PFX “in the shadow of the vegan mothership–Whole Foods”
  • Find what you are good at and do it to help make a difference
  • Will there be a #PFX13? “Absolutely” it will happen again in Austin in 2013!
  • They’ll try to make it happen on another week besides South By Southwest next time
  • Wouldn’t it be great to envision filling up a football stadium full of people?
  • All the official PaleoFX photos that are now online
  • The audio/visual team was so good that you didn’t even know they were there
  • Look for the DVD of the conference coming in the next couple of months
  • The equipment and fitness trainers who gave “added value” to PaleoFX
  • The ancestral movement has to have a fitness component to it too
  • There were all different kinds of fitness experts on hand sharing their skills
  • The attendees couldn’t see it all because there were three rooms of speakers
  • Food catered by Executive Chef Michelle Norris’ Caveman Cuisine
  • Tell the volunteers how much you appreciated their work at PaleoFX

    I got in a brief workout on the Efficient Exercise ARX machines at PaleoFX:

    If you want to hear more about the happenings that took place at #PFX12, then check out what these other bloggers have written about their experience. There was one young lady who did an incredibly thorough job of taking notes that will help you feel “in the moment” at PaleoFX–the amazing Laura Schoenfeld from the awesome “Ancestralize Me!” blog. Check out her prolific coverage here:

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