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The LLVLC Show (Episode 560): Dr. Peter Attia Has Declared ‘War On Insulin’


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In Episode 560 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore,” we hear from a medical doctor and nutrition science blogger named Dr. Peter Attia. Prior to 2010, he was a typical physician who had been trained well in prescribing medications for a variety of chronic diseases. But it was at that time that he decided the typical high-carb, low-fat diet he was on was not optimal for managing his own personal weight and health that led him to embark on an incremental journey to start livin’ la vida low-carb.

First he cut out sugar for a while, then other white carbohydrates, then starchy carbohydrates and finally cut carbs down to 50g daily along with reducing protein to 120g per day. The results were staggering: lower body fat, improved cardiovascular markers and a marked improvement in his athletic performance. Dr. Attia knew he was on to something big here and decided to start investigating this even more. He has continued to learn everything he can get his hands on about nutrition and experimenting on himself to see what works. Through his friendship with former podcast interview guest Gary Taubes and others, everything Dr. Attia thought he knew about nutrition was just plain wrong. That’s why he decided to throw his hat into the arena of ideas by creating his fantastic new blog that is a MUST-READ called “The War On Insulin (And The Defense Of Fat)” in 2012 to help communicate the lessons he has learned from his perspective as a physician. Don’t miss this man on a mission to educate the world about the carbohydrate-insulin connection to obesity and disease! Hear from this future superstar in the low-carb community NOW and enjoy the conversation.

Listen to Dr. Peter Attia share why he declares “War On Insulin”:

  • He was always an athlete and consumed the “iconic athlete diet”
  • Consumed the “good carbs,” low-fat, and high-protein foods
  • His expectation he’d learn about nutrition in medical school
  • The “formula stopped working” starting 10 years ago
  • His wife said “you oughta try to be a little bit less not thin”
  • He was overweight and felt like he was doing everything right
  • This set him off on a journey beginning in 2010 to find answers
  • His “Praise The Lard” T-shirt from Prather Ranch Meat Co
  • He had always dismissed low-carb as just “a silly fad”
  • The “gradual” process he took to “tweak” his diet
  • He read Why We Get Fat and was “blown away by it”
  • He avoided saturated fat until reading Good Calories, Bad Calories
  • He contacted Gary Taubes after reading his 2011 sugar column
  • The “20 pages of questions” he brought to his Taubes meeting
  • Gary’s idea to create an organization that funds low-carb science
  • The Nutrition Science Initiative (NuSci) coming late April 2012
  • His desire for “Level 1 evidence” in nutritional science
  • The scientific advisory board members serving on NuSci
  • These board members are “healthy skeptics” looking for answers
  • His “nuanced difference views” with Taubes on fatty acids
  • Reducing inflammation with omega 3-omega 6 ratio closer to 1-1
  • The people who influenced him on importance of “food quality”
  • The “pet peeve” blog post where he “poked fun at Dr. Oz”
  • His 12-week experiment of going into nutritional ketosis
  • The “pain and struggle” he went through during his experiment
  • Metabolic transitions, fat oxidation and brain benefits were superb
  • Dr. Steve Phinney’s research on keto-adaptation for cyclists
  • Ketosis is “profoundly different” from diabetic ketoacidosis
  • Ketosis is body’s transition from glucose to ketones for fuel
  • Carbohydrate restriction is less than 40-50g carbs daily
  • When you make enough ketone bodies, your brain/body shifts to them
  • Many people hit this transition within just a couple days
  • The “horrible zone of misery” before getting keto-adapted
  • Mistakes he made that took him four weeks to burn ketones for fuel
  • He was consuming too much protein that was “gluconeogenic”
  • Unrestricted protein and carbs make you produce too much glucose
  • Lack of mineral supplementation (sodium) made the switch worse
  • After the problems were fixed, within three days he was keto-adapted
  • When 20% physicians understand low-carb, change will happen
  • The large entities that are opposed to seeing a paradigm shift
  • The people who matter the most are the people who want the best
  • His doctors who thought he was “crazy” but were open-minded
  • They are now “180 converts” after seeing his low-carb success
  • The “little bit of movement” that is broader than medicine
  • Distrust in authority taking place against the government
  • The government has a history of making mistakes in policy
  • This is the “perfect time” for making this change happen
  • Healthcare costs grew 5X as fast as economic growth in past 50 years
  • Obesity is the “central disorder” behind most chronic diseases
  • The dispute is about what exactly makes you obese
  • “Unnecessary human suffering” that takes place prior to death
  • People try hard to do what’s right but have the wrong info
  • The “Irisin” blog post he wrote
  • His disappointment in the inevitability tone of obesity columns
  • His and Taubes’ letter to the editor response to “The Fat Trap”
  • There’s a disproportionate amount of research going into genomics
  • Research is ignoring the actual root causes of obesity
  • The trend in newer studies focusing on calories are deceptive
  • The JAMA study from Pennington researchers in January 2012
  • It was a fantastic study, but they measured the wrong things
  • The lessons learned from his mentorship with Dr. Stephen Rosenberg

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    • LeonRover

      Hey Jimmy,

      We hope that you will take up the Attia program and immediately raise your right and intone:

      “I hereby join Peter and declare War on Insulin.”

      Slainte mhaith.

      • Anonymous


    • Rip

      It’s my understanding that insulin stops sugar from KILLING your ass.  Why would I declare war on it?  Ain’t its fault if it’s being called out at all hours because tons of carbs are racing down your gullet.

      Anyway, will listen later.

      • Anonymous

        Because far too many are walking around with excessive amounts of it. It’s not about the elimination of insulin completely…that’s absurd. It’s a reduction of insulin to the smallest amount that the human body needs which is what low-carb nutrition helps accomplish in most people.