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The LLVLC Show (Episode 556): Professor Loren Cordain Introduces Antinutrient Foods In ‘The Paleo Answer’


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In Episode 556 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore,” we welcome back the modern-day father of the Paleo Diet movement with Professor Loren Cordain (listen to my two previous interview with him in Episode 449 and Episode 247). We owe a great deal of gratitude for the work of Professor Cordain on the popularity of the Paleo diet that is happening in America and around the world in recent years. Through his thorough research of the diet and lifestyle of Paleolithic man, we have learned so much about how modern man should be feeding himself and doing to be optimally healthy.

Over a decade after the release of his landmark book The Paleo Diet: Lose Weight and Get Healthy by Eating the Foods You Were Designed to Eat, Cordain is back with a brand new book that is essentially Paleo 2.0 called The Paleo Answer: 7 Days to Lose Weight, Feel Great, Stay Young. In this book, he explores the topic of saturated fat which he has been heavily criticized for allegedly eschewing and sets the record straight once and for all. He also says this is the first book that identifies the “antinutrient” foods in a clear and concise manner to describe grains, beans, and potatoes.

This interview and book will open the eyes of some Paleo and low-carb followers who choose to eat a certain way as part their Paleo diet. It’s not always as cut-and-dry as you might think, so listen in for better clarity on what Professor Cordain is talking about when he describes the Paleo diet. And in case you missed my enlightening off-the-air casual conversation with him prior to beginning today’s interview, check it out here:


Listen to Dr. Loren Cordain discuss Paleo 2.0:

  • Art DeVany, Robb Wolf and Loren Cordain introduce people to Paleo
  • The most “gratifying” part of the recognition is changed lives
  • Why he thinks there has been a resurgence in Paleo in recent years
  • He grew up in the 1960s thinking a vegan/vegetarian diet was best
  • Boyd Eaton’s 1985 paper “Paleolithic Nutrition” changed his mind
  • His in-depth research of 25,000 Paleo papers into file cabinets
  • He attended a Greece conference and started writing research papers
  • Robb Wolf is one of his former graduate students at CSU
  • Wolf has been “one of the stellar people” who helped spread Paleo
  • The best way to kill a concept is to have one singular leader
  • Paleo doesn’t depend on any one individual to survive as a concept
  • “In Search Of The Perfect Human Diet” documentary
  • His football field analogy in the new “Perfect Human Diet” film
  • Influence of Ancestral Health Symposium debuting in 2011
  • People eating fresh unprocessed real food will improve their health
  • Paleo is “new green movement” because it’s “good for the planet”
  • There are no middle men when you eat a Paleo low-carb diet
  • The factory farming is probably destroying the planet
  • Local animal meat is sustainable and green-friendly
  • Pastured eggs from a local farm are far superior with hard shells
  • Purchasing half of an animal let’s you get meat for $4-5/pound
  • The “expense of processed foods” is astronomical (i.e. cereal)
  • The “middle men are cleaning up” making brightly-colored boxes
  • Get published scientific research papers for the Paleo diet
  • Science is realizing there is “an evolutionary basis for diet”
  • His 1999 paper “Cereal Grains: Humanity’s Double-Edged Sword”
  • Why he discussed saturated fat in a whole chapter of his new book
  • The macronutrient ratio of hunter-gathers dominated by protein/fat
  • Average saturated fat in hunter-gatherer diet was 15% of calories
  • He’s been supporting saturated fat and written papers for 7 years
  • The work of Dr. Ronald Krauss vindicates saturated fat
  • You shouldn’t eat saturated fat with refined carbohydrates
  • The problem with the Paleo Diet is there is no definition of it
  • His new book allows for a wide variety of interpretations of Paleo
  • There’s probably no problem eating cake/ice cream on your birthday
  • We don’t live in a Stone Age world and options are available to us
  • People should “listen to their body” and respond accordingly
  • You cannot be vegetarian and be on a Paleo diet
  • Why he’s no fan of consuming dairy on a regular basis
  • His 85/15 rule for allowing in discretionary foods now and again
  • People with autoimmune disease need to be “very compliant” on diet
  • The AGEs issue with cooked meat brought up by Dr. Jamie Uribarri
  • Cut off the “black parts” of the meat to cut your AGEs
  • Eat a poached egg instead of a fried one to lower AGEs
  • He enjoys eating his meat rare and keeps AGEs naturally low
  • His take on people eating “safe starches” on a Paleo diet
  • This is probably the first book written about “antinutrients”
  • Potatoes have a high glycemic load and they are not safe for health
  • Potatoes spike glucose and insulin wreaking havoc on health
  • The multiple antinutrients that have been discovered in potatoes
  • If you have irritable bowel syndrome, potatoes are awful
  • Potatoes will “punch holes into the membranes of the intestines”
  • An increase in inflammation occurs from consuming potatoes
  • Chronic low-level inflammation happens in the body
  • The inside lining of the intestines is roughly 2 meters long
  • When gut flora get exposed it increases intestinal permeability
  • When system inflammation is lowered it improves all diseases
  • Why he doesn’t teach out of a textbook, but the science journals
  • Paleo diet is driven by what our species is genetically made to eat
  • Whole grains, dairy, and legumes were never meant to be consumed
  • Whole grains are “a lousy source of micronutrients” to eat
  • He’s merely pointing out the obvious based on the science
  • USDA’s MyPlate promotes “vegan dieting” and eliminates food groups
  • Milk is a horrible food source for getting Vitamin D
  • Consuming the recommended 600 IU of Vitamin D is worthless
  • You need at least 2,000 IU of Vitamin D to raise blood levels
  • Sunlight and supplements are the best way to get adequate Vitamin D
  • Why you should try to avoid soybean oil used in supplements
  • The “luxury” of adding all the scientific references in this book
  • Over 3,000 references are included in “a coherent manner”
  • He “let the data speak for itself” and not dogmatic beliefs
  • The “labor of love” that went into referencing the book
  • The currency of science is language that people don’t understand
  • He attempted to make this easy to understand for consumers
  • The 7-day Paleo diet plan included in the book to get started
  • Customization of the Paleo diet for women and for children
  • Pregnant women can’t take in as much protein
  • There’s information in the book for women wanting to get pregnant
  • It shows women how to avoid gestational diabetes
  • He has three “strapping, healthy” kids who all grew up Paleo
  • Only “a half dozen dental carries” among the three kids
  • People don’t have to deal with “lifelong maladies” on Paleo
  • You don’t have to be “a food nazi” to keep kids eating well
  • Exposing kids to quality foods makes them prefer it
  • His kids’ friends who visit enjoy eating the Paleo foods

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    • Thank you for doing this interview.It really explained some of my remaining questions.

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        He’s a legend. Loved it!